The quest for EV fast charging standard

An anonymous reader writes “This article explores one of the stumbling blocks currently facing the adoption EV:” Of course, there are already charging stations in public service, and new ones are coming online daily But they generally take several hours to fully replenish a battery .. Consequently, the battery capacity is growing rapidly – by using a compatible charger Direct fast flowing, the leaves can recharge to 80 percent within 30 minutes – could become a major point of differentiation between electric models, but the availability of points rapid charge. was supported in part by the absence of an agreement between car manufacturers on a universal method for fast charging -. or even a single electrical connector “

Fujitsu to release waterproof Tab arrows F-01D on NTT DoCoMo LTE tablet?

If you have spent time in the recent rain as many of us, you recognize the value of waterproof clothing. And Fujitsu Tab F-01D flight arrows tablet it is too, packing a 10.1-inch WXGA, TI IMAP4430 1GHz dual-core processor, and Android 3.2 Honeycomb – all in a single box, waterproof. The yet-to-be-announced device is rumored to be launching on Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo in September, and may include UMTS, HSPA and LTE connectivity with GSM and GPRS roaming compatibility abroad.

There is also a pair of CMOS cameras, 16GB of onboard storage, micro-USB connector for standard headphones (with waterproof covers, we assume), and a microSD card slot. We have not received word on price right away, or whether the device can survive the deep diving or just occasional splashes, but if oddly named tab arrows is foreseen to start at Japan next month, we imagine these details are bubbling to the surface every day now.

LG 3D Game Converter adds depth to the regular 2D games

Spoiler alert! Instead of waiting to surprise people at IFA this week, LG has unveiled details of its new 3D game Converter for the 3D Optimus earlier. The software comes as part of the maintenance release in October, promising to take any OpenGL game that turns into the landscape and convert it into 3D. About 50 games will come with pre-optimized settings – you twist the rest. Open any game in the application and it will try to divide the foreground and background and recombine both in 3D. Feel your eyes of passage and a set of headaches just by thinking about playing this way? No worries, they are all still playable in 2D as well. Mouse over past the break to find the press release that without thinking, LG has released rather than 2D.

AT & T, Verizon and T-Mobile’s Big Bet on mobile payments

An anonymous reader writes “Bloomberg reports that AT & T, Verizon and T-Mobile USA will be dumping $ 100 million in the development of mobile payment system, Isis, in an effort to battle back against Google Wallet. “Isis aims to get ahead of his rivals by relying on its network of carrier distribution and existing customer relationships. Mobiles introduced to Isis services should be available in stores in urban transport test. … Isis carriers may preinstall software on their phones, making it easier to use. They can also push the handset manufacturers to adopt the software Isis. “

Provide medicine UAV

Buffaloaf writes “The Singularity University brilliant minds to develop an Internet of things they dub the Matternet which plans to deliver medicine and other necessities to people in small places very distant from the drone of the article. ‘This particular class of SU has focused on the problems of “the next billion people” who have no access to modern technology. Matternet addressed the problem of obtaining drugs and diagnostic equipment and test for people in rural areas of developing countries without access to roads during rainy seasons. The company has proposed building a network of robotic drones to deliver drugs quickly and very profitable – . let alone a guy on a dirt bike cost “

ICANN. XXX domain names arrived, Frankie Says Relax

Try to be reasonable about it. When one or more people love each other a lot – no, uh, let’s start again. The controversial decision to separate websites with adult area. XXX began. The process is over three months to ensure nothing untoward can happen. On September 7, 50 days “Sunrise A & B” started programs, Sunrise is a site where adults and trademark owners can claim their rightful owners such as fields, the same time, Sunrise B can not Adult sites like the weather channel to claim their domain names to prevent it being used for a very different sort of forecasts. There will then be a period of 18 Earth days Rush, where non-brand sites can register and conflicts are resolved with auctions. On December 6th, registration opens to everyone – just in time for XXXmas.

Now showing: Netflix 1.4 brings reading “all Android devices 2.2 and 2.3”

You heard right, the film aficionados – Netflix has just updated its Android application to bring a major change, major: “extended support for mobile.” Previously, the software will work on a handful of smartphones, but as of today, v1.4 brings reading to “all 2.2 and 2.3 for Android devices.” Congratulations – your weekend just got better. Follow the link for download to your source, or simply visit the market for an upgrade if you are already in the door. So much for those ” requirements of DRM hardware “we heard about the MWC, eh?

Skeleton of new discoveries in May Revamp history of human evolution

Brindafella links to a series of articles published yesterday in Science “on Australopithecus sediba, explaining that the skeletons found in the cave Malapa in the World Heritage List” Cradle of Civilization ‘delay to 1.97 million years, the oldest known means of tools, ape-like pre-humans. “As usual, the full articles are paywalled science, but summaries are interesting. (If you are a college student – or, in some cases, a club member of the old . You can have full access to journals not even realize) NPR has a nice article on the discovery well.