ASUS laptop G74SX Thurs-A1 gets rated, likes a bit of Battleship

The 1982 Lockheed Sea Shadow can be rusting in Suisun Bay, but the coco-spooking contours have not been forgotten. They apparently inspired the design of the Asus G74SX-A1 , which has won a recommendation HotHardware for its cheese, and avoid similar performance, efficient cooling and realistic price tag of $ 1749.

For once, the Core i7-2360QM processor coupled with a GeForce GTX 560M and generous dollop of RAM 12GB DDR-1333 is conspiring to exceed the manufacturer’s claims benchmark 3DMark. It was not flawless, however: the overall performance of computers has been weak compared to its rivals, the speakers were sloppy when it came to music rather than producing explosions, and 17, 3-inch full HD display was somewhat wasted on some games that went smoothly at high quality settings at 1280×720.

Yet all this talk about naval makes us want some Silent Hunter 4 – and should play very well. Check source link lurking below for full review. Видеооператор на юбилей специфическая профилактика при сибирской язве Кето Мясной рулет из индейки