Ask Slashdot: Can you identify this UAV?

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Mortimer writes It’s not as sexy as the Beast of Kandahar RQ 170 Sentinel, or as well known as a predator. But we believe that the bird-shaped drone crashed in Pakistan last week could be a tool of American special forces.

At first it was thought to be a work house, but packets with FMC (which means fully mission capable) written on them, and a U.S. date style and really points to something else.

SUAS is not new or AvWeek Flight International for balls is as delicate a job during the day. Our exclusive photos of the C130 which hit a damaged RQ170 was good enough for us.

We would like to identify this drone. Maybe it’s just a homebrew job, maybe not. This is not a Smartbird Festo However, the most popular choice of experts.