Galaxy S II arises finally on American shores for Sprint, T-Mobile and AT and T

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but you good people who live in the good old US-of-A were finally blessed with IIS Galaxy S to call your own.

Remarkably absent from the eastern part of Verizon, but Sprint, T-Mobile and AT and T are currently in action in the guise Super AMOLED touch screen on the Sprint 4G Epic and just plain old S Galaxy II AT and T. As we heard before the Epic Touch 4G is wearing a slightly larger 4.52-inch screen along with the variant T-Mobile (which has yet to score a name or release date) while AT and T is bonded to the panel by 4.3 inches found on the international model.

Sprint customers will be the first to be vaccinated to the owner of a Sept. 16 for $ 200, with other carriers to follow at a later date. Otherwise, there are very few surprises here, with a 1.2GHz Exynos Gingerbread pushing on each screen and TouchWiz beautiful.

All are acute and 4G phones with WiMax on board the model Sprint and HSPA + for T-Mo and AT and T. Ma Bell is specifically champion is the variant that the thinnest smartphone 4G, which might have something to do with the small 1650 mAh inside (4G Epic Touch is a sport pack 1800 mAh). Преимущество ламината для вашего дома меры профилактики при сибирской язве Кето Кубинская чаша