ICANN. XXX domain names arrived, Frankie Says Relax

новости пенза

Try to be reasonable about it. When one or more people love each other a lot – no, uh, let’s start again. The controversial decision to separate websites with adult area. XXX began. The process is over three months to ensure nothing untoward can happen. On September 7, 50 days “Sunrise A & B” started programs, Sunrise is a site where adults and trademark owners can claim their rightful owners such as fields, the same time, Sunrise B can not Adult sites like the weather channel to claim their domain names to prevent it being used for a very different sort of forecasts. There will then be a period of 18 Earth days Rush, where non-brand sites can register and conflicts are resolved with auctions. On December 6th, registration opens to everyone – just in time for XXXmas.