Inhabitat Week in Green: magnetic highways, the MoMA exhibition and Tech lasers in the sky

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Renewable energy supercharged our transit system this week that Inhabitat Vycon submitted plans to use the acceleration of subway cars for the vast amounts of kinetic energy, and we took a look at an innovative road system magnetic energy crops as the cars go by. Biofuels also got a boost from several unlikely sources that researchers have discovered that bacteria in panda poop is incredibly effective in decomposing plant material, and scientists have developed a way to recycle newspapers into biofuel . We have also presented an energy device in real-time monitoring for children, we learned that some areas near radioactive Fukushima are more dangerous than Chernobyl , and we took a look in an underground shelter that has atomic been transformed into a cavernous subterranean office .

How machines communicate with people? If you are thinking about this idea, you will be interested in this exclusive video interview with the Museum of Modern Art Commissioner Paola Antonelli on Talk to Me MoMA’s new exhibition of technology that has recently opened in New York. We was also surprised by several artistic innovations of this week unveiled Wacom pen that scans instant everything you can draw and Sarah Garzoni created a nice set of butterflies printed paper .

In other news, we shined the spotlight on several advances in lighting technology as brilliant scientists successfully created the rain by shooting laser beams into the sky and a designer unveiled a system tiles Solar OLED that can turn into zero-energy skyscraper posters. We also made ​​some brilliant ideas in the mobile technology that Halston has unveiled a glow in the dark dress with sequins , a troop of ghostly light radiation costumes roamed the German countryside, and a student at Cornell has developed a type of clothing that pitfalls of toxic gases . Meanwhile the Hudson River with a lit light field of LED 200 and laser Power Systems has unveiled plans for a nuclear powered car .