First test observation of the “Multiverse”

“The theory that our universe is contained in a bubble, and many alternative universes exist within their own bubble – that constitute the” multiverse “- is being tested by physicists observationally UK , looking disc-shaped collision trends in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation. Although CMB is generally considered a schmear uniform radiation extending in all directions in our universe, in fact, they say, if a multiverse exists, there should be prints, trapped in the mud, like fingerprints from which our universe banged in others. “

Как стилизовать колготки для девочек таблетки при профилактике язвы желудка Кето тыквенное печенье

Replacing Political Correctness Spiderman

“In the last series of Marvel Comics’ ultimate Fallout,” Miles Morales replaces Peter Parker who was killed by the Green Goblin. Morales is half black, half-Latino youth, and the creators have not excluded that it might be gay From the article: … Marvel editor Axel Alonso Chief denied having a black Spider-Man was a publicity stunt, “What you have is a Spider-Man for the 21st Century which is a reflection of our culture and diversity as someone who grew up on a steady diet of Luke Cage, Hero for Hire and Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu, I am personally invested, he said. “

Get Cyber-Mercenaries Suggests Ex NSA, CIA Director

“One of the architects of U.S. foreign policy under George W. Bush, General Michael Hayden, suggested that the U.S. government should consider establishing a “Digital Blackwater” in a conversation at an event called the Security Forum of Aspen. Blackwater was the U.S. military private group founded in 1997 and was renamed Xe Services LLC, a gesture that may be related to a number of controversies that arose after the company has expanded its operations related to security in Iraq and Afghanistan. recruitment of mercenaries, Hayden suggested “could be one of those great ideas in terms of how we should conduct ourselves in this new cyber domain.”

Microsoft to pay $ 200k Prize for New Safety Tech

“In the face of mounting external pressure to start paying premiums of bugs, Microsoft is instead of launching a new program that will pay a $ 200 000 over a security researcher who develops security technology the most innovative defensive. The program is designed to “inspire researchers to focus their talents on the defensive technologies,” the company said. Known as the Blue Hat Award after the company’s regular conference-house research, the program will focus in its first year the researchers go to the design of a novel delivery technology to defend against memory security vulnerabilities. responsible for the security of Microsoft said that rather than paying for individual bugs of how to Other companies such as Google, Mozilla and others do, they wanted to encourage researchers to explore ways of overcoming whole classes of bugs. “

The epidemic of digital entertainment

“Almost no one does one thing more. The screens will not let us. And in a burst of incredible human evolution, our minds have become accustomed to monitoring multiple entries at once. Yeah, you read this post. But we are nearly three paragraphs in. So if you’re like me, this is the time to check Twitter, as additions to your Google circles more, read a handful of new incoming messages, and consistent on a couple of during IM conversations. But we pay less attention to important details? “

Samsung unveils new tab Galaxy 10.1 Accessories: Docking multimedia, HDTV adapter, case, and more

Today, Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 event in New York was not just about software – okay, it was mainly about software, but the company also unveiled a slew of accessories Android’s slick tablet. At the top of the list is a number of new docks for the slate, including a multimedia dock $ 50, which props the device in landscape mode while charging and offering an HDMI output. The productivity tool for $ 80 Ultra, meanwhile, also accuses the unit and includes a full-size keyboard with shortcut keys Android. The Protective cover transforms the $ 150 tab in a notebook of fortune with a Bluetooth keyboard size and a hinge that allows the user to adjust the viewing angle of the tab.

A new $ 40 adapter HDTV 1080p tablet gives the HDMI output. The company also announced an SD card adapter for $ 40 and a USB input for easy attachment. For $ 60, owners can pick up the tab book cover Premium, a high-end event for the device that allows you to support him for typing or watching movies. And somewhere in the distance we could hear Steve Jobs audible shudder when the company unveiled a stylus to the device. The pen has an aluminum body and a silicon tip, for when you need to give your fingers a break. It will run you $ 20, and unfortunately will not include meat

E FUN aPen A3 pen scribble scanned brings Android, BlackBerry users (video)

Students heading back to school this week will launch a new stylus in their backpacks, now that E has released its FUN aPen A3 digital pen. The last company taker is essentially like Livescribe for Android and BlackBerry, allowing authors to scan and save their handwritten letters directly to their devices via Bluetooth. Compatible with Android and BlackBerry OS 4.6 and above, the tool also provides a picture drawing function that allows users to scribble on digital images stored in their smart phones, PC or Mac. If you are interested in getting your own A3 Apen, hit up the link source, where you can buy one for $ 130. If not, head after the break for a video tutorial, with the full press release.

Tech develop nuclear power for Moon and Mars

With its first bid accepted Slashdot, Zandamesh sends this excerpt from ZDNet: “On Earth, nuclear reactors are under attack because of concerns about damage caused by natural disasters in space, however, nuclear technology can get a new lease on life .. plans first nuclear power plant to generate electricity for use by the bases with or without crew on the Moon, Mars and other planets were announced at the 242nd session national exhibition of the American Chemical Society. “The reactor itself may be about 1 ½ feet wide by 2 ½ feet high, about the size of hand luggage. There are no tricks cooling. … The team plans to build a technology demonstration unit in 2012. “