Russia wants to Shut Down For YouTube piracy

GE7 writes A recent leak of confidential diplomatic cable revealed a growing interest in Russia by closing sites copyright infringement. Russian Deputy Minister of Economic Development said that not only U.S. sites continue to offer pirated movies Russian, but YouTube and Google should be closed for not complying with local laws.  The U.S. government has already attacked the torrent sites and a link hosted elsewhere, extradition of foreign nationals for piracy and provided training on how to close the Web sites of piracy. Voskresenskiy went on to say that in his opinion, no country in the world is ready to fight Internet piracy. He argued that all existing laws, including U.S. laws are antiquated and do not respond to new technological trends. For example, [Voskresenskiy] said that YouTube and Google (as the owner of YouTube) should be closed because they do not conform to the current Russian laws on IPR. He admitted that it was not feasible, but continued to emphasized that these entities need to follow local laws, even if the laws are outdated, the cable added.

Застраховать квартиру в Ингосстрахе

AT and T Sprint taillights track suits against the acquisition of T-Mobile

Well, it did not take long. Sprint revealed today that it has filed a complaint against AT and T proposed the purchase of T-Mobile – AT and T and now is striking back with some less than flattering words. A spokesman for AT and T says Engadget, it shows just what we have said all along – Sprint is more interested in protecting it by promoting competition that benefits consumers. AT and T has also promised a struggle and reiterated that such a merger would ultimately be beneficial for industry and consumers, improving wireless service and resolve concerns of the spectrum.

Rent your Botnet owner

from: ~ r / Slashdot / slashdot / ~ 3/vvmrfqieV1w/Rent-Your-Own-Botnet:

An anonymous reader writes New research shows that the botnet TDSS/TDL-4, widely considered one of the largest and most sophisticated, can be rented via a Web storefront available to all comers. Kaspersky researchers found that the latest version of TDSS installs a file that defines the machine as a proxy for anonymous browsing, then home for phones, which rents the proxies for rates of $ 3 per day to 300 $ per week. The curators of this service has even created a Firefox extension to help customers. Interestingly, AWMproxy said he supports payment via PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

Google Desktop Search and Gadgets Kills

CWmike wrote an article in Computerworld on the destruction of yet another Google product. Extract from the article. Google has decided to retire from office, its first application launched in 2004 that is designed to allow people to search for files and data stored in disks of their computers’ hard He was one of the first products to Google against Microsoft and was designed to improve the search functionality found in native Windows. Desktop search has become an area of ​​competition, Microsoft has responded to this challenge and others like Yahoo has launched its own products. However, Google has decided that with the popularity of cloud computing users and increasing comfort with Web applications, it is time to dismantle the office, he said in a recent blog. As of September 14, Google will also end support for Desktop API, services, gadgets and plug-ins. From the looks of it the ad implies that Google Gadgets are the ax too that a little more people could use.

Based Kinect Breakout whole building

mikejuk writing with a piece of light in a programmer I Kinect neat hack and giant projector. From the article: If you remember Breakout – blocks a row at the top of the screen and a paddle to bounce a ball to destroy a block – then you might not feel nostalgic about, after all, it was very limited. kind of game. But take a Kinect and a building and you have something very different when you use it to create a game Breakout. bricks, paddle ball and all projected on an old building and player moves from side to side to control the paddle. The player’s position is to be detected by a Kinect, is there no end to the fun you can have with this gadget. The very clever bit and you might not notice unless you look closely at the video is that the ball bounces real architectural features of the building – such as windows, for example.

Intel added 16 Sandy Bridge processors at stable prices, bars on old silicon

It has been several months since AMD has thrown down the gauntlet to Intel with its low-cost range Llano , and now Chipzilla responded with some new bargain basement sand silicon bridge . The update includes 11 new desktop processors: a chip i5, i3 three Core, and a handful of Pentium and Celeron dual-core as well. There are also five new mobile chips, including three new quad-core Core i7 (2960XM, and 2860QM 2760QM), and dual-core Core i7-B840 Celeron and 2640m. In a nod to separate these tough economic times, Intel cut prices on some of its existing models, too. Certainly, it is only a six percent reduction, at best, but we are sure that you can put those dollars to good use elsewhere in your next DIY platform.

Hitachi CinemaStar and Deskstar drives up to 1TB flat on one plate

No self-respecting drive head wants to travel beyond the bare minimum to get the bloody MP3 you just clicked. That is why the effort to cram Hitachi 1 TB on a single plate with a cozy 569 gigabits per square inch is a lot of sense: it reduces the distance between the blocks of data, thus improving the rate on the hard drive sequential transfer, while reducing consumption of calories. You will find these ultra-dense disk in the new 1TB Deskstar 7k1000.D 5k1000.B and models that started shipping today and in the range CinemaStar come later this fall. Of course, Seagate came first , but we will be happy to overlook this fact when Hitachi decided to use a whopper five 5TB plate to go with our lettuce. Features in the PR after the break.

Maingear intros redesigned gaming computers Vybe, animals’ em with the internal update

If you have been hunting for a new rig Windows 7 games, we have good news: the Maingear just increased its range of desktop Vybe and it seems that appetizing. As before, there is a trio of pre-made versions, but the goodies are now packaged in a redesigned enclosure finished in black or white (SE and SS models only). The S $ 949 Vybe starts things off beautifully with a overclocked 2.9GHz Intel Core i5 2310 valued at 3.3GHz (capable of stimulating Turbo 3.7GHz). It’s still loaded with a 1 GB NVIDIA GPU GTS 450 , 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD 7200 RPM, 7-in-1 card reader, 7.1 surround sound support and a 24x DVD burner that’s all hooked into a USB 3.0 / SATA 6G DP67BA Intel motherboard. The $ 1.129 spices things with a 2500 estimated at 3.7GHz overclocked i5 (4.1GHz to build) and a 1 GB GTX 560 GPU is connected to a SSD-toting – UD3 Gigabyte Z68XP mother. Finally, there is the $ 1699 Vybe SS for those who like their noob-slaying experience with additional picante. It is the packaging and an overclocked water-cooled 4.5GHz + Core i7 2600K, a pair of GTX 560 GPU and 8GB of RAM to ensure you will not incur any hang-ups run Crysis.

You can choose to customize the platform OS and SS with more powerful pieces, although you will wait a little longer for shipping. You can find details at the source and healthy serving of eye candy in the gallery below.

Sprint filed a complaint against AT and T T-Mobile Merger

Zachary wrote a new post in the BGR. Extract from the article. … Sprint announced that it has filed a complaint with a federal court of U.S. District of Columbia in an effort to block AT and T planned $ 39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile United States Deutsche Telekom’s costume is linked to the Ministry of Justice continued, which was filed on August 31. opposes Sprint AT and T proposed acquisition of T-Mobile, Sprint vice president of litigation Susan Haller said. Through legal action today, we continue this advocacy for consumers and competition, and expect to bring our expertise and resources by proving that the proposed transaction is illegal.

Paralyzed Robot control patients with brain waves

sciencehabit written with a writeup of a document of French research in science. Extract from the article. They are not psychic enough yet, but machines are getting better at reading your mind researchers have invented a new noninvasive method for recording modes of brain activity and used to control a robot Scientists hope the technology will. give ‘locked in’ patients … the ability to interact with others and even give the illusion of being physically … with friends and family. The thing really interesting here is that people who did not use their members over the years were able to learn to control the robot (as well as the control group only) after being trained in just one hour a week for six weeks.

Native Instruments Maschine Mikro just wants to dance in the world, forget the price tag

In addition to reviewing, as the dance floor illuminated in our favorite club, the Maschine of Native Instruments also inspires envy among the brigade MIDI for its wealth of features and reasonable price tag of $ 600. Come October and be completed by Maschine equal Tony Manero-tastic version of Mikro, for those with a spouse or even stricter bank managers. Despite the reduction in size, you always get a drum sequencer with 16 keys and the full version of software production. Debuting at the same time will iMaschine – an application that helps you to sketch iOS hooks and loops on the go. The Mikro Maschine arrive worldwide on 1 October for $ 400 and iMaschine cost you $ 5.

Torch BlackBerry 9850 Verizon officially arrived in September 8th $ 200

After more than a month of speculation and rumors , Verizon is ready to get the BlackBerry 9850 Torch in the hands of eager customers. At a cost of $ 50 higher than its nemesis CDMA (not to mention a few weeks back), Big Red jumped on board to offer the smartphone to reach only $ 200 with a two-year contract. The devices will begin selling online 8 September with units appear in stores a week later. If you want the scoop on new full Verizon OS 7-powered searches, continue below to view the press release.

Wicked Lasers launches pocket of a watt green laser

First accepted sender (encoder and Slashdot) convincing, wrote Wicked Lasers, known for last year 1000mW laser blue pocket, and infamous for his handling of backorders six months long, is now available a green version. There are three power levels, each for $ 1/mW (300mW, 500mW, 1000mW). Since the eye is more sensitive to green than blue, that’s about the state of the art by bringing the points – on-technology stuff. Wicked Lasers sent an e-mail promising to deal with backorders much better this time. Adds reader whitedsepdivine: There is currently no warning that this is not a lightsaber on their site, so we can only assume that this version is.

BMW working on Laser Projectors

from: ~ r / Slashdot / slashdot / ~ 3/czd-gPl1RH4/BMW-Working-On-Laser-Headlamps:

MrSeb wrote LED headlamps are only run on the market – especially on high-end cars – but now it seems a German car manufacturer has some plans for laser projectors Laser light is the next logical step in the development of light for the car …. mass production a few years in the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid, said BMW lasers have the potential to be simultaneously more powerful, more efficient and smaller than other types projector before you get too excited, though: .. out of laser lights will be adjusted for safety.

Mini Liquid Acer Ferrari gets-fied, can not do it faster


Acer Liquid Mini will not beat speed records anytime soon, but at least it can look like a Red Hot runner now that he has received treatment Ferrari. Following the Liquid E skid marks’ s, the liquid Ferrari Mini Edition has a bright red outer shield bearing emblematic of the manufacturer and ships preloaded with ringtones engine, racing on the theme wallpaper and for other applications. Under the hood, however, is the same, based on the combined Gingerbread filled with 512 MB of RAM, a 3.2-inch screen, five megapixels and rather disappointing 600MHz processor. No word yet on when the device will hit the runway, but you can get closer to the source link below.

Ask Slashdot: Classroom eco-projects tailored to Alaska?

Submitter Shortyadamk first accepted in writing I just started a new job where I have to visit many high school science classes and students involved in projects of 1-3 days on sustainable energy science and the environment (in order to promote regional universities. programs) I looked at a number of projects supervised available online and many of them are solar projects, my biggest problem with this is that we are in a region rural Alaska and most of the time I visit classes will be the winter (when we have very little light – and even if we did it would be too cold to play in). I’m curious whether anyone has any ideas or suggestions for demonstrations and projects that can be done in class and do not require sunlight catch another is that the project should be small enough to fit in a plastic case or tote;. we do not all roads connecting the villages, I have to fly the project from one school to home.

Sony Alpha DSLR-5N for sale, NEX-7 available for pre-order


Our network of eagle-eyed tipsters gave us the heads-up that Sony has $ 700 NEX-5N is willing to buy the device online fans, and curious can view last month practice before deciding to part with the cheddar much. The company is also taking pre-orders for the monstrous NEX-7 , which costs $ 1,350 – slightly more than we expected. This camera has 24.3 megapixel sensor, AVCHD video can take up to 10 frames per second and can probably see around the world or something. It will make its way to farms in November, giving you just enough time to learn how to save face disappointed everyone – come Christmas morning – in detail tearing.

Stanford AI class beta for a commercial launch?

Submitter Lyrdor first time accepted, wrote The terms of service for the Stanford Artificial Intelligence points to the class how the free class this fall will be used to develop and evaluate the online course prior to commercial release of the course  KnowLabs called by a startup. While all accounts of the press so far have highlighted how the course would be another example of open educational resources at Stanford, under the service point to something else going on. On the LinkedIn David Staven, co-founder and CEO least know Labs, the startup is described on his profile as an angel funded start to re-imagine and revolutionize education by using the social web and mobile applications . We launched and attracted more than 130,000 students in 190 + countries.

(Possible) Hacker Diginotar appears

arglebargle_xiv writes At the risk of burning people on the topic of PKI fail, someone claiming to be the pirate Diginotar came to claim responsibility: the pirate ComodoGate 0wn He also claims four more ‘high – Profile KT. and still has the ability to issue new certificates thugs, presumably from other CA 0wns it. What this statement is true or not, which leads to the violation in the first place? Dr player points to the interim report commissioned by the Dutch government (PDF) that a) No antivirus software was present on servers Diginotar a, b) the most critical servers had malware infections c) The software on the public web server has been exceeded and unpatched, and d) all the servers were accessible by a user / password, which was not very strong and could easily be brute-force.

Losing battle against the USPS Age E-mail

An anonymous reader writes An article in the NY Times explains how the United States Postal Service is in serious financial difficulties, and will need emergency measures of Congress to prevent a shutdown later this year. Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said simply: If Congress doesn ‘t act, we will default. Employment contracts prohibiting layoffs are preventing one of the ways to reduce costs, and laws prohibiting the postage rates of inflation than keep a low income. In addition, the proliferation of e electronic and online bill payment services have contributed to a 22% reduction by mail volume since 2006. They are now hoping for legislation that would ease their economic requirements and is considering an end to the provision of Saturday.

Gamer food PS3 and Xbox 360 in one case, clears the shelf space for the trifecta

Of course, we all thought about how it would be nice to have our PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles in the same enclosure. But, like many similar thoughts are going, we left there. Not content to simmer a good thought, the user Reddit

timofend accepted the challenge and has built a mega-machine gambling – he thrust the new model Slim console from Microsoft in a tower next to a PC old 80GB PS3. Looking to save money in the process, the über-gamer jumped on a liquid cooling system – but notes that when the two machines operate simultaneously, they each hover around 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius). Hey, we’re not complaining … but really, timofend, can we please see a NES / Dreamcast / PlayStation OG combo in your next masterpiece? To take a look under the hood, hit the gallery below.

Baidu, Dell team up to produce the line of smartphones, and tablets in China

Just a few days after the introduction of Android as its own OS, Baidu is now looking to expand its mobile reach the front of the hardware, with help from Dell. According to Reuters,

the Chinese search giant has joined forces with the PC manufacturer to produce a line of tablets and smartphones in China, hoping to capitalize on a market of over 900 million mobile subscribers. A Dell spokesman declined to give a launch date of the new product line, but sources familiar with the matter say they could launch in November. Instrument Details remain as opaque, but Dell seems to resurrect his tablet / handset unit, following the collapse of the Streak 5 . We have a partnership with Baidu, and you know, we have the Streak 5 tablet, so that the partnership will be in this space, the company representative said, adding that future versions imply Baidu platform mobile application, as well. Today’s announcement also comes after Dell’s Chinese sales rose 22 percent in the first quarter of this year, but it remains to be seen whether the alliance will have much effect on a market today dominated by Apple and Lenovo.

Signal hair growth driven by fat cells

RogerRoast writes An article published in the journal Cell, molecular signals from fat cells (adipocytes) precursors under the skin are needed to stimulate hair growth in mice. Yale researchers report in the newspaper that these cells produce molecules called PDGF (platelet derived growth factor), which are required to produce hair growth. The discovery of the source of signals that trigger hair growth can lead to new treatments for baldness. The trick is to obtain precursors of adipocytes under the skin of about stem cells at the base of the hair follicles.

LG 3D Optimus develop thin handset could be ready for 2012

The LG Optimus 3D is certainly not the thinnest smartphones we’ve ever seen, but it seems that the handset is about to get seriously Chunky streamlined. In an interview with Pocket-Lint, LG developer Dr. Henry Noh confirmed that his company is working on a slimmer version of its 4.3-inch phone, suggesting he could be ready for release next year. Noh did not provide details on the dimensions, but acknowledged that the current version, 11.9 mm (0.47 inches) thick, is certainly not the sexiest phone on the street – something he hopes to change. Eventually, we want to make to have the 3D will not necessarily mean that it will be thicker, said Noh. It will be a differentiating factor that comes free to the user. This In doing so, he claims, could help LG device without 3D glasses to distinguish themselves from competitors in 2D:

These days, all phones are alike, they have a 4.3 inch widescreen -. is normal these days – and next year they move even higher and they have a fixed number of touch buttons, they are the same thickness … They have the same device. And even the same operating system. It is so boring.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether this strategy actually pans out, but it’s certainly something we’ll keep an eye on.

Epic Touch Samsung 4G available for pre-order on Wirefly, early adopters get a price break of $ 50

There is nothing new either on high-demand phones become available for preorder , but it’s not everyday that you get a discount for being the first kid on the block to get one. As if there is no desire to push the inventory of Epic Touch Samsung 4G – Sprint variant of the Galaxy II S – Wirefly makes the phone even more attractive by reducing the cost of $ 50, reducing it to $ 150 when signing a two-year agreement. Do the math a different way, lighter on the checkbook, plus a Samsung S Galaxy II equals happiness. Head to the link source to verify the transaction.

Stuffing a PS3 and Xbox 360 in a PC case

An anonymous reader writes A man identifying himself as Timofiend has posted a detailed walkthrough of how he built an impressive case mod that integrates both a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in a computer case mid – turn. He used one of the newer Slim models 360 connected to an ATX power supply, and one of the larger units of the old PS3, with its standard power supply. After arranging the internal cards, to persuade the two optical drives to fit and loading on fans to prevent overheating, it ends with a very cool (and functional!) Mixture of platform games.

E Ink Demos new screens, gadgets at IFA 2011

An anonymous reader writes E Ink showed up at IFA 2011, with Triton color e-paper, which has exactly the same properties as the monochrome version is in the Kindle (autonomy of two months, without using energy when you display a page as readable as a sheet of paper), adding 4096 colors. We also have the chance to see the E Ink shows, signage, mobile phone and displays a USB key, and the last drink less e – paper inside a credit card. E Ink hopes to use the new plastic substrate in the future e-readers, which means they are thinner, lighter, unbreakable and that those who ship today.

Samsung Galaxy tops Note benchmarks, price sheets (video)


We felt that the Samsung Note Galaxy would be a success on the stage of reference, but now, not surprisingly rapid results are documented. TechBlog Greek site located Quadrant Standard on one of the phone / tablet hybrid demonstration units to IFA 2011 and produced a score of 3624 reference, exactly where we’d expect a brand Sammy 1.4GHz dual-core CPU to finish, by comparison, our review of the 1.2GHz Samsung Galaxy II S produces a result in 3396. Here is the disappointment note Galaxy is expected to top the charts in terms of pricing, so it’s been reported that we should see the device appear in Scandinavia later this year as much as € 715 (1000 $ U.S.). Hope these benchmarks are worth the cost because there is something that can not be denied – it makes the HTC Jetstream feel like a bargain.

Wicked Lasers S3 Krypton laser is bright enough to blind the astronauts (video)

If you ever plan to drive a PowerPoint presentation projected on giant whiteboard in orbit around the Earth (we’ll leave the logistics of that one to you) there are only a laser pointer that will do the job – Wicked Lasers S3 Krypton . The Guinness record pending pointer produces about 86 million lux and can be seen from 85 miles away, far beyond the edge of our atmosphere. Of course, about 8000 times the luminosity of the Sun, precautions serious security are necessary during operation of S3. Sunglasses are a must (and comes with the handheld laser), while sensors and a microprocessor adjust the current to keep the aluminum tube from overheating in your hands. The top model is now available for $ 1,000, but if the astronauts blinding is not on your agenda, low-power versions can be had from $ 300. Check out the video after the break.

Test tanks infrared camouflage cape

Librt writes with this excerpt from the BBC: Tanks may soon thank you for a night of invisibility cloaking device that hides their infrared signature developed by BAE Systems, the technology allows vehicles ADAPTIV to mimic the temperature of their environment, it may also .. make a tank look like other objects, like a cow or a car, seen through the heat sensitive areas. The cover-up hi-tech uses hexagonal panels, or pixels, made of a material that can change very quickly the temperature. About 1,000 pixels panels, each 14cm in diameter, are needed to cover a small tank. The panels are controlled by onboard cameras thermal image of the constant temperature environment of the tank. This is projected onto the panels to make it more difficult to place. The cameras can also work when the tank is moving.

New York Times magic mirror to help you get dressed, put the wall in paywall (video)

Forget crosswords and Krugman, because the New York Times has created a companion like new bathroom much more fun than either of them. Like some of his Snow White style predecessors , the Times’ magic mirror prototype uses Microsoft Kinect to detect and track your movements, while deploying a voice recognition technology to fulfill your orders. With this slab omniscient affixed to your wall, you can surf the Web, browse your closet and send reassuring e-mails to your teenage daughter, you should have driven to school a good 30 minutes before . An RFID reader, meanwhile, can recognize tagged pharmaceuticals or other, allowing you to instantly access information about your prescription drugs, placing them in front of the LCD reflection. You can also use the mirror to navigate through the full slate of Times

articles and video content, which means that you can read about the extravagant weekend getaways and urban gentrification in the comfort of your permanent sink. Unfortunately for all of humanity, the magic mirror is still in the prototype phase and Research of the NYT ‘s and Development Group has yet to propose a timetable for its release – but you can see it in action for you even after the break.

CEO of Amazon flying accidents water tank, leaves tooth in his dream of space travel

In a profound moment of candor, Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos revealed that the failure of his mid-air unmanned spaceship 11 days ago was not the result of us wanted. Burning truth of his statement is certainly supported by the fact that NASA has poured millions of dollars of funding in the space company Bezos, Blue Origin, in the hope that people will one day ferry to the ISS and replace the shuttle program scuttled . Indeed, the last craft Blue Origin has looked every inch a shuttle-beater until it suddenly went Beserk at 45,000 feet, forcing the onboard computer to cut power Asimovian and dive nose in the ground in an effort to avoid civilian casualties. Not an ideal result, of course, but Jeff is unlikely to abandon its ambitions starry – everyone knows he has a thing for the thrusters .

Karaoke mic for iPad Soulo come to a thin wall near you

We just saw kit First Act karaoke wireless for the IPAD through the FCC, suggesting it could be on track for launch in the fall. The equipment will count for nothing if the soft support of sister company Seven45 Studios strikes a note missed, but we guess it looks pretty functional. The receiver is on its dock-hogging ways, such as a video output so you can check your words on a bigger screen. It should also save your groans, cries and meows at a distance of up to 20 feet of the micro-AA power. No word on price or availability for now, but you can twittering your interest at below the second source.

Myths evaluate patent troll

from: ~ r / Slashdot / slashdot / ~ 3/03Vcw56-tys/Evaluating-Patent-Troll-Myths:

An anonymous reader writes In a guest post on the blog Patently-O, Villanova University professor Michael Risch summarizes his detailed study of the methods and effectiveness of patent trolls He writes: It turns out that most of this I thought trolls. – Good or bad – was wrong …. Perhaps the biggest surprise in the study was the source of the patents I thought most of the patents from failed startups in these patents were represented (about 14% of the original assignees were dead), most are come .. companies still operating in 2010. Indeed, more than a third of the original assignees were listed, a subsidiary of a public corporation or the beneficiaries of venture capital. Only 21% were entities asserting patent at the time of grant, and many of those companies inventor property (such as Katz) rather than acquisition of entities (such as Acacia). … Another area of ​​surprise was the quality of patents. While the trolls almost never won their case if they were going to trial (only three cases have led to a violation conclusion on the merits), the percentage of patents invalidated on the bottom was lower than expected.

Microsoft training may have helped the Tunisian regime to spy on citizens

An anonymous reader writes A paper published in the recent leak Cablegate reveals that Microsoft has provided training to the Tunisian Ministry of Justice and the Interior, in exchange for exemption from the country’s political open source software. These departments would soon be training in the use phishing the credentials for social networking bloggers, journalists, political activists and protesters. Assistance from Microsoft led to the sale of 12,000 software licenses to the Tunisian government. The cable itself details the efforts Microsoft put into negotiating an agreement. Their intention was clear just expand into a new market, but the author has been skeptical of the cable on the Tunisian government’s adherence to its stated objectives. Quoting: In theory, the increased capacity GOT enforcement through training in IT is positive, but given the heavy-handed interference in matters GOT Internet shifts if there is capacity to expand GOT control its own citizens.

Jetstream HTC hits AT and T store, receives compared


Thinking about picking up a (inconceivably expensive Jetstream) HTC? After all, it just slipped into the online store of AT and T this weekend. We’ll just leave this link HotHardware in the source below, in case you want to check some comparative benchmarks before trading $ 700 for a 2 year contract. Not that it performed poorly, mind you, he ran neck-and-neck with Lenovo IdeaPad K1 – we believe, like graphs and tables are cool. Videos too – hit the break to see the folks at HotHardware

give the slate of 10 inches a quick practice.

Invisibility Cloak BAE Infrared tanks cold as ice, hot like cows

The war is constantly changing. Daylight became nightly battles duels, and pre-noon skirmishes moved to sunset massacres – some might say we’re just lazy, but anyway, thermal imaging is now playing very vital role. Now BAE and the JVM – the equivalent of Sweden to the DARPA – have a way to hide the heat signature of heavy machinery. ADAPTIV is a wall of 14 cm panels that monitor ambient heat and it is, so it can not be selected from the background radiation. Technology can also be used to reproduce the profiles of other things – you know, like a calf or a Fiat 500 spotted. BAE believes that technology is scalable for buildings and ships of war, the only drawback being that all future commanders will ensure that their operations are completed before dawn. I would not want your soldiers to see that five o’clock (AM) shade, now would we?

Toshiba Qosmio DX730 all-in-one styles Regza brings to your desktop

Here’s one that momentarily escaped our attention throughout the IFA noise: the Qosmio DX730, which Toshiba says borrows its design and Resolution + technology of image processing from Regza TVs. The base model has a Pentium processor rather ugly, but the range also includes Core i3 and i5 models, with up to 6 GB of RAM, 1TB of storage, a Blu-ray, TV tuner and Onkyo high – speakers. The multi-touch panel 23-inch Full HD also works in his favor. The price has not yet been announced, although reports Akihabara

a lot of similar models in Japan from an incredible 120,000 JPY (1,500 USD). We will have to rely on the Dell Vostro 360 to maintain margins Toshiba should firmly in check.

IFA 2011 wrap-up


As with the end of any beverage room and absolutely chaotic mass of electronics, it is with mixed feelings that we pack up our gear and prepare to leave the IFA. We hope you enjoyed our countless news stories, hands-ons, and liveblog – all perfectly organized just after the break (so you can count on, if you really want). But now it’s time to say goodbye to Berlin – until next year at least. We also held a small sample of photos that did not really have another house here, but should give you an idea of ​​the vastness and diversity of this show really is. Click through the gallery below, and jump past the break for a roundup of all our IFA 2011 coverage.

Do celebrity endorsements on Google + require disclosure?

theodp writes According to the FTC, celebrities have an obligation to disclose relationships with advertisers making endorsements outside the context of traditional advertising, such as talk shows or in social media. So, is the ringing endorsement of Airship Ventures Zeppelin Tour operator and Sergey Brin, gave its 200,000 + + Google disciples fall last week in this class? Since getting to know people more in airshipventures. com, posted Brin, I had the pleasure of flying with them several times and this loop in the south bay is probably the most picturesque. I’ll probably give it another go when they return to SF in October. Forbes Brin called an investor in Airship Ventures’, and others have speculated about a possible link Google.

KT Spider Concept Phone is a laptop, a tablet and a game console (video)

You probably thought Motorola had a lock on the wharf while your phone trick, but the Korean company KT quietly launched an assault on the manufacturer Atrix at IFA. Rather than a single (and disappointing)  Webtop concept KT spider has three different accessories that expand the capabilities of the device 4.5-inch Gingerbread. The portable dock adds a QWERTY keyboard, extended battery and a redesigned user interface while building on the phone itself as the touchpad. If keyboards are not your thing, there are shell Spider tablet PAD blowing the interface up to 10.1 inches while adding a few tweaks friendly slate. Last game is the dock, a cradle with a simple D-pad and buttons that connects via Bluetooth to the Spider. The phone itself is no exception, packing 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage and a 1.5GHz dual-core processor Qualcomm. Oh, and 4.5-inch screen? An amazing 1280 x 800 resolution. It’s kind of hard to believe anything that is stuck in a package just 9.34mm (0.37 inches) thin. The phone is expected to launch in Korea in either November or December, although international prices and availability are always in the air. Check the pair of videos after the break.

Pad Andy, Andy Pad Pro now available in Europe for not much money

If you have been twiddling their thumbs in anticipation of the Pad Andy arrival of the turn no more, because the slate budget-friendly Android is now available in most of Europe. Both the 8GB and 16GB model of its Andy Pro Pad counterpart appeared on the website of the British manufacturer of today, with the old price of 129 pounds (about $ 208) and the last race for 179 pounds (about $ 289 ). The two tablets seven inches and run on Gingerbread offer up to six hours of battery life, even though the Pro has a capacitive touch screen (1024 x 600), compared with 800 of his little brother x 480 resistive. If you need some low cost of Android love in your life, hit up the link source to catch one for you.

Rogue SSL certificates issued by the CIA, MI6, Mossad

Orome1 written with this excerpt from the Safety Net Assistance: The number of rogue SSL certificates issued by the Dutch CA has DigiNotar balooned of a few dozen to more than 250 to 531 in just a few days, as of Tor Jacob Appelbaum shared the . The full list of rogue certificates, it became clear that the fraudulent certificates in areas of a number of intelligence agencies around the world have also been issued in compromise CA -. including the CIA, MI6 and Mossad Additional focus areas include Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, Skype, Twitter, Tor, WordPress and others.

First fully electric helicopters manned flight

cylonlover writes On August 12, electrical engineer / aerospace and helicopter pilot, Pascal Chrétien, took to the sky in the first untethered in the world, all-electric manned helicopter flight in a prototype machine he designed and built almost entirely itself in a 12 -. period of development in its months 2 minutes, 10 seconds of flight tests, beat Christian aviation giant Sikorsky in the record books – but not without significant risk the man himself: in case of crash I stand a good chance of ending. in the form of a kebab.

Medion announces LifeTab P9514 tablet, mysterious Android smartphone at IFA

Medion had a pretty eventful weekend this year at the IFA in Berlin where the German PC maker unveiled a new tablet and smartphone Android Gingerbread rather obtuse. Known as the Lifetab P9514, 32GB of business, 1.6 pounds of slate is powered by a 1GHz processor NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, 3.2 and works Honeycomb has a capacitive multitouch screen with resolution 1280 x 800. The device also supports quad-band 3G and WiFi connections, and the usual basics HDMI, microUSB, and microSD ports. Medion new phone, meanwhile, remains decidedly mysterious. At this point, we know that the phone rocks a 4.3-inch five-megapixel shooter and comes pre-loaded with the manufacturer’s GoPal SatNav app, but the details remain obscure. Both aircraft are scheduled for delivery in Europe in Q4 of this year at prices not confirmed, but rumor has it that the last LifeTab € 399 (about $ 564). No word yet on if we can expect to see these products hit the U.S. anytime soon, but you can catch a glimpse of the newly released smartphone after the break.

Sony S tablet now available for preorder, shipping 16th September

Sony S tablet may not have been good enough for the consumers’ hands when we glimpse last week , but we can only assume that the company now things finally got sorted, as the tablet is available for pre – command with a promise September 16th ship date. This now includes Amazon cleaner site of Sony and Best Buy and Future Shop in Canada that are each list a little later in September 23rd availability of the country (but the same $ 499 and $ 599 price tags). As expected, those interested in the smaller, two screens P Tablet place a little more waiting to do.

See a supernova in your garden

hasanabbas1987 wrote You want to have an overview of the supernova astronomers have discovered the closest in the last 25 years? All you need to do is get a small telescope or binoculars (some digital SLR and would do very well). Astronomers think they could have found the supernova in a few hours of the initial explosion, Aug. 24. Generally, the supernovas are about 1 billion light years but it is only 21 million light years. The supernova is in the Pinwheel Galaxy, and you can see in the Great Bear.

The coolest thing I saw at IFA: LG clip-on passive 3D glasses

Berlin Internationalen Funkausstellung is not a consumer Electronics Show unexciting. Of course, there are not nearly as many new gadgets to play with as you will find even the most docile of years CES, but there is much else around to leave any buff Tech satiety. Yet the most exciting gadget this year – for me at least – was not a new tablet , or cell phone , or even Android controlled robot vacuum . No, the highlight of my week was the clip-on 3D glasses , which LG reps given to each interested spectator as they entered the booth of the company. These dead-simple, yet completely life-changing specs were almost certainly dominated by the 20/20 vision-disabled, but for people like me who does not support drag a pair of glasses over another just to watch Kung Fu Panda in three dimensions, those clip-ons that you see above are the absolute best swag I could hope to find.

There really is not much for them. The 3D experience was identical to what you get with traditional passive glasses – they simply snap on top of your glasses, rather than relying on their own. They also offer UV protection, and communicate seamlessly with the TV. Well, okay then. While the participants could get their own pair free at IFA, you can also find these online for about $ 20 – LG sold as the AG-F220. I want them to become more widely available and more affordable as well. So listen, Hollywood: if you never give me five extra dollars at the box office to watch an animation shot his paw wear fur directly to my temple, the better to be waiting on the other side of the digitization of the ticket.

HTC 4G Amaze gets off with the lights on, confirms 1.5GHz dual-core CPU

The only images we have seen the next Ruby HTC Amaze 4G , the incoming high-powered smartphone for T-Mobile, have left us hungry for more substance, and some pictures show on the phone, and even those do not offer visual evidence of his rockin ‘specs. Our thirst for more info on the beast was slightly tempered as Droid Sans broken some pictures of the prototype proudly at a public rally. From what we can tell by the pictures, the camera about screen confirms the presence of a 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, a 4.3 inch screen and a camera QHD 8 megapixels in the back (2MP front) with double LED flash. The source tells us that it will come bundled with HTC Sense 3.5 Summit Gingerbread run, so do not let these photos – showing off Android stocks – your hopes so fast. Overall, however, it seems that the Samsung S Galaxy II may have a fierce battle on his hands for the title of Next Top T-Mobile (Smartphone) model.

Electric motor made ​​from a single molecule

An anonymous reader writes: For the first time, an electric motor was made from a single molecule. A 1 nm in length, is the smallest electric motor ever. Its creators plan to submit their design to Guinness World Records, but the engine Teeny could have practical applications, like pushing the fluid through the narrow pipes in lab-on-a-chip ‘devices. E. Charles Sykes at Tufts University in Boston and his colleagues embedded unbalanced butyl methyl sulfide a copper surface and sank current through it.

Baidu Announces Android OS alternative, which confirms its mobile aspirations

At present, Baidu an office network browser / search engine based in China that is supposed to imitate the Chrome (if that is wrapped around IE code). The company, however, has its sights set on conquering the mobile front as well, the introduction of OS Yi Baidu its annual meeting. The new platform is essentially a forked version of Android, which provide many of the same features and services we’re used to seeing from Google, Baidu, however, is to add a pinch of flavor by throwing in its own application package – – such as maps native player, music, web apps, and even a program similar to Google Places – and the integration of high clouds for backups, storage and sharing. The new OS will likely face intense competition from Nokia , Alibaba , Xiaomi and Windows Phone Tango (among others), so the Chinese mobile space can get quite interesting in the years to come.

Netflix lands in Brazil, 43 other Latin American countries this week

Netflix promised to our friends in Central and South America would soon be able to enjoy the pleasures of watching instantly. Starting today with Brazil, and with 43 other Latin American countries to follow before September 12, streaming video services is a pioneer doing good on this promise. Customers of the land of carnival can enjoy a free one month trial, after which a subscription will run $ 14.99 dollars per month in Brazil. The deployment will be staggered over the coming days, with most areas to get a price level equal to $ 7.99 in U.S. currency and some with both options in English and Spanish. For more details check out the PR after the break and the table above.

Vestel exhibits a BitTorrent Certified prototype TV at IFA

Far from sneaking into the living room, Vestel took a BitTorrent Certified TV on display at IFA 2011 last week. This means that official stamp packs more standard features connected TV, including playing the local media across the network, and is guaranteed to work with approved BitTorrent files from the Internet. There is no word on any official release for this prototype – and we were not able to locate anyone got a practical demonstration, let us know if you saw – but it shows the possibility BitTorrent that seeks to expand its platform in a manner similar to DivX and XBMC / Boxee . See the press release after the break, we’ll sit and watch a completely legal content we have torrented.

Modern Warfare 3 limited edition Xbox 360 set opens up the latest wave of marketing hype

Call of Duty certainly knows how to wear his merchandising welcome. After announcing a line of eye strain reducing glasses and a set of headphones brand , a franchise is a juggernaut juggernaut Activision’s pre-release hype a custom Xbox 360 . Console Limited Edition 320 GB comes with two wireless controllers similarly decorated, required a copy of Modern Warfare 3 and even includes the sounds of startup franchise specific. You can hang this booty video game Nov. 8 for $ 399, or take the headset and controllers separately. It’s your call and your paycheck after all. Official presser awaits you after the break.

TP A60 series gateway tablet appeared at Future Shop, style cops Iconia Tab A500

We are not exactly thrilled Acer 10.1-inch Tab Iconia A500 , but that has not stopped the bridge to re-skinning the slate Honeycomb and claiming for himself. Appearing in a renamed version of the A500, A60 gateway comes with 16 GB of storage built, 1GB of RAM, a dual-core processor running at 1 GHz Tegra 2, a five megapixel back facing camera and front – face of two-megapixel snapper, 802.11b/g/n WiFi connectivity and the list goes on. Like his brother from another mother, this bridge will cost $ 399, and while we can not guarantee it will work the same, we suggest you take a look at our A500 review before the bombing these clams.

Lawyers WiLAN place, took the fight patent with Apple, Dell, HP, HTC and many more

You know what the world needs technology? More patent litigation, which is why WiLAN is at it again in the case of rockets for the Eastern District of Texas. This time, instead of continuing the cable companies , it’s going after the likes of Apple, Dell, HP, HTC, Kyocera, Novatel, Alcatel-Lucent and Sierra Wireless. There are two patents at issue: no. RE37, 802, which covers the CDMA and HSPA data transmission, and no. 5,282,222 which is related to the transmission of technical data with WiFi and LTE. Is the troll patents courageous get some money, or the big boys fight against it in the end? Stay tuned.

ASUS laptop G74SX Thurs-A1 gets rated, likes a bit of Battleship

The 1982 Lockheed Sea Shadow can be rusting in Suisun Bay, but the coco-spooking contours have not been forgotten. They apparently inspired the design of the Asus G74SX-A1 , which has won a recommendation HotHardware for its cheese, and avoid similar performance, efficient cooling and realistic price tag of $ 1749. For once, the Core i7-2360QM processor coupled with a GeForce GTX 560M and generous dollop of RAM 12GB DDR-1333 is conspiring to exceed the manufacturer’s claims benchmark 3DMark. It was not flawless, however: the overall performance of computers has been weak compared to its rivals, the speakers were sloppy when it came to music rather than producing explosions, and 17, 3-inch full HD display was somewhat wasted on some games that went smoothly at high quality settings at 1280×720. Yet all this talk about naval makes us want some Silent Hunter 4 – and should play very well. Check source link lurking below for full review.

New program makes it easy to turn your computer into a chatty conversational

We have already seen how clumsy computers can be when they try to speak like humans, but researchers at North Carolina State and Georgia Tech have developed a program that could make it easier to show them how it’s done. Their approach, described in a recent paper, allow developers to build natural language generation (NLG) systems two times faster than currently possible. NLG technology is used in a wide range of applications (including gaming centers and customer service), but production of these systems has traditionally required the developers to enter massive amounts of data, vocabulary and models – the rules that computers use to develop coherent sentences. The lead author, Karthik Narayan and his team, however, have created a program capable of learning to use these models on its own, which requires developers to input only the basic information on a topic of conversation. As he learns to speak, the software can also make suggestions on automatic information should be added to its database, based on the conversation at hand. Narayan and colleagues present their study artificial intelligence this year, and Interactive Digital Entertainment conference in October, but you can dig through it for yourself, from the link below.

How would you change HP Veer 4G?


We know there is not much point, but the people who ran Jacksons incalculable one of the devices webOS final deserve a chance to let off steam. And that’s exactly what we give them. With less than a total of 180, it will not actually one second Veer to suggest changes, but we are always interested in hearing how to change the minimum webOS ship forever. Last May, we confessed to have experience less-than-exciting bantam with the handset, and while we doubt the company has sold a quantity of these shocking, there is no doubt that some of you are earning one now. If this is you, the comments are calling. Do you want to resolution? Divide the physical keyboard? Change the Network? Rethinking the form factor entirely? Let us know below, and look, it’s cool to cry.

Sony new Internet TV box, projector and Blu-ray player make an appearance at IFA

They do not earn the highlights of the IFA 2011 Sony keynote , but it slips a few more pieces of home theater equipment that are more likely to end up in your living room as his wacky 3D headset . The SMP-N200 replaces the previous Netbox that began last year with a refreshed design and support for HD and 3D. Not surprisingly, this Blu-ray player (no Blu-ray) also supports DLNA throw of content, making it a natural style Apple TV tie-in for the S and P tablet tablet once that they launch. On the road, the VPL-VW95ES is a suitable replacement for last year’s VPL-VW90ES we will probably be more well known later this week at CEDIA. For 2011, it has been refreshed with 3D conversion capabilities, a 3D integrated transmitter to synchronize the glasses and the ability to set and store different positions lenses easily switch between 4:09 p.m. ET ultrawidescreen projection. Finally, the BDP-S185 Blu-ray was announced, with a compact size and power consumption that Sony claims is 47 percent less than models of the previous year as its most notable features. All should start shipping in October, no specific word on pricing yet.

Inhabitat Week in Green: magnetic highways, the MoMA exhibition and Tech lasers in the sky

Renewable energy supercharged our transit system this week that Inhabitat Vycon submitted plans to use the acceleration of subway cars for the vast amounts of kinetic energy, and we took a look at an innovative road system magnetic energy crops as the cars go by. Biofuels also got a boost from several unlikely sources that researchers have discovered that bacteria in panda poop is incredibly effective in decomposing plant material, and scientists have developed a way to recycle newspapers into biofuel . We have also presented an energy device in real-time monitoring for children, we learned that some areas near radioactive Fukushima are more dangerous than Chernobyl , and we took a look in an underground shelter that has atomic been transformed into a cavernous subterranean office .

How machines communicate with people? If you are thinking about this idea, you will be interested in this exclusive video interview with the Museum of Modern Art Commissioner Paola Antonelli on Talk to Me MoMA’s new exhibition of technology that has recently opened in New York. We was also surprised by several artistic innovations of this week unveiled Wacom pen that scans instant everything you can draw and Sarah Garzoni created a nice set of butterflies printed paper .

In other news, we shined the spotlight on several advances in lighting technology as brilliant scientists successfully created the rain by shooting laser beams into the sky and a designer unveiled a system tiles Solar OLED that can turn into zero-energy skyscraper posters. We also made ​​some brilliant ideas in the mobile technology that Halston has unveiled a glow in the dark dress with sequins , a troop of ghostly light radiation costumes roamed the German countryside, and a student at Cornell has developed a type of clothing that pitfalls of toxic gases . Meanwhile the Hudson River with a lit light field of LED 200 and laser Power Systems has unveiled plans for a nuclear powered car .

Haier eyes organic transparent TV (video)


What is the worst thing about TV? If you said opacity Boy Did we play your part. It is a 22-inch TV from the transparent organic folks at Haier (you know who have also shown that television out of control of the spirit of today). This is a flat screen with a metal bezel with a clear OLED at its center with a 1680 x 1050 resolution. Images appear strong enough on the screen, although the colors are not particularly popular.

And really, this thing is not likely to lead to any shows in the near future – Haier sees more as an advertising tool, showing its customers the images on both sides. The display in its demo was actually connected to a Windows PC, running video through a media player, making it is not too different from the 14-inch Samsung we saw at CES the last year.

Television is still in its infancy demo soon, so prices and availability are a ways off. Video after the break.

Altec Lansing exhibits an iPod dock, speakers AirPlay, plus a helmet for the ladies

Altec Lansing is showing off a handful of updates to its line of audio gear this week at IFA in Berlin. At the top of the list is the newly revealed InAIR 5000, a tabletop speaker AirPlay heavy that the company is well positioned to take Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin line (which recently received its own version of AirPlay ). As this system, the InAIR certainly offers a unique perspective on the aesthetic design with a tear. The company has opted not to install a dock on the Apple system 110 watts, as compatible devices can stream audio wirelessly to the thing via AirPlay.

The Classic iMT630 is, not surprisingly, a speaker dock more traditional. It is portable and lightweight and has a shelf mooring in front that can be returned with the push of a button. Open the stand on his back, and you will find a place to store away from the speaker. The remote is also magnetic, so you can stick to the front grille of the Classic (someone the company has clearly lost a lot of remote controls in their day). No word yet on pricing and availability for both speakers.

The company also presented his headphones Bliss, which are designed for the ear of a woman. What does that mean, exactly? Especially since their headphones are smaller, fitting more comfortably in the ear canals smaller. Altec Lansing assures us, however, they are still able to offer great sound, despite their size. And yes, they come in pink.

Works: The company’s combined accidental, Part 2


Each week Ross Rubin contributes Switched On , a column about consumer technology.

Last week Switched On discussed the property of Google why Motorola is likely to lead to major changes in the balance of power between the owners of Android. But Motorola also has significant interests in the market set-top. And, of course, there is the question of the rival Android Master License, Windows Mobile 7. In both cases, however, it is also unlikely to change significantly, enhancing the acquisition as a purely defensive move. Read on for more.

Acer W4 hands on (video)


Hey, it’s our old friend, the Acer W4. We have heard of the device and seen our share of models , and this week at IFA, we got to play with the thing. 3.6-inch handset is quite compact and relatively smooth looking with its black front and curved white media. It’s not particularly exciting on the spec side, with its Qualcomm processor running at 1 GHz. Nope, what is most exciting here is the inclusion of mango , which should look rather familiar to Windows Mobile 7 owners, while adding some welcome updates to the mixture.

According to Acer, the handset should be arriving some point next month, if the company is not offering much in terms of pricing. Learn hands on a video after the break.

LG Televisions double play let the players share a single screen, different perspective

Challenging Sony PlayStation 3D display, LG LW980T new Dual Play TV allows you Xbox users to see two different views on the same screen – ditching the view standard split games. Spotted this week at IFA, the technology requires a snazzy pair of all-right / left all the specs and a passive 3D Xbox compatible game to get two different perspectives on a 2D TV. Compared to Sony’s $ 499, 24-inch active shutter with the tubes of the liabilities of 47 inches and 55 inches are much larger and more expensive, rumored to retail for £ 1,799 (or $ 2,915) and £ 2499 (or $ 4,050), respectively. Sources said this feature will join LG range of 3D cinema displays in the course of September – games offering SmartTV LG and support of 3D film. Hey gamers, since we are not split over, is it safe to say that we can stay in a relationship on Facebook?

Mophie cut prices on the Boost Juice Pack Powerstation and raises the capacity of the battery

Most companies by IFA figured if they were going to transport all the way to Berlin, they might as well expose their products on stage – you know, with some prepared remarks, a press release and perhaps disco music to get people pumped (ok, we have not been submitted at the time). But not Mophie. The company has a habit of releasing products peacefully demonstrating its products without notice in order. That’s how we came across new versions of its juice pack chargers Mobile, Boost, Powerstation and Reserve. Of the three, the latter obtained the greatest makeover, with a more compact form and a pop-out USB connector that is attached to a plastic cable. As a result of this scheme, however, it now has a capacity of 700mAh battery, not 1000 mAh, but its price is about to go up $ 35 to $ 30. The good news is that Mophie has lowered its prices for the other two, while increasing the battery capacity. The Powerstation now has a 4000 mAh battery and costs $ 80 (down $ 100) while Boost is designed for 2000 mAh and costs $ 49.95 (down $ 10). In case you are interested in this sort of thing, we have hands on photos below, and Mophie said the lot will be struck by the Apple Store in about two weeks.

Elgato EyeTV mobile eyes (video)


Elgato been experimenting with live TV on the iPad for over a year , but until now, this meant that the streaming of programs that were already available online anyway – a significant limitation powerful do not you think? This week, however, the company announced EyeTV mobile TV tuner that plugs into the 30-pin connector 2 IPAD, allowing it to pull in television. We just happened to fall on the Elgato booth here at IFA and treated ourselves to a short break in TV. The tuner, which easily fits in the palm of your hand when the antenna is collapsed, only lets you draw by using signals in the DVB-T, so make no mistake it is a product just for our readers Europe. (Although Elgato says he hopes to release something similar in Japan.) Even more than the equipment or programming selection (tbol fu, anyone?), We remain impressed by the free EyeTV iOS, whose interface is almost the same as the HDHomeRun iPad app with the ability to drag the screen to change channels and, in this case, save your position. It will be available across the pond for € 99.95 / £ 99.95 at the end of this month. Until then (or if you’re just stuck in the states), see our hands on the pictures below and a demo video after the break.

Laptops in the classroom Do not increase Grades

blitzkrieg3 wrote The classrooms across the country are equipped with one to one laptop programs, networking equipment, digital projectors, and other technologies to remain competitive in the 21st century. Kyrene School District spent $ 3 billion the modernization of their classrooms. The problem? Increased spending does not lead to an increase in test scores. policymakers calling for high technology facilities, including former execs from HP, Apple and the Bill and Melinda Gates, want to increase investment in technology, despite the results. Others are not so sure, or think it is a pure waste of money.

Zero1 Remote Control for IOS VooMote Zapper hands on (video)

Are you one of those guys from the old school who still watch TV on a TV real? Then you probably also own or fifteen of these devices wireless channel changer – you know, the kind that use AA batteries and magic of light beams at the control station and volume settings. Well, set the distance, lean back in the velvet sofa covered in plastic oversized, and be prepared to throw your last pair of alkaline batteries. Zero1 the new Zapper VooMote remote module has traveled to the IFA , allowing you to use any device IOS as a universal remote. Of course, the concept is not new – there have been other IOS integrated remote – but the Zapper is small, relatively inexpensive, and interfaces well with your iPhone, iPhone or iPod touch. Your programmed selections are stored on the Zapper itself, so you can easily use it with multiple devices IOS.

The $ 70 device can be paired with instances of the same color ($ 20 and up), and also includes fairly complete functionality of TV Guide, allowing you to see local programming, watch previews of unknown content and of send an infrared signal to your TV to launch a program – during his scheduled broadcast time, of course. We took a look at the combo app / Itsy Bitsy material, and it seemed to work well, with an easy installation process (codes for almost all devices come preloaded) and fast response time. Reps VooMote said the device has a range of 25 feet, which is more than many of our tiny apartment configs, but not enough in some media rooms stepped. At the end of the day, it’s really just a (very) smart touch screen universal remote solution, so we’ll leave it at that. Jump past the break to see the Zapper in action.

Lucasfilm Unveils Sandcrawler an office in Singapore

An anonymous reader writes: The massive, slow Sandcrawlers films from George Lucas Star Wars inspired the form of Lucasfilm regional headquarters in Singapore. Designed by Aedas, the building will house a theater Sandcrawler 100 seats, Lucasfilm offices in Singapore, a podium and public spaces other employees. Or rusty or slow in this case, the building and streamlined glass frontage to combine high performance with lush gardens and terraces overflowing with foliage, resulting in a highly efficient commercial space. With construction already underway, we can look forward to this event in real life Star Wars in 2012.

Tango Video calling out for Mango Windows Phone?


Good news, people – Tango is about to get Windows Phone. Not the Tango . We refer to the video calling service which is already very popular on IOS and Android, but there was absolutely no presence on the Microsoft platform at all. Of course, there is a reason quite obvious why: the OS does not support cameras face until the mango has come. The unveiling this week of the first HTC devices WP7.5 , someone browsing software for radar happened through an application of Tango in the Start menu, showing users will have more video chat options to choose from than just Skype. Better yet, it seems to offer cross-platform compatibility so you can see your Android-toting friends and your iPhone with the regulations up close and personal. We are delighted to see the function finally ready to go with the beginnings of Mango, but unfortunately this is a matter of time before the name confusion sets in.

Dolly house Pico replaces roller skate tripods for smaller productions cameras (video)

Instead of perching precariously on your digital SLR a skateboard in the name of the movie, it might be time to invest in something a bit more stable – like Dolly Pico extremely affordable. Machined aluminum, 3.5-inch, pound three-wheel Dolly similar to those found on roller blades , plus up to three screws to attach the friction arm 11-inch option. The machine can slide straight or in circles while taking up minimal space – which videographers using cameras like the A77 and the E-P3 (or even the iPhone) can surely appreciate. Unlike its conceptual twin , which now costs $ 150 and is not expected to ship until October, Dolly Pico can be had for $ 65 (or $ 90 if you want the arm of friction included) and is expected to ship by September 12. Check the assistant film in action after the break.

Refresh Roundup: Week of August 29, 2011


Your smartphone and / or tablet is just begging to get updated. From time to time, these mobile devices are blessed with cooler maintenance, bug fixes, custom ROM, and nothing in between, and so many of them floating around that it is easy for a piece of size to get lost in the mix. To ensure they do not escape without notice, we have gathered all possible update, hack, and various other nonsense from last week and have piled up in a raid practice. If you find something available for your device, please give us a shout at Engadget Tips dawt com and let us know. Enjoy!

Updates Android Official

Philips GoGear PMP 3 hands on Android (video)


One of the fun things about attending a show that is open to the public as the IFA is that you tend to the same level of companies and people walking on the street. And the pitch with the latest Philips GoGear is quite simple: from the business to the iPod touch . We swung by the Philips booth to give the thing another turn . The 3.2-inch portable media player has a touch screen and runs on Android 2.3 – really, it has most of the basic functionality of a handset, except to call people together.

The construction of the device is a bit plasticy and certainly can not compare with the key on that front, but it is light enough and should easily fit in your pocket for a trip to the gym, if you’re so inclined. The player did not make the most of the estate of the screen real potential, due to three large buttons and the Philips logo taking about a quarter of its surface – a strange choice, given the touch screen GoGear. The PMP also has three large brass buttons in his side.

The GoGear three runs Android applications with ease, flipping through the selection of programs Google with no problems. He also has the built-in Android Market, accessible through its built-in WiFi. This feature is also handy with software SimplyShare of the company, which allows you to stream music and video content to other devices.

No word yet on the final price or availability, although the representative of Philips, we spoke with said it will probably run around € 150 for the 8GB version and € 180 for the 16GB.

Amazon, 7-Eleven team to be delivered at your convenience store

Let us set the scene: It’s late Friday night. You just finished working and decide to hit the local 7-Eleven on your way to a Slim Jim Brew, mountain and … your Amazon package? Why, yes, seems as absurd as it may well be a PO Box as-locker in the future of your loved Kwik-E Mart. Whispering Winds hearsay, stolen by the ears over and delivered to The Daily that little nugget of opportunity Bezos supported. The source, a chain of Seattle has one of the prototypes in his possession, with a potentially headed for national rollout next summer. So how does it work? Apparently, you will be offered a choice of 7-Eleven delivery points during the online payment process, after which a bar code can be sent by the digitized record to reveal a pin that gives you access to your Amazon secret. Well, it’s probably an easier idea, but how about throwing them also in some of these tablets based on Android ? Now that the point of sale.

18-Year-Old Student discovers Comet Break-Up

astroengine wrote It is an event that every professional astronomer considers to be a once in a lifetime of discovery. But for a 18-year-old British student, attended the fragmentation of a comet, she studied became the culmination of a summer program of work experience using the Faulkes Telescope Project, however, it was only the icing on the cake;. Hannah Blyth St. Johns College, Cardiff, has also contributed to the discovery of more than 20 previously unknown asteroids, two of which she discovered it. is extremely rare to detect a comet fragment, but for an amateur (and even less a 18 year old student on work experience) is an incredible achievement.

Robot roller Solar carries to work on a tank of humiliation (video)

Bob Schneevis over again. The man who was George W. Bush in a Roman warrior robot has now developed what he called the Solar Electric Robot Char. Presented at the fair this year Bay Area Maker, Schneevis a single engine, bot-drawn carriage has a set of battery juice solar panels and an array of cameras that control movement mechanized his driver. The club, meanwhile, slipped around a pair of skates and is designed to move his legs in the same way humans do – with the only difference being that humans do not rollerblade more. Skating past the break to see the coast of tanks around a parking Mitchell Goosen-like grace.

Apple wins an injunction against German Samsung Galaxy 7.7 tab from the IFA

Apple continues patent battle with Samsung has taken yet another turn, now that Cupertino has won an injunction blocking sales in Germany recently unveiled Galaxy 7.7 tab . According to the Free Software patents, Samsung has withdrawn its new Android tablet of both the IFA show floor and its German site on Saturday, according to a ruling Friday by the same court in Düsseldorf Regional Court which prohibits the sale Galaxy tab of 10.1 last month . The 7.7-inch slate had been previously exposed with a sticker that said Not for sale in Germany, but, as we noted yesterday , all the demonstration models, posters and other promotional materials were removed from . Samsung spokesman James Chung told Bloomberg that the new order severely limits consumer choice in Germany, but confirmed that the Korean manufacturer respects the court’s decision and vowed to do all that ‘she could to defend its intellectual property. Details of the decision remain unclear, and Apple has yet to comment, but we’ll let you know as soon as we hear more.

The British government struggles with digital rights

With its bid accepted first Ajehals sends this excerpt from a post by the Pirate Party UK … each turn, the coalition has been exposed as having no coherent policy of digital rights Nothing illustrates this better than its zig-zag. courses on Internet filtering and blocking of websites. … As if any further confirmation was necessary for the government’s policy on digital rights and freedom of expression is entirely made on the fly, along came the riots and a traditional reflex of using social media. … one of the few concrete pieces of the declaration of David Cameron in the House of Commons was recalled to full-on attack on social media. It was carefully worded, but the thrust was that the Prime Minister thought further action is needed to combat the evil done by the updated status. At this point, things took a turn for the authoritarian, with MP Louise Mensch said he was acceptable to close Twitter and Facebook for an hour or two. … Worse, it was recently revealed that the government is asked to call OFCOM digital economy law more he also wants to exclude a public -.. Once again try to make deals away from the public eye, I suspect this is really afraid of technology can give us the power to take account of our representatives so that readers warning on the Internet in corridors of power.

Thrill 4G LG officially arrives at AT and T for $ 100, fairy tales can come true

C’mon, admit it – you do not really think the 4G Thrill LG would never be released, do you? After several weeks of unexplained delays , the AT and T brand Optimus 3D is really, honestly available on the carrier for sale at a respectable $ 100. The device, announced at CTIA in March 2011 , does not hide anything we did not already know: it has a dual-core 1GHz TI OMAP CPU 4 with 512 MB ​​RAM, Froyo, a 800 4.3 x 480 inch, 1080p video capture and dual rear 5MP stereoscopic cameras to add the extra dimension. So if you have been waiting for this phone to get the green light, it is time to stop idling at the intersection.

Final Cut Studio available again through Apple Telesales, video editors around the world breathed sighs of relief

If you are one of the many users of Final Cut Pro unhappy with Apple’s latest version – and you have not been drawn into the open arms Adobe – Today brings good news. According to MacRumors, Cupertino will continue to offer the previous version dropped through telephone sales. 800-MY-APPLE call and asking for Final Cut Studio (part number MB642Z / A) net you Final Cut Pro 7, 4 Motion, Soundtrack Pro 3, DVD Studio Pro 4, Color Compressor 1.5 and 3.5 for $ 999, or $ 899 for eligible education customers. It is far from the $ 299.99 for Final Cut Pro X, but if you’re interested in, say, the opening of existing projects or the output to tape, you might reluctantly pony up extra dough.

Icloud Apple runs on Microsoft Azure

Home of the first timer GE7 writes Apple cloud storage and recently announced a cloud services platform, icloud, rotates on its main competitor Microsoft Azure platform and services of the Amazon. According to the sources of the Reg, insiders Microsoft icloud see the face as a validation of Azure. icloud Azure is in a different league, given the love of the Apple brand and the fanatical attitude of the management of Apple to perfection. It is a huge consumer brand, a great opportunity for Azure as a highly visible workload. Aa … Apple had a bad recent experience in providing online services in a famous memo, Steve Jobs admitted that his company had more to learn about Internet services as a result of breakdowns and failures of its precursor icloud for email, contacts, calendar, photos and other files on MobileMe.

RED EPIC-X starts shipping to shooters of luck with deep pockets

It was almost two years since we had a look at the specs on EPIC RED-X , and the 5K-shooting, about $ 30 000 rig is just now shipping to customers . It’s not terribly shocking given the business development cycles and notoriously long, if you ordered one, you should be too excited about a new toy to worry about how long it took to build. Lets hope the first batch of people to begin to capture beautiful images with this thing a little more likely that Mark Pederson – RED can not be reset to $ 100 000 bonus each time she releases a new product.

Ask Engadget: the best desktop OS for children?


We know you have questions, and if you are brave enough to ask the world for answers, here is the output to do so. This week’s Ask Engadget investigation came to us to Ryan, who can not wait to get her child fixated on the wonderful world of computers. If you want to send an inquiry on your own, write to us at ask [at] Engadget com [dawt].

My son (five years) has commandeered a laptop for my wife for her fun game to play lately, and it was driving her batty. He does not play games mostly, it (Plants vs. Zombies, Zuma, etc.). Until he can find the games they want (their icons) and open them without problem on Windows 7, but now I am looking into getting him his own computer base, I begin to wonder if there is not something younger friendly there. I had a superficial experience with OS X and Linux (Ubuntu), and I will do all the install myself and configuration. Every thought of his parents? Thank you!

Children and computers. Now it’s a recipe for awesomeness. Any new (ish) parents out there have experience on their children loving / hating a particular OS? Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments below – stay smart, ok?

Tapping Metros For energy

from: ~ r / Slashdot / slashdot / ~ 3/i0-gblzqc_M/Tapping-Subway-Trains-For-Energy:

An anonymous reader writes Industrial manufacturer of energy wheel Vycon believe they can exploit the huge amount of kinetic energy carried by the movement of subway trains to subsidize the power systems of the city. Not only does this reduce emissions but would also prevent emergencies peak power. This energy could be used to run trains again – a subway train of 10 cars in the system of New York requires a shake three to four megawatts of electricity for 30 seconds to get up to cruising speed – it’s enough energy to 1300 average U.S. homes.

Nokia 701 Hands on


Living in the States, it is easy to forget just how big a global presence, Nokia has maintained, despite some difficulties in keeping with the likes of Android and IOS. The company has certainly had a presence at IFA this year, among its own stand and appearances in the show offers Vodafone. And despite what critics might say about the Finnish equipment manufacturer, it is hard to deny that society has given us fine offerings on the front of equipment.

The 701 is not the most exciting we have seen build from Nokia, but it certainly has a lot to it, including a brilliant 3.5-inch steel reinforcing display, megapixel camera eight, integrated NFC. On the software side, we are obviously looking at Symbian Belle, with its customizable home screens, which is managed quite well with a 1GHz smartphone. Check out our hands on the photos below.

Team-TouchDroid dual boot Android on TouchPad – touch screen not included

The race for Android now working on the budget-friendly HP TouchPad is on. We’ve heard rumors about the little green robot from pre-installed on the slate unhappy and we saw the first CM7 boot , but no one went all the way quite yet. While progress is slow, a team of dedicated hackers TouchPad, calling themselves team-TouchDroid, is now showing off a dual-boot configuration with Android 2.3.5. As with CM7, the touch screen still does not work, but the demo video is pretty dramatic – that is until the end credit roll. If early reversal OSS are your thing, hop on past the break, but do not say we did not warn you: it will become weird.

A prototype mind control Haier TV hits the IFA, we front-on (video)

The remote control has revolutionized the way we watch TV, eliminating the need for frequent trips together to change channels. A prototype in the portfolio of Haier makes everything look remotely like a grueling chore in comparison. The Brain Wave (certainly not a final product name) presented prototype TV at IFA this week brings mind control in the picture, promising a future where users of the channels can be modified and controlled by the volume pure thought.

The set is still in early prototype for the moment, however, we’re still some way away from life as accurately change. For now, the demo is only available to blow up a barrel with your busy mind. Of course, we had to give the thing a spin. See the results after the break.

Griffin announces Stylus pen + laser pointer + gives the names of creative products


Business leaders are going to love this multi-tasking. Whether you’re taking notes on your tablet , emphasizing graphics in a presentation or simply to sign the reports, Griffin new Stylus Pen + Laser Pointer +”should have thought of everything. As the name suggests, it is a three-in-one input device containing a red laser pointer , an omni-directional capacitive stylus RP and a ballpoint pen rechargeable point. It seems practical, but with a price of $ 50 you can think about two times before landing your Bic. full after the break.

XtremeMac showcases the stand Soma, Soma Travel and More at IFA (video)

There was a lot of cool Apple-centric product has been seen around XtremeMac very orange stand at IFA this week, proving that there are still interesting things to do in the world of the iPhone / iPad / iPod docks.

At the top of the list is the foundation of Soma, a pyramid-shaped dock that folds for portability. The accessory is mostly speaker, facing outward, the sound is not blocked when you have a thing on the iPad. Soma’s stand should be on shelves around October, running at around 100 € here in Europe.

The Soma Travel, meanwhile, operates without batteries or need son, working directly on the power of your Apple device to dock. XtremeMac claims that iPhone game 4 tied through the speakers will receive approximately 34 hours of audio playback on one charge. As expected, the thing is not too strong, but should do the trick for listening alone. The device will run about € 50 when it was released.

The Tango Bar is a bar of his style-conscious with a grid of money coming in nicely with the current generation iMac. He takes both audio and power from a single USB cable and audio outputs to ten watts. As the stand Soma, Tango Bar will take place around € 100. Check the video after the break Soma stand.

Intel and AMD can both Delay Next-Generation Processors

MojoKid writes AMD and Intel are both set to launch new CPU architectures between now and the end of the year, but rumors have surfaced suggesting that the two companies may delay their product launches, though for reasons different. Various unnamed PC makers have apparently reported that Intel could delay the introduction of its processor Ivy Bridge from the end of 2011 to the end Q1/early Q2 2012. Meanwhile, on the other side of the meadow of the CPU, there are rumors that AMD Bulldozer could slip again. Apparently AMD hasn ‘t officially confirmed that it shipped its next product Bulldozer server class for revenue in August. Possibly, but it seems unlikely. day of the scheduled launch CPU is close enough that the company should already know if it can launch the product.

Business Unit Global webOS split described in the documents released HP

It was just over two weeks since HP announced plans to cease production of its aircraft webOS, and speculation on the future of the platform is still strong. Just this week, Gee Sung Choi Samsung CEO put to rest rumors of an agreement webOS, and now two leaked letters from the inside show HP plans to divide the unit into two global business webOS. According to letters apparently Todd Bradley and Shane Robison, the software will webOS find a new home in the office of the costume of the Strategy and Technology, while the division’s equipment will remain with the Personal Systems Group. One of these letters from Tom Bradley said the split:

The charter of the pan-HP OS and T offers a broad overview of how we can optimize our technologies. In fact, it proved to be a successful technology incubator, is home to a team of senior technology exclusively devoted to the exploration of long-term strategies for our technologies.

The second letter, Shane Robison, adds that the software webOS is always a great asset. None of this should be a surprise, as our interview with Stephen DeWitt reiterated the commitment of society to the platform webOS, while HP recent announcements show the intentions Hocking PSG equipment to spin off its PC business. Now the question is, who the bones to get there? For the full-length leakage hit the source link below.

The iPhone’s role in weakening T-Mobile

GMGruman writes The federal government can block AT and T acquisition of T-Mobile, but T-Mobile is in a bad position to continue as it is. Decision of the parent company Deutsche Telekom not to invest in the spectrum of the United States a decade ago limited the ability of T-Mobile to grow, particularly through the now finally emerging 4G networks. But from a customer perspective, it was the iPhone that has threatened the company the most. Or, more precisely, its absence from the iPhone.

Pocketbook A10 hands on (video)


PocketBook , known for its e-reader, presented a 10 this week at IFA – is A for Android and 10 for 10-inch (well, 10.1 inches). The Android Gingerbread in this case, nothing particularly exciting on this front, in a world that has largely evolved in all its iterations Honeycomb, but at the very least, the company made some cool stuff on the front in a design world devices infringingly double. The body was inspired by an airplane wing in white plastic, which forms a corner at the back. The tablet a little on the stocky side, with a row of buttons located on the actual physical bottom of the bezel. On the back is a white plastic around a soft, rubbery back.

The tablet is a bit less exciting on the inside, with 4 GB of storage, a TI OMAP 3621 processor running at 1 GHz, WiFi and optional 3G. Not surprisingly, given the history of the company, the device is reading minds, with proprietary software built around the experience of e-book and the page buttons built in. The company seeks may also place the device for the education sector.

10 A should be hit Europe around October, with a price tag of less than € 300. The company is also planning the availability of the United States for the tablet, but does not offer much in the way of details on that front.

Attackers Did not know what they had

Trailrunner7 wrote The attack which compromised some servers of great value belonging to – but not the Linux kernel source code – may have been the work of hackers who simply got lucky and did not realize the value of the servers they had got hold of. The attackers made a few mistakes that allowed administrators to to discover the violation and stop before major damage occurred. First, they used a rootkit called phalanx known Linux admins who were able to detect. And second, the attackers set up backdoors on the compromised SSH servers, including the admins also found. If hackers were specifically targeting the servers, the attack would probably have looked quite different. A little blog in the wake of the attack agreed with the initial announcement, while it was embarrassing, the integrity of the kernel source is not in question.

North American Eagle project pumps on WiFi, tackles land speed record

Most people would be content if their jet-powered vehicle has done nothing but break the record land speed, but not with the team behind the proposed North American Eagle. They left some equipment and also WiFi stuffed inside the nose of the car, which they hope to be able to transmit data to an experimental WiFi mesh network set up around the lake dried up while the vehicle is being to break the sound barrier. This has not yet, but the vehicle itself has already topped speeds of 400 miles per hour – only half of what the team hopes to achieve.

Ask Slashdot: Best Supporting Major For a mechanical engineer?

Intelligence Scarred writes After attending DigiPen Institute of Technology and deciding I liked the idea of ​​a program than the program itself (I still enjoy a little) after getting my AA in college Community, without direction, after much tinkering with engines grow after four years of service in the infantry U.S. Marine Corps, I finally decided what I want to do when I grow up: The reason is mechanical engineering simple: I think our cars are much better (in terms of. Engine / propulsion) than they are now better technology exists, and there’s more technology to develop for them that I took a keen interest for biodiesel and other clean, alternative methods of energy (fuel cells is one of my favorites -.. second is solar, the wind being past). I figure in Mechanical Engineering will give me a broad understanding of specific engineering disciplines. My uncle, also a mechanical engineer, suggested I get a second major in Computer Science from ME addition. It sounds like a good idea to me, I would mate with the mechanical control computer must effectively enough to take me 3-4 years to complete What about ME + CS Is a good option, or I work better with something else I ‘..? LL almost certainly have a minor in mathematics out of it.

Galaxy 7.7 tab disappears from the ground IFA, not a trace left behind

Just two days after Samsung unveiled its Honeycomb-sports tab Galaxy 7.7 , slate (with all traces of its existence) has disappeared from the IFA stage. All demonstration models were torn from the stand Sammy, branding is gone, and even large poster touting the slate was covered. Korean society has not been fully forthcoming about the reason behind the kidnapping, but a spokesman has said that the move was voluntary SlashGear. Since the Galaxy tab 10.1 is already banned from sale in Germany (and about 7.7 units on display was a sticker informing managers that it would also not do retail in Germany), speculation led many links the act of escape for the ongoing legal battle with Apple. For now, all we have to go on the Samsung is a confirmation that the tablet was taken, accompanied by a refusal to comment further.

Google To Stop 10 Products

from: ~ r / Slashdot / slashdot / ~ 3/5ecnYpGmygk/Google-To-Shut-Down-10-Products:

Google announced yesterday that it is closing a number of its current products and merging others in similar services. Many of them continue to be available in the near future to facilitate the transition. The list of services affected include Aardvark, Desktop, Fast Flip, the Google Maps API for Flash, Google Pack, Google Web Security, Image Labeler, Laptop, Sidewiki and Subscribed Links. Alan Eustace Google wrote. This will make things much simpler for our users, improve the overall experience of Google. It also means that we can devote more resources to produce high impact, those that improve the lives of billions of people. All Googlers working on these projects will be moved to higher-impact products. As for our users, we will communicate directly with them as we make these changes, giving enough time to make the transition and enabling them to make their data with them. The link contains a brief description of how each service is phased out.

Fujifilm X10 hands on (video)


We really like X100 Fujifilm – it’s a solidly built camera with an APS-C sensor, f / 2 lens, and a unique and hybrid optical / electronic viewfinder. But the X100 has a sticker price $ 1400, and the 23mm lens – as strong as it is – is permanently fixed to the frame. That’s why we have been rather left when Fuji announced its X10 earlier this week. Would it be a much more capable (and affordable) to replace the X100? It turns out that it is not – well, not exactly – if the model is certainly a better fit for the consumer market. We had the chance to go hands on with the first prototype exposed to society IFA stand, and while some features (such as pop-up flash) are not yet operational, we are told that it is a representation fair enough that we will see when the X10 hits stores in late October at a price of 499-599 € in the large (about $ 715-860).

The first thing you will notice with the X10 is that although there is a power button for Naire. Instead, you turn the 28-112mm f/2-2.8 zoom Manual for Fire It Up. There is no aperture ring, unlike his brother, more powerful, and manual focus is controlled electronically, rather than directly on the lens. Closer inspection, you will see that the X100 is clever hybrid viewfinder was replaced by a strictly electronic. And what about picture quality? We were not able to remove any peaks in the sample, but with a smaller sensor 2/3-inch, we do not doubt that the images will not look nearly as good as those Fuji facing better equipped model. To compensate for this, the mode of the camera EXR can bump the resolution to 12 megapixels down to six, in turn capture better images in low light. We look forward to see a production version this fall, but in the meantime, the thumb through the images below, or jump past the break for a video preview.

Court makes ruling against Spamhaus $ 3 writes Back in 2006, and David Linhardt e360Insight obtained judgments against $ 11.7 million Spamhaus, an international anti-spam organization. The decision was then appealed and reduced to $ 27 002. This ruling was appealed again, and appeals court has now left the number entered earlier ruling against Spamhaus and the amount of $ 3. (Yes, three dollars.) As you know, the arguments for E360 the last call was not well received by the court. The decision itself is fairly entertaining a diatribe about how e360 shot himself in the foot repeatedly and enthusiastically throughout the case, and contains gems like this: By failing to comply with its obligations fundamental discovery, a party can snatch defeat from the jaws of certain victory.

Meaning comes to 3.5 Desire HD HTC, informally


After seeing the screenshots and video presentation of Direction 3.5 , you feel like you’re missing out? We. Well, the lucky guy in possession of HTC Desire HD do not have to wait another minute, provided they are comfortable custom ROM flash. People are more cunning XDA-Developers forum have made ​​a software version of the next flight of Bliss and carried him over the Desire HD. As expected, there are some bugs with this ROM based 2.3.4 – Bluetooth does not work at all, would have – but that seems like a small price to pay for living on the edge of the skins Android. Hit the source link or fire up ROM Manager to download now. After all, why should some anonymous woman with silver nails have all the fun?

Canada has encouraged the U.S. to place on the list piracy

An anonymous reader writes Copyright, lobbying the United States, and the beautiful back room gets the Canadian response treatment front page news in Canada today that the Toronto Star includes new revelations about the right author by Michael Geist (who has a longer post with links to the cables) of the U.S. cable released by Wikileaks. The cables show that the former Minister of Industry Maxime Bernier raised the possibility of a leak in the project Copyright law for U.S. officials before he was to be tabled in the House of Commons, former Director of Industry Minister Tony Clement’s policy Zoe Addington urged the U.S. to pressure Canada’s raising on a watch list of piracy, the Privy Council Office official Ailish Johnson disclosed the content of the letters of ministerial mandate, and former national coordinator of the RCMP for intellectual property crime Andris Zarins advised the United States that the government was working on a separate intellectual Bill of application ownership.

S Walker Transport-electric practice (video)


In an IFA very distant galaxy saw the Chinese flag. And on the other side of the outer ring of the Pavilion China, buried among a plethora of steamers, curling irons, and goes on television, you can fall on the S-Walker – if you are just as likely to miss . And what could be an S-Walker? Well, if we said, it is a Speed-Walker Sky-Walker, whatever, according to his master stand German. Luke would be proud. Inferior beings can recognize it as a Segway KIRF , designed in Germany and China in their hands, just barely ten days ago. His greatest strength is the price – the thing is scheduled for retail € 2500 (about $ 3,550) in the middle of next year. We assume that what remains to be free-carrier power is here to serve the warehouse workers, couriers, and the millions of students each day the dream of zooming in on campus on top of a pair of motorized wheels, but simply could not justify spending an entire semester of tuition on a Segway.

We spent a few minutes riding the first (and only) functional S-Walker around the place deserted International Hall, and while many still a prototype, the vehicle battery felt peppy enough and answered accurately at the controls, suggesting that we have relied on the front and back that we have changed weight at the rear. You control the direction using a small joystick mounted on the handlebars, rather than leaning to one side to another as you would on a Segway. Designers maximum speed 10 km / h for the demo IFA, but production models will be increased to 30 km / h and is theoretically capable of reaching 100 km / h (but that will probably take a few hacks on potentially illegal your part). Riding on past the break to see the S-Walker in action. And that the force be with you.

Zotac unveils palm-sized nano ZBOX AD10, packaging AMD Brazos APU

Zotac box looks more VIA-powered mini-PC , but the interior of the tomb AD10 in line with the rest of the AD series , packing an E-350 AMD APU alongside a Radeon HD 6310 chip . You are also looking at integrated 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0 and a pair of USB 3.0 ports – not bad for something that is (barely) size of a palm. The most AD10 model comes pre-equipped with a 320GB hard drive and 2GB of DDR3 RAM for only $ 276. Barebones model appears not to have been priced yet, but we would not expect it to be too much less considering how cheap memory and hard drives are today. Check out the gallery below and the PR after the break.

Dutch government revokes certificates Diginotar

An anonymous reader writes After previously saying the Iranian hack Diginotar CA certificates did not compromise the Dutch government, it was decided that there are too many risks and certificates will be revoked after all ( Dutch text of origin). Since the Dutch government has been using only Diginotar provided certificates, that will leave all government web sites with invalid certificates when a new supplier is sought. The Minister of the Interior recommends that people not to use the websites, if a warning about an invalid certificate appears. Related: Reader TheAppalasian links to Johnathan Nightingale of Mozilla engineering explaining in clear terms why DigiNotar should no longer be trusted.

Princeton neuroscientists map of your brain, play with words subjects

Do not talk. Princeton researchers know exactly what you say – sort of. Well, the Ivy League team of neuroscientists, led by Professor Matthew Botvinick, can not read your mind without using a functional MRI , but one day, the group hopes to make your silent pauses and make available for the public consumption. By mapping out the areas of brain activity to words meditated by the subjects, the group was able to create semantic discussions based on emotions, thoughts, plans or socially oriented neural activity associated with select . So what do these experiences good’ll high brow word association for us? For one, it could pave the way for automatic translation machines, the extension of silicon assisted in Grok our inner worlds that churns nonverbal computer-generated chatter, give voice to those unable to speak. And if it is used for worse? More terribly horrible poems written by psy spirit unencumbered by Jewel. In fact , wait. We could be there.

Film Poster newly digitized 3D Graphics Ed Catmull was from 1972

AlejoHausner wrote In 1972, Ed Catmull, then at the University of Utah, put together a film featuring many of the 3D graphics and other techniques he developed while working as a student in the laboratory of Ivan Sutherland . This film has been digitized and is available. All kinds of modern techniques such as Gouraud shading, mesh distortion, and z-buffer are shown in the film. This is a segment Catmull scan showing a plaster model of his hand. Catmull founded Pixar went on, but at the time the laboratory pioneer Utah most graphic techniques that we take for granted today. I’m just sorry I missed this film at first went online earlier this year.

Doom is now approved for sale in Germany 17 years later


Doom can work on just about everything these days, but a place that was not very accessible during the past 17 ​​years – regardless of the device – in Germany. That finally changed this week, however, with both Doom and Doom 2 receiving USK-16 rating that allows them to be available wherever video games are sold. Both games had been indexed by the Federal Department of the country for Media Harmful to Youth, which has effectively confined to the underground market since their inception. The BBC said the ban was lifted because the agency now believes Doom to be primarily of historical interest, although he notes that Germany is the continuing ban on a particular version of Doom II , which contains levels of Wolfenstein with Nazi imagery. Like Doom Editor Bethesda Softworks, told Joystiq that he is obviously very pleased with the decision, and let the people know when he plans to actually makes the game available in Germany.

Hands-On account of the Amazon Kindle color coming

jcgam69 wrote to TechCrunch with a description of what is claimed to be a version of all-but-finished color of the Kindle to come. This is called simply the Amazon Kindle. But it’s not like any Kindle, you have seen before. It displays the content in color. It has a 7 inch touch screen capacitive. And it runs on Android. This last part of some sharp words inspire readers TechCruch, because the GUI is described in a previous version of Android wrap thick Amazon delivered it difficult to recognize. The author speculates that this new Kindle might be sold with a sweetener tempting – a free subscription to Amazon Prime.

DirecTV HD revealed new user interface testers, is prettier and faster than the current

While DirecTV can look on the old standard def DirecTiVo new , beta testers in the group Cutting Edge got a treat tonight when their boxes downloaded a new user interface. HD is the interface that has been mentioned in the last earnings call , and not only provides full 16×9 formatted graphics, but also, according to testers, a serious performance boost for satellite receivers. If you are in the test group restart your box and punch 0,2,4,6,8 to hang the new software and have a look for you, but if you’re looking on the outside to hit the source link for more images via one of the PDFs is typical DBSTalk


Heise ‘Two clicks for more privacy vs. Facebook

First accepted FlameWise sender wrote Yesterday, the new German technology site Heise changed their name as one of the buttons to format with two clicks (original in German). This will effectively disable unwanted automatic tracking of all pages visited by other websites such as Facebook, Twitter or Google +. Less than 24 hours later, more than 500 sites have raised questions about the technology. Facebook is now threatening to blacklist Heise (original German). As I read the story updated, Facebook has backtracked a bit, so black list can no longer be the watchword. An anonymous reader adds a quick explanation of the interface has changed Instead of allowing Facebook users to follow a (presumably without the prior consent) by placing a like button on the website in the usual way, as a gray button is shown. If a user wants to share or  as it must perform an additional click to allow the original Facebook ‘like’ button and get the desired behavior. This technique is obviously a disadvantage for Facebook, because the monitoring of behavior does not work anymore.

Researchers Wed quantum processor with a quantum memory, quaziness follows

Quantum computing is a long way to go before becoming truly public , but certainly did not stop to indulge in dreams of a qubit based existence . The last bit of fantasy fodder comes from the University of California, Santa Barbara, where researchers have become the first to combine a quantum processor with mechanisms of memory on a single chip. To do this, Mariantoni Matteo and his team of scientists associated with a two-qubit quantum bus and connected each to a memory element that can store their current values ​​in the same way that the RAM stores data on computers classic. These links qubit sheet also contained pictures of resonators – jagged, yet easily controlled circuits that can store values ​​for shorter periods. Qubits, meanwhile, were built using superconducting circuits, allowing the team to UCSB to nest their qubits even close, according to von Neumann architecture which governs most commercial computers. Once everything was in place, the researchers used their system to run complex algorithms and operations that could possibly be used to decode the encryption. The next step, of course, is to develop the design, although Mariantoni said that should not be a problem too, thanks to its system of resonators – which he said, are the future of quantum computing with integrated circuits .

80 Archos 101 and G9 G9 hands on (video)


So as tablets this week at IFA. Archos pair of Honeycomb slate may not have won the same kind of excitement that, say yesterday tab Samsung Galaxy 7.7 or Toshiba AT200 , but there are many interesting things happening with the G9 G9 80 and 101 . From the aesthetic point of view, they are pretty nice equipment for research (the 80 and 101 looks essentially the same except for the difference in footprint and size of the screen), if they are not quite on-par with the two tablets mentioned above, in terms of build. Among other things, they are a bit on the side and squat glasses large enough.

As these devices, the G9 tablets launch Android 3.2, but much less scratched up version of the Samsung device. And 1.5 GHz processor ensures that they can manage the operating system with ease. Archos tablets are also a few tricks up their sleeve group. Turn the device over, and you will find a crutch on one side and a slot on the other that opens to reveal a USB stick designed for the 3G business owners.

Also impressive is the ability to configure their hard drives up to 250GB – a pretty amazing amount in the tablet world. We got to spend some hands-on time with both – a video after the break.

Audi A2 announces electric car concept, uses lasers to ensure the safety of future humans

Lasers do everything better, including (without limitation): the microphones , the kidneys and the electric Audi A2 concept. This latest flight of fancy uses a laser diode as the rear fog lamp, which projects a red triangle on the road to let other drivers know you are there. The German car maker has tricked out the rest of the lighting system of the EV and implementing beam technology matrix using LED and microreflectors – giving high-resolution, glare-beams and smart rear lights that change in intensity depending on weather conditions. Claim other state-of-the-art features such as gesture commands instead of keys, and brake lights shining more the more you press, it seems that it would turn a pretty sweet – if it ever makes it to market. No word on the other, insignificant details (you know, like what actually powers the thing) but there are many more on the lighting system of the car in the PR after the break.

Bezos reveals failure of the test flight Blue Origin Rocket

astroengine wrote A vehicle suborbital space experiment developed by Blue Origin, a startup founded by space chief Jeff Bezos, was lost during a test flight last week. During the flight secret, the vehicle reached an altitude of 45,000 feet and reached a speed of Mach 1.2. Soon after, things were really bad. instability led a flight angle of attack that triggered our security system to terminate the broad thrust on the vehicle, said an optimistic Bezos in his statement Friday.

Building 2011 Sub-$ 200 computer

from: ~ r / Slashdot / slashdot / ~ 3/LmjgD-QigwU/Building-2011s-Sub-200-Computer:

adeelarshad82 links to reflect the recent PC Magazine (update of a similar detailed search last year) to see if one could put together decent PC for under $ 200. It turns out that among some large business an AMD processor and a Linux OS, it can actually be done. They come away with a decent enough for the money – but omitting an optical drive in a desktop full size seems to build something like cheating.

JavaScript Toolkit V1.1.0 Released

from: ~ r / Slashdot / slashdot / ~ 3/b0D-d3SHGuA/JavaScript-Toolkit-V110-Released:

First accepted Submitter Mensa babe wrote Oliver Morgan, the original author of the toolkit JavaScript, or simply The Toolbox as he is known in the community, JavaScript, today announced the release of the much anticipated version 1.1.0, with better documentation and added support for function Citing the documentation of the project. [JavaScript] Toolkit provides many built-in methods and utilities to help enrich the library of JavaScript objects JavaScript was originally built for sailors and as such does not have a large number of methods of data utility. with are seen in languages ​​such as Python and Ruby. But times have changed and the JavaScript is used increasingly in server platforms. JS Toolkit aims to fill this gap and give everyone a modern developer needs to produce code fast, secure and tidy quickly and easily. The toolkit fully supports ECMAScript and 5 virtual machines running on the most important that we have today, including Node.JS, V8, Rhino, RingoJS, and many others. It continues to be actively developed .

The Guardian and the encryption key Wikileaks

rtfa-troll writes Bruce Schneier has a good article explaining how the Guardian published the encryption key for cables Wikileaks and destroyed the main protection against the release of personal information whistleblower. Comments in the blog Schneier register the details of exactly how Wikileaks file security protections side were also bypassed. Now the Guardian has an article Assange risk arrest by Australia during the last flight, which includes information about an Australian intelligence agent. They even said, We deplore the decision to publish the Wikileaks cables unredacted State Department, which can put the sources at risk, and move on to state that The decision to publish by Julian Assange was the his, and him alone. Something that seems clearly debunked in the analysis Schneier’s blog.

Android Tricorder Killed by CBS

from: ~ r / Slashdot / slashdot / ~ 3/guRyWPdICS0/Android-Tricorder-Killed-By-CBS:

Submitter Josnes first time accepted, writes: Today, I discovered that Moonlight Tricorder app, I always install on Android, is over. Google received a DMCA letter to CBS. I think it’s a shame that CBS thinks he needs to kill a free and open source project providing an application add-less. For my part, sent a message to CBS by saying that this app is not supported fan bad, but good for them, and asked them to reconsider. I hope, especially for the author who has spent much time in this app, what they do.

London Philharmonic Orchestra will pay tribute cover band with themed video game

If you already humming the same Angry Birds theme song, then maybe you should check out concert tonight London Philharmonic Orchestra’s tribute game. The band will play over 20 songs made famous by games like Tetris, Zelda, Call of Duty, and of course, Mario Bros., as part of the annual music festival in London. When asked to create the ultimate gaming remix, composer and arranger Andrew Skeet vowed to keep the old school, while giving people the best music. This is not the first time someone has paid tribute to this success and we hope this is not the last. Check the full setlist and video after the break.

HP 12c strike middle-aged screeds release anniversary edition (video)

HP Tablet ship may have sailed, but at least you can always count on the next outfit for your calculator RPN. True, HP 12c has just hit the big three-oh. The calculator is celebrating its 30th classic midlife crisis in the year of production with a special limited edition number cruncher, featuring a carved façade declaring his pedigree. If 1981 is the coolest computer is not your style, do not worry – HP is also launching a limited edition HP 15c 1982, benefiting from improved hundreds of times in the performance of its predecessor. Retro computing can be yours for $ 80 and $ 100 respectively. Hit the break to see his horn toot own HP Official 30th Anniversary 12c Then and Now video.

PIGORASS quadruped robot baby steps last serious AIBO (video)

Are Uncanny Valley spread to re-creations of our four-legged friends? We’ll know soon enough if Yasunori Yamada and Tokyo University engineering team manage to get their bot PIGORASS quadruped beyond its first shaky jumps, and a gallop on. Developed as a means to analyze the system of animal musculoskeletal for use in biologically inspired robots, cyborg creature of the team gets its locomotion via a combo of CPU controlled pressure sensors and potentiometers. It can move like a rabbit (for now), but each member was designed to operate independently in an attempt to simulate a simplified system of neurons. Given a little time and tweaking (not to mention a fine, synthetic fur lining), we’re pretty sure this Wee Bitty beastie’ll scamper its way into the homes of tomorrow. Check fella Lil ‘in the video after the break.

Newspaper editor resigns on paper Flawed Global Warming

Layzej writes Remote Sensing editor, Wolfgang Wagner stepped down earlier today (PDF) on a study of global warming published in his journal was said to cast doubt on models of global warming, but has later found to be distorted. Wagner said the paper probably contained basic methodological errors and false allegations. He also expressed dismay about how authors and climate skeptics have minded much exaggerated conclusions paper in public statements. The article’s author, Dr. Roy Spencer, reacted to the resignation.