Google Desktop Search and Gadgets Kills

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CWmike wrote an article in Computerworld on the destruction of yet another Google product. Extract from the article. Google has decided to retire from office, its first application launched in 2004 that is designed to allow people to search for files and data stored in disks of their computers’ hard He was one of the first products to Google against Microsoft and was designed to improve the search functionality found in native Windows. Desktop search has become an area of ​​competition, Microsoft has responded to this challenge and others like Yahoo has launched its own products. However, Google has decided that with the popularity of cloud computing users and increasing comfort with Web applications, it is time to dismantle the office, he said in a recent blog. As of September 14, Google will also end support for Desktop API, services, gadgets and plug-ins. From the looks of it the ad implies that Google Gadgets are the ax too that a little more people could use.