Russia wants to Shut Down For YouTube piracy

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GE7 writes A recent leak of confidential diplomatic cable revealed a growing interest in Russia by closing sites copyright infringement. Russian Deputy Minister of Economic Development said that not only U.S. sites continue to offer pirated movies Russian, but YouTube and Google should be closed for not complying with local laws.  The U.S. government has already attacked the torrent sites and a link hosted elsewhere, extradition of foreign nationals for piracy and provided training on how to close the Web sites of piracy. Voskresenskiy went on to say that in his opinion, no country in the world is ready to fight Internet piracy. He argued that all existing laws, including U.S. laws are antiquated and do not respond to new technological trends. For example, [Voskresenskiy] said that YouTube and Google (as the owner of YouTube) should be closed because they do not conform to the current Russian laws on IPR. He admitted that it was not feasible, but continued to emphasized that these entities need to follow local laws, even if the laws are outdated, the cable added.