Galapagos strong A01SH tablet goes on sale in Japan from $ 1, comes with a plug

Sharp 7 inch tablet Android 3.2 ? Yeah, it’s taking its sweet time arriving in the United States, but our friends in Japan can get the Galapagos A01SH now for a starting price of … $ 1 (100 yen). There is more than a little fine print, of course, that says you have to sign with a provider to partition that deal – an odd promotion as it is a slate WiFi only (carriers that bundle it with a mobile hotspot). Those who love their tabs footloose can pick one for 44.800 yen ($ 583). For those of you mumble something about how we need another two Tegra-powered tablet Android as we need a hole in the head, remember that this is one of the few in the 7 – inchers Android 3.2 – a space currently occupied by the Acer Iconia Tab A100 , ViewSonic ViewPad 7x and future MediaPad Huawei and Samsung Galaxy tab 7.7 . So if you’re dead-set on a 7-inch tab, as Honeycomb and are lucky enough to be wandering the streets of Nippon, have it, people.

Cornell Lab Creative Machines Used Chatbot Interact

mikejuk wrote When Cornell Lab Creative Machines chatbot got two to settle for a short interaction the result was surreal, to say the least. Is one of them the future winner of the $ 100,000 Loebner price or television host next show? From the article:. ‘This year Loebner Prize is October 19th and as a kind of curious to long activity Cornell Lab Machines Creative has two chatbot, Cleverbots to them and let them talk you can hear and see the result in the video and it is both hilarious and some how very disturbing. It presents the future of AI? It’s funny how quickly they become aggressive towards each other and claims that the male instead of a bot is invaluable.

Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi to join forces searching for LCD production

There have been rumors that Sony , Toshiba and Hitachi will work together making LCD. Now, according to the Yomiuri Shimbun,

the plan seems to be moving forward. The agreement does not cover big-screen production, the small and medium sizes that find their way into phones and tablets. The joint venture will control about 20 percent of the market according to TechCrunch when it is finally official, with a significant investment in the parastatal Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, which hold a significant stake in the new company. This may be one or two days before the transaction was announced, but consider this a serious blow through the arcs of their Korean competitors.

The Great Big camera is very big, very big


Darren Samuelson has done a really great device – some might even say he made a great camera great. The thing weighs 70 pounds takes a lot of maneuvering and mathematics to function while the objective to Old Timey accordion bellows. Despite these difficulties, however, Samuelson toured the U.S. with the platform monster in tow, shooting in this country from coast to coast in black and white . After the break, check out the video camera in action at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL. You can also see some of his progress and pictures in the source link below.

Google search results looking reclassification using a key data

tekgoblin writes Google plans to use the data in its one button to search results re-order and keep spammers at bay. All this would bring Google search engine in the era of social networks, it would also create a blackhats new avenue for research to manipulate the results of the article: . Google will review clicks on a button as a signal that influences the ranking and appearance of websites in search results, a door critic wrote The goal of any signal classification is to improve the overall quality of research.. To +1′ s and other social signals classification, as with any new sort signal, we will start with care and learn how these signals are related to quality.

New USB 3.0 Flash Drive 2 TB storage

First accepted Submitter Dr Max wrote: During the display of Taiwan, and ITRI Taiwan Transcend displayed at your fingertips throughout USB offers have 2 TB of storage. It’s not a typo. He holds a so up to 2 terabytes worth of information. So far, neither company has released anything official regarding specs or a simple introduction, or the high-capacity USB 3.0 stick appear on the site display of Taiwan. But as seen in the video below, thumb drive of the thin card is still smaller than an inch, measuring slightly thicker than a penny. It offers a minimum of 16 GB and a maximum of 2 TB.

Vitality Samsung serenades Music Muve itself for Cricket

If you remember the Samsung Marvel at MetroPCS, and combined powerful vitality manufacturer’s familiar look. It comes to cricket and will join Sweden (phone functionality) that only the network with smartphones Muve music . Marvel as he has a 800 MHz processor, 3.5-inch HVGA touchscreen, a 3.2 megapixel camera and runs Gingerbread stock. While its price and release date remains elusive, we are told the plan required sound at $ 65 per month – a jump spendy for the network will chirp at night. Perhaps the problem lies when you combine a plan with unlimited downloads Android songs, ringtones and ringback tones. Hey, nobody ever said it would be cheap to be law abiding.

Will Toshiba tablet will be appointed next Excite? Trademark filings suggest therefore

Yesterday we heard a rumor that Toshiba would be the unveiling of a new ultra-slim tablet at this year IFA . Today, the rumor is that the slate of future business can be called Excite. According to U.S. trademark filings obtained by police Android, Toshiba has apparently registered the name of alleged in the category Computing tablet. The manufacturer also took a multitude of domain names, including, and – which currently redirect to a site of Toshiba. As you know, remarkably similar evidence surfaced just before the Thrive launched the very recent history certainly lends some credence to report today. As always, we will certainly keep you informed of developments.

Wacom Inkling chip does draw the path to the old – a kind of (video)

The final product Wacom tablet design professions together, we came to know and love the company, in favor of something good, old-fashioned pencil on paper to action. The Inkling is a ball that transfers drawing layers to a PC or Mac via a USB receiver plugged in, which can then be edited with the software manager Sketch included. The Livescribe-esque pen has Detection Technology 1024 pressure sensitivity levels. It will be available mid-September for $ 199. Video of the device after the break.

Samsung announces three phones Wave, dripping Bada 2.0 and Kitten

It promises to be a busy one IFA for Samsung. Barely 24 hours after the announcement of its new Kitten mail client, the builder is now preparing to release a troika of handsets powered Bada New Wave 2.0 – Wave 3, Wave and Wave MY – started making their debut this week Berlin. Leading the way is the wave 3, which leaked earlier this week. Powered by a 1.4GHz processor, this little guy has a 4-inch AMOLED Super VGA, 3 GB of memory (with microSD slot 32 GB) and a five-megapixel, auto-focus-enabled shooter . The M-wave, meanwhile, packs of juice slightly less, with a 832MHz processor, a 3.65-inch WVGA screen and 150MB of onboard memory (with a box of 2 GB and 32 GB of microSD slot). To complete the collection is the Y Wave, with its 3.2-inch HVGA display, 832MHz engine and two megapixels. All have three bits of your usual WiFi / Bluetooth 3.0 capabilities and will be delivered with Kitten and Social Hub Samsung baked into their DNA. No word yet on pricing or availability, but you can learn more in the full press release after the break.

ICANN. XXX domain names arrived, Frankie Says Relax

Try to be reasonable about it. When one or more people love each other a lot – no, uh, let’s start again. The controversial decision to separate websites with adult area. XXX began. The process is over three months to ensure nothing untoward can happen. On September 7, 50 days “Sunrise A & B” started programs, Sunrise is a site where adults and trademark owners can claim their rightful owners such as fields, the same time, Sunrise B can not Adult sites like the weather channel to claim their domain names to prevent it being used for a very different sort of forecasts. There will then be a period of 18 Earth days Rush, where non-brand sites can register and conflicts are resolved with auctions. On December 6th, registration opens to everyone – just in time for XXXmas.

Now showing: Netflix 1.4 brings reading “all Android devices 2.2 and 2.3″

You heard right, the film aficionados – Netflix has just updated its Android application to bring a major change, major: “extended support for mobile.” Previously, the software will work on a handful of smartphones, but as of today, v1.4 brings reading to “all 2.2 and 2.3 for Android devices.” Congratulations – your weekend just got better. Follow the link for download to your source, or simply visit the market for an upgrade if you are already in the door. So much for those ” requirements of DRM hardware “we heard about the MWC, eh?

Skeleton of new discoveries in May Revamp history of human evolution

Brindafella links to a series of articles published yesterday in Science “on Australopithecus sediba, explaining that the skeletons found in the cave Malapa in the World Heritage List” Cradle of Civilization ‘delay to 1.97 million years, the oldest known means of tools, ape-like pre-humans. “As usual, the full articles are paywalled science, but summaries are interesting. (If you are a college student – or, in some cases, a club member of the old . You can have full access to journals not even realize) NPR has a nice article on the discovery well.

Viewsonic V3D241wm a computer screen with 3D

Viewsonic does not want to be left behind and presented a new monitor that has the technology currently in vogue in 3D.

V3D241wm Viewsonic has a 24-inch LED panel with a latency of 2ms, 300 candelas of brightness, contrast and 20.000.000:1 120Hz refresh rate, the frequency depending on the manufacturer to take advantage of 3D content using glasses polarized supplied with this monitor.

For the moment we do not know what price in Euros, but in the UK sells for about 330 pounds, which at current exchange rates would be about 376 euros, although we can not make the price of when you get to be on sale in Spain.

Sony Ericsson Walkman phone with Android Live is broken open by the FCC

Someone does not waste any time. Last month we reported on the combined musical mind Android and now what appears to be a decidedly darker version of Sony Ericsson Walkman with Live made ​​its way through the FCC and out the other end parts – literally. Since the holding did not retain much in its initial announcement, we will not make great discoveries here, but if you are dismembered in smartphones we have a gallery of the combined chips await you below.

Corsair Flash Voyager GT Survivor Boost USB 3.0

survivorregangle2 300x153 Corsair Flash Voyager GT Survivor Boost USB 3.0Call us jaded, but most USB flash drives just do not get the juices flowing as a new tablet or Smartphone . However, they have become an essential part of many workflow, and a device where speed is key, Boost USB 3.0 is certainly welcome. Corsair and did just that with its Flash Voyager GT Flash Voyager , and “adventure to the test” Flash Survivor line. The input level of the ship in Voyagers 8GB ($ 17) and 16GB ($ 24) capacities, while the top model offers 32 GB and 64 GB of storage for $ 59 and $ 129 respectively. 8 GB ($ 28) and 16GB ($ 35) drives robust Survivor Series are constructed of quality aluminum and are impervious to water throughout the 200 meters – the algae-covered survivor that you are getting 650 feet at the bottom of the ocean floor? Yeah, it probably still works. The new drives are now shipping, and you can find the full scoop Corsair, just after the break.

LG tent caught hidden camera, does Sprint Optimus Black?

Is this a case of identity crisis smartphone, or simply a frame repurposed? Anyway, LG has earned a combined Marquee ready to bail out Sprint future line-up. The sudden leak comes courtesy of a private video now marked by Android Central, and was taken at a summit Dallas-based Radio Shack business. Obviously the cap of a Mr. Blurrycam display on the screen that the phone running a vanilla Gingerbread construction, and features a minimalist design that recalls the Black Optimus . We can not be certain that the two are indeed twins, however, that the roadmap leak reported a stateside bow in October for Black Optimus – it could just be a rebrand for the network now.

Big Big Cursor: the pen tablet is also a fridge magnet

The stylus , as you may have noticed, is a slight rise this year and is now also moved into territory survival Big with the cursor. Available in two varieties arrow pointer and the cursor is designed for use on touch screens capacity, and it packs some very practical magnets that let you attach some magnets friendly tablets or cases – or your refrigerator for this issue. $ 13 and it is up to you – video after the break.

Blogger Hit DDoS death threats

Mask.of.sanity writes “An Australian blogger blew the lid on fraud campaigns emerging domain name has been threatened with death by the crooks. His blog and domain parking company are still hit with a denial retail of service attack that included the death threats in the form of HTML links in its newspapers. Team Australia Government CERT and the U.S. Secret Service (blog servers were hosted on U.S. soil) and continuing control of botnet server control. Ten days later, the victim is still attacked and is fighting a game of cat and mouse as IP address ranges of change. ”

Waterstone UK seller delivers to enter the race e-reader

northallertonwaterstonesfatface 300x212 Waterstone UK seller delivers to enter the race e reader          Waterstone is not exactly the biggest name in the sale of books (at least stateside), but he knows that to survive in this market, it will have to get on the train e-book. The Director General of the British company, James Daunt, told Radio 4 that it planned to enter the market with both an electronic book store and a real drive by spring 2012. Mr Daunt said he was inspired by the success of the Nook , and the challenge it poses for Amazon Kindle , only to take a stab at the British chain ushering in the 21st century. Of course, while we hate to sound harsh buzz, Waterstone has been offering e-books and e-readers since 2008 through a partnership with Sony with only minimal market impact. And we have already seen a major book seller (double the size of Waterstone) fall flat on his face as they tried to enter the digital age. But still, we want Daunt and his company all the best.