Movies Hubble Shoots stellar jets

With its bid accepted first aglider wrote A number of different scientific publications report a recent announcement by NASA and Quoting:. A team of scientists [led by astronomer Patrick Hartigan Rice] collected enough high resolution images of the Hubble Space Telescope during a period of 14 years to assemble time-lapse movies of three powerful jets ejected from young stars. The jets, a by-product of accretion of gas around new star formation, pull off at supersonic speeds in opposite directions through space. The report is also accompanied by a number of photos and, of course, amazing short films. The scientific study complete, which dates back to 20/07/2011 was published in the Astrophysical Journal (subscription required) but is also available on the website of the ESA Space Telescope (PDF).

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Report Warns Space Junk Reaching a tipping point

Intellitech sends this excerpt from a Reuters report: The amount of debris orbiting the Earth has reached a critical point for the collisions, which would in turn generate more debris that threatens the astronauts and satellites, according to a U.S. study published Thursday (PDF). … The amount of orbital debris tracked by the U.S. network of space surveillance increased from 9949 objects cataloged in December 2006 to 16,094 in July 2011, with nearly 20 percent of objects from the destruction of China Fengyun 1-C satellite, the National Research Council said. … the panel made two dozen recommendations for NASA to reduce and improve the environment of orbital debris, including collaboration with the State Department to develop the legal and regulatory framework to remove junk from space. The study, Limiting the risk of collision of spacecraft future: an assessment of NASA’s Meteoroid and programs orbital debris, was sponsored by NASA.

Creative Zen X-FI3 hands on (video)


That little thing in our hands above is the latest PMP from Creative. Portability is clearly the thing here – the Zen X-FI3 is extremely small and light. It has a color screen on it just as well, but do not be too excited on that front – unfortunately the player does not sport a touchscreen, so you have to use the controls on the bezel, which aren ‘t particularly sensitive. The interface, with dignity, is also very barebones on this front, offering basic type of scrolling through menus that have defined music players for years.

The highlight of the camera – apart from its extremely small size – is its ability to transfer Bluetooth. The X-FI3 care of the company’s commitment to audio fidelity, with the apt-X codec, which claims to offer an audio quality similar to a wired connection when streaming. On this front, the device also supports FLAC files.

The player will run € 99 and € 140 for the 8GB and 16GB versions, here in Germany. It should be sold in the middle of this month.

Growing Up Geek: Sean Buckley


Welcome to Growing Up Geek , an ongoing feature where we take a look back at our youth and telling stories of growing up to be the nerds we are. Today we have our own associate editor, Sean Buckley .

The most difficult question I’ve never been asked as a kid was what do you do when you grow up? When the boys all cried Fire! And the girls unanimously pledged their lives to marine biology, I came short. Having grown up? I did not plan this.

Peter Pan complex (and collection of books) aside, I had as good as any boy in the 80 / 90 split. I grew up in pre-Internet Stone Age, when the world was still a mystery that could not be Wiki’d away. Playground rumors went without unbolting, and the wild stories ran amok through the school yard – Pixies in England, foreigners in New Mexico, magical robots and cars in Japan. The world has been fantastic place to be. It is still, but I’d be lying if I said that the purpose of reality is no small disappointment with the lies I loved as a child. With the information highway still under construction, I had to find other ways to spend my summers. Of course, countless hours were wasted well spent saving princesses 8-bit (and the world of course), but the best weeks of summer have been had the Scout camp, the County Fair, and runs through the country on family road trips.

Canadian Court Sides online anonymity

bs0d3 writes Michael Geist said in a recent Canadian court decision on anonymous speech can be empowering – whistleblowers depend on to preserve their identity and political actors in some countries face serious repercussions if they speak out – but it also has the danger of messages that cross the line into libel without appropriate accountability. Although I disagree that defamation is an acceptable reason for a court to find someone’s identity, the outcome of this process seems favorable. The court was not asked to determine whether the positions in question were in fact defamatory. Rather, it simply raised the question of whether to order disclosure of personal information about themselves posters same so that someone could make a libel suit. The court relied on Warman v. Fournier, an earlier defamation case in Canada and asked, ‘(1) That there had a reasonable expectation of anonymity, (2) whether the applicant established a prima facie case of wrongdoing by the poster, (3) if the applicant has attempted to identify the poster and was unable to do and (4) whether the public interest favoring disclosure outweighs the legitimate interests of freedom of expression and right to privacy of the person sought to be identified, if disclosure is ordered. In this case, the order to identify the poster was refused. Since the applicant did not identify the specific defamatory words, it has failed to establish a prima facie case of defamation. In addition, the court also ruled that the posters had a reasonable expectation of anonymity and that there was sufficient efforts to try to identify them.

Logic Circuit ‘biological destroys cancer cells

Intellitech writes Researchers led by Professor Yaakov Benenson ETH and MIT professor Ron Weiss managed to integrate the information processing of biological diagnosis in human cells. In a study recently published in Science (abstract), they describe a ‘circuit logic multi-synthetic gene whose task is to distinguish between cancer and normal cells, and then target the cancer cells to destroy them. This circuit works by sampling and integration of five intracellular cancer-specific molecular factors and concentration. The circuit provides a positive identification when all factors are present in the cell researchers, resulting in cancer detection precision. hope it can serve as the basis for highly specific cancer treatments.

Verizon launches September 8 Bionic Droid giving some away with a treasure hunt AR


It was a long and winding road for Bionic Droid. Our first taste of its dual-core potential CES , the leakage flux specifications , pictures and release dates of the phone in the months that followed. Well, the wait officially ends on September 8, as Verizon has just confirmed the release date with a new version of the battle robot ad teaser we saw a few weeks ago. Big Red has also launched a website with information about t Droid Droids ASBL arenas and new treasure hunt augmented reality – where counselors can earn a clever Bionic Digital, HDTV, laptop, tablet or quadrocopter. For more information, click the link below the second source and head on past the break to see the vid for yourself. Feel free to enjoy the work of the blade of a raven-haired warrior cyborgs slicing while you’re there.

Crux360 iPad 2 keyboard case review


Yeah … we know. At this point, you’re probably shaking your money closely, eagerly awaiting the release of IPAD 3. But for those of you who have recently purchased version 2.0, or maybe just discovered your need for a Bluetooth keyboard, allow us to shed some light on the Crux360 . Sure it is not the first of these we have seen, but the full range of motion in the joint makes a beautiful accessory for your Apple slate. We spent a few weeks to put through the ringer, then read on past the break to see what we found.

The man becomes an artist when he sleeps

from: ~ r / Slashdot / slashdot / ~ 3/89GsPfKoiIs/Man-Becomes-Artist-When-He-Sleeps:

During the day, 37 years, Lee Hadwin is a nurse with no particular love or talent for art, but when he sleeps, it’s a different story. Lee was sleeping drawing since he was 4 and is now quite good. Some of his pieces have sold for six figures. Despite numerous tests, doctors can not explain how he is able to draw and paint when he is not aware, or even what stage of sleep, while working there. Extract from the article: .. However, the native of North Wales does not make art his career he has never studied art, and it is ugly drawing when awake art has never interested me at all says Hadwin, quoted by the BBC. But just in case it is now preparing leaving a sketchbook, pencils and other art supplies in her room.

Fisker inks BMW case, Nina gain Ultimate Driving Machine EV DNA

Fisker Nina – sounds more like a ballerina with the Bolshoi to us, but those baptized future EVS are now on track for a German heart and soul infusion. BMW has recently signed an agreement that will see its four-cylinder engine turbocharged, and additional components included in 2012 production models of medium-sized sedans U.S. automaker. The line of electric cars are currently scheduled for an early 2013 debut, but we would sprinkle a cup of salt on that date because of the Karma long way to run. Skip to the past the break for the company’s official announcement handshake eco-meets-luxury.

Galaxy 8.9 is tab Samsung LTE for T-Mobile at IFA


What secret could he Galaxy tab Samsung 8.9 take? See the little logo LTE hiding in the back of the unit. Yep, T-Mobile-ed aggressively magenta at the IFA booth was with this beauty as a way to show blazing speeds LTE European carrier. Hardware, it seems, was incidental to demonstrations of the company – but the boy Howdy do we care about.

The representatives of T-Mobile did not offer up much in the way of information on this front (in fact, they have mostly tried to move along the next LTE enabled device for more demos speed), but the paperwork of the company highlights the device capacity of 32 GB, 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and operating system Android 3.2. The material itself should be very familiar to anyone who has ever spent time with a Galaxy tab – even bright glossy screen, even plastic rear smooth.

Not much is available, provided that prices and availability, if the T-Mobile representative we spoke to believe that the thing will hit the network in fourth quarter.

LG 2.0 Hom-Bot Robot Vacuum Cleaner intelligent practice (video)


Smile, you’re on the Vacucam! LG Hom-Bot ( RoboKing USA) was zipping around its own special park on the stage to the company IFA stand today, pick up the occasional straw of dust and with his double to spy cams bloggers and the Germans, while diligently avoiding a family dog ​​plastic along its ten-square-foot cube of real estate. The bot THINQ intelligent technology to interact with an application Android or iPhone, you use to watch a live video feed of its top-cam, send it rolling to a specific point in the house Patrol mode, or adjust parameters. You can also connect remotely, assuming your Hom-Bot is on and has a WiFi connection. Official U.S. and the euro price and availability has not yet been announced, but an LG representative suggested that we will see in the range 500-700 € (about $ 710-995 U.S.). Cameras, and interactivity are nice and all, but it’s a lot to spend on any vacuum cleaner. Today PEEK trade show sneak is probably the closest we’ll get to that cheap vac, then run past the break for some great action sequences.

Why are amoral microtransactions In Games

Sludge wrote Jans Graham, a founder of the Dojo Design in Vancouver and designer of Minesweeper Zombie, offers thoughtful reasons microtransactions in games are amoral concept that can be used for good or evil, defying the typical reflex. Zynga style using microtransactions as a cynical tool to siphon as much money from your wallet Quoting:. ‘Similarly, such a thing could be a good tool for a developer can adjust the length between two versions of content to offer just a little more for the same price, if they felt it was the right thing to do. In fact, most factors microtransactions work this way. The bad reputation of these systems have come of factors that are tuned to maximize profits and abuse. players for their money, but it is not a trait inherent in this system, you could just as easily use it for your own bankruptcy!

Wikileaks publishes Archives cable in the middle

We recently discussed news that WikiLeaks had complained of a leak that threatened password encryption unredacted documents in the archive Cablegate. Now drive Solanum writing this update: According to the Guardian, Wikileaks has released its entire archive of 251,000 U.S. secret diplomatic cables, without deletions, potentially exposing thousands of people mentioned in the documents to detention, injury or save their lives in danger The move was strongly condemned by the previous five media partners -. The Guardian, The New York Times, El Pais, Der Spiegel and Le Monde -. who worked with Wikileaks published documents carefully selected and expurgated  In the same Guardian article gives further explanation of the controversy reported earlier, suggesting that Assange went against the standard protocol by providing the master password for the newspaper.

LG LCD LED E2391VR practice


When it comes to having the world’s thinnest display, competition is fierce, and technical details abound. One manufacturer in particular, makes this class leader claim more often than others, however, so it was no surprise that LG decided to show a world thinnest monitor huge room with its IFA this year. E2391VR is, as expected, incredibly thin. A 7.2mm, it is much thinner than the iPhone 9.3mm 4, So if you actually time to consider the side of your screen, you’ll probably really like that. But – and this, as with other models, can be a very big, but for some users – all ports, and most critical components are the basis of the TV. The 23-inch model we’ve seen is quite small for wall mounting, so that the base should not be a problem for most. It offers 1080p, 2ms response time, HDMI, D-Sub, headphone, and a contrast ratio 10,000,000:1 – and, well, it looks great too, many reflections were a critical issue for the exhibition hall light. No word on pricing or availability yet, but skip past the break for something magical PR.

Dell S2330MX ultra-thin monitor finds it beautiful, in fact just above average

Many Dell boasted, about 23 skinny-incher just got tested by the bods at HotHardware. Their conclusion? Sports 1080p display aesthetic glossily well and score important points for his lower back in love with 8.3 kilos in weight and 0.4-inch size (which buds to 1.19 inches around the ports). The panel is not twisted nematic standards and IPS will not satisfy pro graphics or photography, but the LED backlight gives a good light and a better than average black levels. Gaming has been hampered by small streaks despite the 2ms response time, while Blu-ray has suffered somewhat in dark scenes. While a pretty good buy at $ 250 – although you might want to check the source link to see if the S2330MX meets your needs.

Submersible Chinese planning to dive record

An anonymous reader writes You may have heard that China has sent a manned research in to the deep ocean, this summer, marking a personal depth record of 5000 meters (next year it will record the world of 7000 meters). Here is a story. about the sub based on an interview with the designer in Wuxi, China has some interesting news: the designer had never seen a submarine before leaving to build the deepest dive in search of the world, all the stuff before he built ended up in warehouses because the Chinese government only funded technology development, and not use it.

Sony SA-NS500 HOMESHARE speaker knows how to work a room


Finally, a HOMESHARE Chair with built – AirPlay for streaming wirelessly from your iThing or Apple TV. It will cost you though: when the NS500 comes in stores in late October or early November, you can expect to see a price tag of $ 399 growing strapped around his neck logarithmic. Sony assures us that you will get some heavy audio for the money, with four drivers and a subwoofer placed in a unilateral David Guetta at the pump in every nook and cranny. We will hold for a while due consideration to tell you how it seems.

Anonymous takes revenge, Leaks, Texas police Emails

An anonymous reader sends word anonymous group of hackers broke the servers and accounts belonging to dozens of police services in Texas, leaking e-mails, documents and personal information. They say the attacks were retaliation for the arrest of dozens of people suspected of anonymous, and were made in solidarity with the ‘Anonymous 16′ PayPal LOIC defendants, accused LulzSec Member Jake Davis topiary, protesters arrested actions during OpBart #, Bradley Manning, Stephen Watt, and other hackers and leakers in the world. Predictably, some emails leak paint an unflattering portrait of internal operations in the departments of police.

NYT work on Magic Mirror Bathroom Surf

MrSeb wrote If the New York Times Research and Development Lab has his wicked way, you’ll soon be able to stop taking your laptop of choice in the bathroom -. And to use a magic mirror on place On average, we spend an hour in the bathroom every day, and the magic mirror – which is built from a mirror ‘data-bearing, Microsoft Kinect, and a healthy dollop of ingenuity – is designed to capitalize on that time by letting you surf the web and increase advertising revenue New York Times.

Vonage Launches Android App free international calls, still no service Brodo ASOG

Just in time for birthday Aunt Lulu in Gstaad , Vonage launched its application extensions free long distance calls from your Android phone. With a quick download, parents can tap into their nostalgia existing Vonage VoIP service from a Google-powered phone to call the world without racking up additional charges terribly expensive phones. The catch? It requires an international VoIP calling plan before you can set the numbering of friends in the world. Also, pricing is subject to your existing calling plan and it does not support email like some other similar applications, including Fring and Viber . For existing users of Vonage is certainly an added feature soft, leaving you no excuse but to call Aunt Lulu.

Sport Jabra Bluetooth Headset allows you to work the thigh master concalls Durning

If you are secretly in Spandex bike shorts underneath your suit for on-the-fly training sessions between conference calls, then maybe Jabra Bluetooth headset new Sport is for you. Of course, it allows you to answer calls, but what is cooler integrated FM radio and A2DP technology to wirelessly connect to your MP3 player – claiming to be the first headset to handle both. The company also launched a free download of Endomondo Sports Tracker for iPhone, Android or BlackBerry – which is a bit like the Nike + app , followed by works and give updates of speed and distance. This $ 99 device is supported by Sprint, T-Mobile and Apple, and will be available later in September with a wired version, aptly named the Jabra Sport-over for $ 69. Get ready to pull the wool pants and check the full PR after the break.

Bias in the IT age: the reality behind the rumors

CWmike wrote Is high tech really hard on older workers, or are they just not do their part in an industry that never stops through innovative Age:? Some see it dirty little secret, or even great open secrets older workers. been hit harder by the recession. [through age is] something that [the employer] is talking about. But it is a reality in the technology if you are aged 45 and still writing C code or Cobol code and making $ 150 000 per year, the likelihood is that you will not be employed very long, said Vivek Wadhwa , which currently holds academic positions at several universities, including UC Berkeley, Duke and Harvard observation. Wadhwa said that the age bias is a simple label for a complicated set of factors that influence the employment prospects for senior high-tech employees.

LG Optimus practice Sol


The Nokia 500 was not the only device that appeared cool on the stand of Vodafone here at IFA this morning. We also managed to squeeze in some time with the Optimus Sol . The unit is reasonably smooth for the company seems to be framing a relatively low-end phone. At its center is a brilliant, brilliant 3.8-inch AMOLED display Super.

The Sol runs on Android 2.3 with a single-core processor running at 1 GHz – whose company points out should be good for those who do not do heavy work on the thing. He certainly handled that we could throw at it in our hands now. The handset is slim and light enough compared to the Optimus 2x , which outside the big four-inch display, seems quite similar. It should be very soon – some time later this month, most likely, for users of Vodafone Germany. A representative from LG, it should work out about € 300-contract.

Acer Aspire Ultrabook S3 announced officially begins to € 799

And in March of Ultrabooks continues. In the wake of Toshiba and Lenovo , Acer announced the Aspire S3 at its IFA press conference – confirming unequivocally that the leak, we soon spotted a few days ago. The machine, made of magnesium alloy, a thin anorexic measures 13mm and weight only 140 kg. We are told that not only promises of instant access, but near-instantaneous connectivity – Acer said it will wake from its slumber in 1.5 seconds and register and connect to hotspots in about two years . Other features include a 13.3-inch screen (1366 x 768), ultra low voltage core i3, i5 and i7, a choice of solid-state storage or hard drive, Bluetooth 4.0 and a background without evacuation so you’re not left with first-degree burns. Depending on the configuration, the battery life is designed for a maximum of seven hours or up to 50 days in standby mode. Until now, we just hear European prices (€ 799 to € 1,199), even if Acer confirms it will arrive stateside by the end of September.

How do you explain the development of software to students in second?

First accepted Submitter Zimanyi wrote Being the start of the school year, teachers of my children invariably ask if all parents have special skills they may have for students. As a software engineer, I want to make a presentation to the classes to develop software. The difficult part is a presentation entertaining, inspirational, easy enough for students in second and fourth to grasp. Has anyone been brave enough to attempt such a thing? Are there any kid-tested packaged presentations freely available? Would it be better to present the development of a simple game? Web page? Any advice is welcome.

Astronomers Find Unusual Star

from: ~ r / Slashdot / slashdot / ~ 3/wbstkdV9oUs/Astronomers-Find-Unusual-Star:

Submitter JoshuaZ first time accepted, writes Astronomers have discovered an unusual small star. SDSS J102915 172927 is a small, faint star with very few elements other than hydrogen or helium. The composition of the star is surprising ( pdf) from the standard theories of star formation requires heavier elements in smaller stars, to allow stars to be heavy enough to meet. Perhaps the most unusual of the star is non – complete detection of lithium would be expected in a star of this size. The only items created shortly after the Big Bang were lithium, hydrogen and helium and the star must have lithium levels much higher because they must closely match with the levels that would have been formed shortly after the Big Bang.

LG goes with great stylus-equipped plasma TVs PenTouch


This is a good time to be a fan of the stylus. Not only Samsung has launched its friendly writing Slate Series 7 and note Galaxy tablets, but LG is to align the stylus in the lounge with its new series of plasma TVs PenTouch. Available in two varieties 50 inches and 60 inches, each TV comes with a pair of stilettos that you can touch or control the TV and included software such as a calendar and a photo gallery, or just draw on it to the content of your heart. As if this were not enough, the high-end 60-inch model is a 3D TV, and include a pair of active glasses – it will run you $ 2,199, while the non-3D models come to $ 1,699 and $ 1,099. Unfortunately, you will also have to provide your own Windows PC to take full advantage of this feature touch.

Bell was preparing its LTE network, Samsung S Galaxy II LTE and Tab 8.9 to be available at launch?

We have known that Bell aims to make the leap to LTE for nearly three years , but the Canadian carrier has kept incredibly silent on when or how he would pounce. If you believe an anonymous source, that silence may be coming to an end: the company will supposedly launch its 4G network soon and is rumored to have a phone and a tablet prepared to launch immediately. Devices suspects? None other than the Samsung S Galaxy and Galaxy II LTE tab 8.9. If this happens later in the fall, such an approach would put Bell in the race to become the second carrier in Canada to adopt the standard next-gen – TELUS and SaskTel are expected to upgrade next year – which gives the defenders of choice for wonderful things to expect over the next twelve months.

Portable microscope uses holograms instead Lens

Zothecula writes While financial contributions are certainly a great help for practitioners of health care in developing countries, one of the things they really need is a robust, portable, low cost of equipment medical infrastructure is compatible with an often limited at the local level. Several such devices are under development as a surgical lamp batteries, a centrifuge-based salad-spinner, and a baby who uses hot wax. UCLA working on another appropriate technology in the form of a small inexpensive microscope that uses holograms, instead of lenses to the image of what can only be seen by the human eye.

Tivoli Audio PAL Announces + and model 10 + clock radio, we go over the ears

If these clock radios this sound familiar, because their creator, Tivoli Audio, has been spitting about the same thing for 11 years . Their guts, at least, have changed over time, and here at IFA company has two models – the PAL + mobile and stationary over the model 10 + – the two hinges on the support for digital radio. Each is compatible with DAB +, DMB and DAB, in addition to good old FM, has two alarms and support five presets for each band. The main difference is that the PAL + is weatherproof and battery, rated over the last three and a half hours unplugged. At £ 1.85 it’s still heavy enough that we never throw in a briefcase, but in a world where it costs less money or not we could take to the beach. You can, if you were so inclined, use the included remote control to navigate the user interface, but there is also a scroll wheel up top – a nice idea, we thought, until you go realize that pushing the button in the middle to scroll through each menu gets boring quickly. As for audio quality, the speakers are powerful enough that their sounds could rise above the din of the showroom, but we could still hear some tinniness come through. The pair are available now, get 299 million (£ 299) and $ 399 (£ 399), respectively, which means that HD radio or not, are always glorified alarm clocks.

Ask Slashdot: Can you identify this UAV?

garymortimer writes It’s not as sexy as the Beast of Kandahar RQ 170 Sentinel, or as well known as a predator. But we believe that the bird-shaped drone crashed in Pakistan last week could be a tool of American special forces. At first it was thought to be a work house, but packets with FMC (which means fully mission capable) written on them, and a U.S. date style and really points to something else. SUAS is not new or AvWeek Flight International for balls is as delicate a job during the day. Our exclusive photos of the C130 which hit a damaged RQ170 was good enough for us. We would like to identify this drone. Maybe it’s just a homebrew job, maybe not. This is not a Smartbird Festo However, the most popular choice of experts.

Mars Rover Begins Whole New Mission

written outline of the NASA reports that the occasion seemed unstoppable robotic geologist is to find things to Endeavour crater that has never seen before, adding new life to a mission that has already been epic. Observations’ suggest that exposures of rock at the date of Endeavour’s rim from the beginning in the history of Mars and include clay minerals that form in the less acidic wet conditions possibly favorable for life. In a conference call today, one researcher compared this new mission exploration phase of a new mission as a whole.

AT and T discontinues A-List feature to new customers effective today

Almost two years after AT and T launched its A-List Rollover with plans to become more competitive against the likes of T-Mobile , Alltel and Verizon , the carrier decided to nix the public from today. After receiving the screenshots and a note detailing the leaks intentions Ma Bell, we have achieved to company representatives, who confirmed that these plans are actually going. While new customers will no longer be able to benefit from a pool of five or ten digits (depending on plan) to call all they want, anyone currently using the service will be purchased in. One more warning: plans switching frequency of the individual to the family (or vice versa) can wipe the function A-List off, so proceed with caution. Head here to read AT and T official statement on this issue, as well as some shots of the note of a leak.

Olympus Pen E-PM1 hands on (video)


Join the family of products is the Olympus Pen lovingly nicknamed  Mini PEN , or E-PM1. Compared to its big brothers the PEN E-PL2 and PL3-E , this little guy packs a serious punch tiny body, with a price tag as low as $ 500. But that may CIT claiming Olympus offers quality DSLR in a compact design stack against the big boys in the pit at the U.S. Open? The 12.3-megapixel camera comes with a 14-42mm lens f / 3.5-5.6 kit and includes a Micro Four Thirds mount, allowing it to accept the compatible goals of both Olympus and Panasonic – something that was really easy to get the hang of Speedy for switching between sets. Consult impressions that we will practice with the camera to one of the greatest games of tennis of the year.

Samsung to sell limited edition crystal-studded 9 Series laptops

Well, a very merry Christmas in advance to you, Samsung. At the end of the tail of the conference the company press PC-focused by the IFA – an event mainly devoted to the 7 Series Chronos laptop and Windows 7 slate – its leaders have announced an update rather unexpected in the series 9 . No, we’re not talking about SSD or a beefier silhouette slim. Get ready, friends, because this holiday season our favorite thin pinch PC becomes adorned with crystals. Hand-applied crystals, guys. The company will sell a limited number of these things in Moonlight Blue, a navy winter, and deluxe pink gold, a champagne-colored, carefully dusted bling on the cover. This color extends through the frame on the palm rest and between the keys, but fortunately, the fairy dust does not make a cameo in the interior. No word on price, even if we do not target customer is Samsung Paris Hilton care.

Invoxia NVX 610 desktop VoIP phone for iPhone and iPad hands on (video)

If we spend $ 599 on a phone for our phone, it needs to provide unmatched audio quality, device integration, absolutely transparent, and a drop-dead gorgeous design. Invoxia, a newcomer to the world of VoIP telephony, claims to have created just that with its NVX 610. The DTU uses an iPhone (or iPod touch or iPhone) app as its control interface – the hardware itself has only touch the volume, mute, speakerphone, voice mail and keys. Except to access address book from your device IOS, however, all the phone equipment is autonomous. Calls are handled using the built-in ARM Cortex-A8 processor, and can be done via Skype or any other third party SIP. You can also take incoming calls using the iPhone the handset or the speaker, but all outgoing calls are processed using VoIP, no mobile network from your iPhone. We took a look at the NVX 610 to the IFA , and certainly liked what we saw. Go before the break for our first impressions and a video (a bit noisy) intro from CEO Serge Invoxia Renouard.

Success is related to their crackability tablet?

Hitting the front page for the first time, rippeltippel wrote The Economist recently published an article about HP Tablet leave the market alone again I say, until I read the announcement showed that the firm had finally seen the light on the tablet market. – That there is no such thing. But the games are closed with the IPAD as a clear winner Probably not:? ‘Hackers have embraced the meal, the root of its underlying Linux software … so it can run many more applications The online store for Google App and elsewhere. A review page of Amazon Kindle tablet reads: They cracked – it’s the future. Can it be interpreted as? Pirate are the tablets future of tablets Smartphone vendors seem to have got the message: Users want to control the software on their phones. It’s a shame that Palm / HP, which was one of the suppliers only open from the beginning, more or least lost the game. Unfortunately, it seems that vendors ebook reader tablet and have not yet gotten the message.

Boogie Rip eWriting stylus pad (video)


Hey, remember that new products in Electronics Improv as we told you about yesterday? We managed to squeeze in some time with the device today at IFA, and we have to say, we like what we see. The Rip (that the record. Image. Preserve.) Is the latest addition to the line eWriter Boogie, devices that allow you to write notes and drawings and can be wiped with the press of a button (think a more readable Etch A Sketch ). Rip high setting with the addition of a microUSB port, which allows you to transfer notes in PDF format on your computer.

Improv was careful to emphasize that the device is currently in prototype mode, so we will not hold too much company for the new plasticy feel of the product – if, if its predecessor is any indication, the final version will probably not too far of it, and the company confirmed that the final version will be the color of charcoal itself. And while the product is indeed plasticy, it certainly feels sturdy. More after the break.

8 Windows Desktop ‘Just Another App’?

CWmike writes Steven Sinofsky, president of Microsoft Windows and Windows Live division, said this week that Windows 8 will allow users to treat the traditional office as just another app that is supported only on order. When he unveiled Windows 8 UI in June, Microsoft said it would be with a first touch interface to compete in the rapidly growing market tablet. Underneath that, however, is a classic style Windows desktop. Having both of [the] user interfaces [work] together harmoniously is an important part of Windows 8, Steven Sinofsky said in a blog post on Wednesday, user interface style subway -. inspired by the design of tile-based Windows Mobile 7 – the first to appear when the user starts a device A. . this point, users reach a crossroads, If you want to stay permanently immersed in a world of subway, you will never see the desktop – we will even load it (literally, the code will not load), unless you choose explicitly to go there, Sinofsky said. If you do not want to … ‘PC’ things, then you do not and you do not pay for them in memory, battery life and the hardware configuration. If you use a conventional PC with keyboard and mouse, Windows users will run an 8 app to load the desktop, he said. Essentially, you can think of your Windows desktop just like any other application.

Toshiba Camileo Announces Clip, X200 and X400 Camcorder


Unsurprisingly, Toshiba covers all bases at IFA today, with it now also announcing its latest batch of camcorders. This includes clip Camileo photo above (which was round the back of a clip for hands-free shooting), as well as more traditional Camileo X200 and X400, all three 1080p video recording and rely exclusively on SD cards for storage. The X200 and X400, of course, things went a bit in terms of features, these exhibition games are a 12x optical zoom on the X200 and X400 on the 23x zoom. Still no word on pricing for any of them, but Toshiba says they will be available during the fourth quarter of this year (in Europe at least). Hit the PR after the break for the complete list of specifications.

Updates STOR.E Toshiba external hard drives for PCs and TVs

Toshiba STOR.E range of hard drives just got a little refreshment, and a hint of color, at the IFA. It Canvio models come in sizes up to 1TB and sports a spiffy USB 3.0 connectors, while weighing less than half a pound in your choice of black, green or red. BASICS line sports all the same features and options, except for pre-installed software backup, but only comes in black. The PARTNER STOR.E is another external drive base with a USB 3.0 connection, but it is designed to match the Toshiba NB500 netbook and a series of color options to match (black, blue, lime green and orange). Much more interesting are the 2 and STOR.E STOR.E TV PRO TV – a pair of devices with HDMI ports and a graphical interface all the owners of which will blend into most home theater setups. While the TV 2 sticks with a traditional hard drive in sizes up to 2 TB, he opted for the PRO 8 GB of flash storage. The two SD card readers sports USB 2.0 and support for a wide range of codecs, but the Pro adds a Bluetooth remote with a QWERTY keyboard and full Web browsing capabilities. The TV PRO TV STOR.E 2 and will land in Europe in Q4 along with the partner, BASICS, and the lines Canvio. Check the battery of PR after the break.

Pogoplug mobile hands on


The cloud is huge (well, infinite, really), and everyone wants a piece. Pogoplug was a player from the beginning , but with a somewhat convoluted setup process, it is not surprising that the company Drive to the web page of the device is ready to release a version Smartphone friendly. Pogoplug Mobile is to be known, offers many features of its big brother (you will not be able to mount remote disks) for smartphones, tablets and desktop applications dedicated. Want to load some pictures on your hard drive 4 terabytes in San Francisco while you’re in the Tokyo subway? Just run an application, login with the username and password you registered during the installation process seconds long, and you’re on your way. You can even send photos (links to images on your computer remotely – you will not be using the data), to publish them on social networking sites, new or transfer that you shot with the phone. The concept is certainly familiar, but we got to take a look at the interpretation Pogoplug at IFA in Berlin . Jump past the break to see what we thought.

Wiretapping Case A mandate the ninth circuit

Sunbird writes The EFF has argued several cases before the critics yesterday Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. So Hepting v. AT and T and Jewel v. National Security Agency raises serious questions about whether the NSA program for warrant wiretap (pdf Summary of Evidence), released by whistleblower Mark Klein and implemented by AT and T and other telecommunications, violates the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The full text of Klein’s statement and exhibits redacted are publicly available (pdf). … The evidence establishes that Klein AT and T cut in the fiber optic cable in San Francisco to deliver a complete copy of the Internet and telephone traffic to the room to secure the SG3 operated by the NSA. The trial court dismissed the complaint Hepting (about pdf) based on the 2008 congressional grant of immunity to telecoms. Similarly, the trial court dismissed Jewel in (to pdf) the trial against government agencies and officials based on the state secrets privilege. The two cases were argued together before the same panel of judges. The audio of oral argument will be available after noon PDT [17:00 GMT] TODAY ‘hui.

Domino Pizza plans on the Moon

from: ~ r / Slashdot / slashdot / ~ 3/wMi-_LTdVIo/Dominos-Plans-Pizza-On-the-Moon:

It may be a stunt viable expansion plan, but the Japanese branch of Domino Pizza made plans for a lunar store. Construction firm Maeda Corp. has drawn up plans for the dome-shaped restaurant and figures it will take 70 tons of material and equipment manufacturing pizza. Even with cost cutting measure or the use of mineral deposits on the moon to make concrete, Domino estimates the costs to Y1.67 billion (21.7 billion). In 2001, rival chain Pizza Hut has made a delivery to the International Space Station, but Domino’s hopes to become the favorite pizza with the space plan store moon.

Parallels Desktop 7 plays nice with the Lions and the cameras and developers, oh my god!

Today sees the release of Parallels 7, the new version of its popular fighting competition virtualization software. This issue plays well with its lion , runs multiple virtual machines and has received several performance tweaks – for the number obsessed, you can enjoy knowing that Windows takes 60 percent faster than Parallels 6. Players will notice a bump of 40 percent in the rendering of 3D graphics and video chatters will see that Windows can now access your Mac when it is dictated by the users OS X. low-end that have not Windows 7 , fear not – you can use Windows on Demand service to purchase a license via a user friendly wizard as, uh – Clippy . Fans will also see mobile Parallels iOS give you remote access to your machine at home, but be quick – the price is jumping into the sky from $ 4.99 to $ 19.99 soon. You can get the standalone version for $ 80 but people who are already using versions 5 or 6 can level-up for $ 50.

Samsung i727 shows the decision of the FCC, AT and T confesses his secret LTE

Looks like Sammy ready to bring one of his pistols large galaxy race 4G AT and T. The handset mystery, with the model number SGH-i727 and the FCC ID A3LSGHi727 just popped up on the databases of the Commission to give us a glimpse of her womb and bolts. While we can not completely speculating on the size of the phone screen, the documents show the packing 850 / 1900 of the carrier orange band WCDMA and HSPA, in addition to his particular brand of 700MHz LTE and (surprise) LTE AWS – you know, if the acquisition of T-Mobile is without. Of course there are the usual WiFi and Bluetooth mention in the literature, with the device powered by a 1500mAh battery. Could it be one of the recently announced OEM devices prodigy R Galaxy, or simply an update to its 4G first series of S ? We will keep an eagle eye for the inevitable one is in-the-wild debut.

Apple says Samsung and Motorola patents Monopoly

esocids writing with some Daily Tech on the current spat between Apple and the rest of the mobile world. Extract from the article. Lawyers for Apple are crying foul about Samsung, Motorola and … supposedly anti-competitive use of patents … Apparently, Apple is angry about counterclaims of these companies, which rely heavily on patents covering wireless communications, many of which are governed by the fair, reasonable and non discriminatory (F / RAND) principle, as they were developed in the context of industry standards. … Apple makes concerned that Motorola in its counterclaim refuses to differentiate between 7 F / RAND patents in its collection of 18 patents. … Regardless of what Florian Mueller said, it is difficult to argue that the rules of F / RAND is largely dictated the community and ambiguous.

Toshiba glasses free 3D TV will be launched in Europe in December as this ZL2

If you expect someone to take glasses from the current experience of television viewing 3D, Toshiba has finally set a launch date of its 3D TV without glasses . The world’s first to be available to the public in the size, ZL2 will take its place in the high end of the game company when it launches this December in Germany (no word yet on other European countries, or anywhere else for that matter) with a resolution LED-backlit QuadHD (3840 x 2160) LCD panel and Cell-processor CEVO engine technology within. See the press release after the break for more specifications, no word yet on how much it will cost, but the 3D glasses based ZL1 it replaces was a rocker £ 4,000 price tag.

Lenovo announces Ultrabook U300, U300 and U400 IdeaPad, we go on the hands (video)

The reign undisputed MacBook Air on the field thin and light winds down – the Ultrabooks are coming and U300 Lenovo seems to be one of the strongest competitors we have yet seen. This is a new entry to the IdeaPad line, thinner and lighter in a series U redesigned and reborn, which also include some chunky 13.3-inch U300 and the even larger, but more serious 14-inch U400. All three are shipping in October, and we recently had the chance to try the tiny trio. Read on for more details and our full impressions.

European businesses assisted Gaddafi regime Internet Monitoring

riverat1 wrote The Next Web has a history of Muammar Gaddafi track of the Internet and other telecommunications services. As expected, monitoring was intense. The names history of companies that provided software surveillance, including Amesys, a subsidiary of the French company Bull SA. There is a more detailed history behind the paywall the Wall Street Journal.  Narus Division Boeing may also have been involved (collection Analytics is very important and nothing suspicious, of course).

IHome has AirPlay IW1 wireless speaker system available September 26 for $ 300

It has been a while since we had our hands on the IW1 AirPlay , but it will not be too long before iHome speaker system wireless hits the market. Yesterday the company announced that the IW1 will be available September 26 for $ 300. For that price, you will be able to stream music from your iPhone, iPhone or iPod Touch, the system using two three-inch woofers and tweeters pair of one inch with Bongiovi treatment. The six books IW1 also has a lithium-ion battery, allowing you to easily tote your next party at home, and can be connected wirelessly using iHome Home Connect software, available free iTunes. Breath after the break for the full press release, or hit the source link for more information.

Creative distributes gaming headsets Sound Blaster audio platform Recon3D / sound cards

Creative is not going to force phonetics, once upon a time, but it is still a respected name when it comes to headsets and – gasp! – Sound cards. Here at IFA , the costume has released a new range of Sound Blaster (yeah, seriously) gaming headsets for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Mac. The 360 ​​Sound Blaster friendly Tactic360 Sigma is revealed with a banner design and 50mm steel core audio drivers, not to mention the voice and audio controls separate game. Moving right along, the ION Tactic360 refined with a pair of 40mm drivers, while the wireless Wrath Tactic3D is for Mac / PC users who prefer not to sweat the whole cable thing. The Wireless Tactic3D Omega is the same for console gamers, and for those in love with Three-Dee, the new holding of the platform Recon3D audio / sounds sound cards give you reason to celebrate. All details are posted after the break for those who are strangely intrigued.

The limited liability claims attack Wikileaks

mask.of.sanity writing anonymous members took the responsibility to launch a denial of service attack against Wikileaks this week with a custom tool that exploits a flaw in the SQL server. field trials of tool called RefRef were launched against several websites, including Wikileaks Pastebin and 4Chan. In a Twitter account linked to blog anonymously, users were described as hacktivists with a personal vendetta against Wikileaks, adding that we are sorry you took it down. We are still.

Sprint to Upgrade to double costs $ 36 from Sept. 9?


It’s time to either find your favorite teddy bear or pinch a few hundred coins. In the second fight now unhappy new from Overland Park, SprintFeed advises that we must prepare for another hike at one time charges on September 9. This time, the cost of upgrading oh-so-beloved who is the victim of inflation, achieving increased to $ 36 for all existing customers who want a new phone, if you’re hoping to renew multi-line contracts, Sprint is graciously willing to cap the costs to a maximum of $ 150. There is speculation that these bumps may have something to do with the latest rumor coming out of Cupertino, but it can also be simply a routine change of policy. Regardless of the reason, this means that for anyone seeking the next best thing would start looking under every sofa cushion they sit, in the hope of scrounging a bit more money.

First complete genome sequenced Lizard

iamrmani wrote an article in the International Business Times about the recent genetic sequencing of a lizard. Extract from the article: Researchers have succeeded in sequencing the genes of the anole lizard green, that is the first non-bird reptiles whose genome sequenced and assembled the results, the researchers obtained after assembly and analysis of more than 20. mammalian genomes, can go a long way in understanding the evolution of animals and humans.

Samsung Wave 3 hands on (video)


Tired of Samsung this morning? Well, how about a little more than Samsung, so. Also on the laundry list of new features the company is the wave, which was announced earlier this week . Wave 3 is the end of the three new devices with that name, packing a zippy processor 1.4GHz, which seems to manage tasks with ease. Like most of the rest of the products shown here at IFA, the screen is the centerpiece of the unit, a brilliant 4-inch WVGA unit. Also, like the rest of Samsung handsets, the material is really great on the wave, complimenting a glossy screen brushed aluminum back.

The handset works Bada 2.0, which means that we are not likely to be seen it in the United States anytime in the near future – Samsung has largely declined to U.S. support for the mobile operating system, but he promises to expand its selection of applications from third-party applications developers. Also new on the face of software is Kitten, a mobile messaging service that we have unfortunately not able to give a tour here in Berlin.

Swiss researchers try to make it rain with lasers

formaggio writes Last year, a team of researchers at the University of Geneva in Switzerland came with an interesting way to make it rain by firing lasers in the sky. At the time it seemed that science fiction, but now they are one more step after the team has successfully completed testing around Lake Geneva From the article:. ‘Records from 133 hours of fire revealed that intense pulses of laser light creates nitric acid particles in the air that acted like glue to the atmosphere, water molecules link together into droplets and prevention. them to re-evaporation Within seconds, the drops became stable within a few thousandths of a millimeter in diameter. too small to fall as rain, but large enough to encourage scientists to build on the work

Samsung MV800 MultiView camera hands-on (video)


There’s nothing all that exciting about most point-and-shoot cameras. You point, they pull, end of story. But Samsung has been making things happen lately. First, the TL220 and TL225 added a second, 1.5-inch LCD on the front of the camera, making up to 2009, the company DualView camera range. We never really saw anyone using them on the street, but officials insist Samsung they were an unqualified success. Well okay then. This year, the ESC-distance shooting helped the company SH100 , which lets you use an Android smartphone from Samsung to frame, zoom, and capture images via WiFi. A rather unpleasant period is not a blockbuster of this function, but this stuff is quite imaginative.

Now this week at IFA , the company has just introduced yet another completely original design camera (and practice) with MV800. Image quality of the camera is not much to speak of (although we only had the chance to use a pre-production model), but its flip-up LCD MultiView is really fantastic – the concept, at least. The 16.1-megapixel cam all 3-inch capacitive touch flips to flush with the back up to an angle of 180 degrees (and nothing in between), making it possible not only to draw perfectly framed self-portraits, but also have a direct view of the screen while shooting both below and above eye level. We like to see manufacturers continue to push the envelope when it comes to innovation, but how do MV800 $ 279 together? Go before the break for our impressions.

Update Samsung Smart TV will feature YouTube videos in 3D


Today at IFA 2011, one of many announcements from Samsung is an update that puts televisions breasts intelligent library of YouTube videos in 3D front and center for users of flux. So far one of the major challenges for owners of 3DTV has been a lack of content, but as he launched a support for 3D video two years ago , YouTube has amassed a library of videos both professionally developed and generated by the user for viewing. LG HDTV has added access to 3D content on the site earlier this year, and the update should occur across the range Samsung through the second half of 2011. We spoke with one of the engineer responsible for the initial deployment of 3D support for YouTube, Pete Bradshaw, and he mentioned how the project as one of the famous Google 20 percent of the projects that been working on the side, but has now established a support team to support multiperson, and a rapidly increasing number of spectators and creators of video content uploaded to the service. The intention is to make 3D viewing as easy as looking at something else, once users of 3D film with their phone or camera, they can download and watch YouTube on your TV (or mobile device) without regard to format and technology involved. We are still within walking distance of the magic bullet that removes the current barriers to wider acceptance in 3D on the market, but if you’re one of the adopters (not so early at this stage) with the material for the handle, you’ll probably enjoy all that makes content more readily available. Check after the break for the press release and a sample of some videos to check. the Voomote Zapper brings the universal remote users iOS

Back in July we got a glimpse of the Voomote A – the universal remote adapter for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Now, the company announced a slimmer, the successor iPad compatible with bulky devices with the Zapper Voomote. Scheduled to debut at IFA later in the day, this dongle trombone fixed-size 30-pin connector on your iDevice, allowing you to remotely control any gadget A / V with the help of the iOS free application and customizable. The Zapper is based Control Room also allows you to catalog all your IR devices by location, while controlling multiple systems with a single button, thanks to a display function. His TV Guide iPad optimized, meanwhile, lets you take your favorite shows with even greater ease, using the application programming schedules graphically displayed. No word yet on pricing or availability, but you can zap your way after the break for the full press release.

Text generation from functional brain images

Med-mistress wrote Can you get a text output of your thoughts? Princeton scientists show that it is possible to generate text on the content reflected in the mental images of the brain. The article published in the Journal of Neuroscience Frontiers man describe the functional magnetic resonance imaging method used to identify the brain areas activated when study participants thought physical objects like a carrot, a horse or a house.

Netflix price increase kicks in tomorrow, but you will not have to change immediately

Time is running out of August, and with it the existence of streaming Netflix and service records as a single package for $ 7.99. Keep two (both 1-disc) will require a $ 15.98 payment each month from tomorrow , but if you’re one of the many strong crying and often they will downgrade or cancel rather than pay more while hanging – you may be able to squeeze a few extra days to your current package. Hacking Netflix points that the price will not actually move until your next billing date after September first, but you need to change two days in advance to avoid being charged. For us, it is not until the 17th, so we have a couple of week to continue not to watch the rented discs that have been languishing on our coffee tables without paying extra for the privilege . Your date may vary, so check your account page to determine the specifics. Of course, we wonder that, after the shock has worn off, everyone is even escape the user-friendly sites , reducing their submarines Netflix or just eat the extra cost? Let us know in the poll below.

Revo K2 is a mountainous slab of music blasting aluminum


Revo K2 can get on FM, DAB and DAB + broadcast, listen to Internet radio and tunes . Not enough? Well you can connect your iPod, iPhone and iPad too, and pull in the music wirelessly from the library on your computer. It pumps a total of 40 watts of room-filling audio using four drivers powered by a pair of Class D amps. But let’s be honest – you want is because it is beautiful . The screen hidden until activated OLED, aluminum and black rubber accents are the real draw here. Of course, the apps iOS distance and DLNA compatibility are nice to have, but this £ 299.95 ($ 488) radio is all about attracting attention. The K2 is available for pre-order now and start shipping on October 17, while the Revo Radiocontrol app should end up in iTunes at the same time. Check out the gallery below and the PR after the break.

Hackers may have caught more than 200 SSL Certificates

CWmike wrote The pirates may have obtained more than 200 digital certificates from a Dutch company, after breaking into its network, including Mozilla, Yahoo and Tor – a number considerably higher than DigiNotar acknowledged earlier this week when he says several dozen certificates were acquired by attackers. Among the certificates acquired by the attackers hack in mid-July to DigiNotar source of Van de Looy said, were those applicable to, and, a system that lets people connect to Web anonymously. Mozilla has confirmed that a certificate for its add-on site had been obtained by the attackers DigiNotar. DigiNotar informed us that they issued fraudulent certificates in July, and call in a few days of issue, Johnathan Nightingale, director of Firefox development, said Wednesday the number. Looy is similar to the count of certificates that Google has blacklisted in Chrome.

Another iPhone Unreleased Lost per employee in a bar

MightyMait first sender has agreed in writing looks like another Apple employee left a prototype iPhone in a bar in the article. ‘The iPhone stray, who disappeared in the Mission District of San Francisco at the end of July, triggered a rush of Apple security to recover. device on the next day, a source close to the investigation last year, an iPhone 4 prototype was purchased by a gadget blog that paid $ 5,000 cash lost phone this year seems to have taken a more mundane way:. it was taken from a Mexican restaurant and a bar and may have been sold on Craigslist for $ 200. the details are still unclear on the device, which version of the IOS operating system he ran, and how it looks. Once might be an accident, but two iPhones unpublished lost in bars beginning to look like a strategy

Nintendo 3DS range revealed Ambassador Program, available September 1st game

Early adopters 3DS, your assortment of makeup survival of goods is now only a day away. Nintendo recently announced via his Twitter account the full line-up of ten Famicom / NES Virtual Console games run by the company ‘s Ambassador Program . The owners of the handheld 3D in Japan and North America can expect to re-familiarize yourself with these 8-bit classics like Metroid, Super Mario Bros, Ice Climber, The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: The Adventure Balloon Fight Link, Donkey Kong Jr. NES Open Tournament Golf, Wrecking Crew

and Yoshi. These games of the past or will be available for download from tomorrow eShop, but players looking for property will have to wait later GBA this year.

Sony unveils new A, E and S series players for Music Unlimited freebie

For those who have not yet gone down the iFaithful

portable media player route, there is always the Walkman. Sony has officially unveiled its latest A, S and E-Series line of players last month, and now provides to distribute a free trial of Music Unlimited to owners of the NWZ-A860, E460 and S760BT when they go on sale this September. The streaming service, formerly known as Qriocity, brings with it a catalog of more than 10 million songs available for free for 180 days, after which it will run you $ 3.99/mo for basic service and 9.99 / $ mo for the bid premium. It may be too late in the game for the company to fight back the portable music crown, but, hey, you can not blame him for trying to sweeten the pot to play MP3. Official PR awaits you after the break.

Book Review: CoffeeScript: accelerated development JavaScript

Michael J. Ross writes: For decades, programmers have written computer code in one language, then translates the programming code in another, lower-level form (usually machine code that can be executed directly by a microprocessor, or some kind of bytecode can be interpreted by a virtual machine). For the source code, for example, written in C or C + + is compiled and assembled into machine code. In web programming, there is emergence of languages ​​and other tools to translate the code in JavaScript. For example, Google Web Toolkit allows programmers to create web applications in Java. The latest addition to this category is CoffeeScript, a language that can be compiled to JavaScript, and is intended to reduce the size of the source code and clutter by incorporating some of the best operators from other Web scripting languages, especially Ruby It is also the subject of a new tutorial CoffeeScript: .. accelerated development JavaScript Read on to know what Michael thinks about this book.

Error rates to record low Qubit Processor

An anonymous reader writes Thanks to advances in experimental design, physicists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology have reached a record low probability of error in processing quantum information with a single quantum bit (qubit) – the error rate first published small enough to meet the design requirements for building quantum computers viable. error by 10,000 logical operations is commonly agreed target error rate low enough to use correction protocols errors in a quantum computer, said Kenton Brown, who led the project as a postdoctoral researcher NIST. It is generally accepted that if the error rates are higher than you will introduce more error correction in your operations that you are able to correct. We have shown that we have good enough control over our operations that our single qubit error probability is 1 in 50 000 operations of logic.

Samsung S Galaxy II NFC newspapers confirm support for AT and T, Sprint for any

What is the point of investing $ 100 million in a mobile payment system, if you do not have the goods to back it up? AT and T could be the adoption of this philosophy, starting with the Galaxy S II . With the help of eagle eyes Android dev François Simond, we conducted a thorough analysis of the last bead Ma Bell and discovers that he is suffering from NFC. In addition to containing the kernel drivers and APK pre-installed system files also indicate the device operates in a mode called NDEF – short for NFC Data Exchange Format. We were not able to determine if the handset will be able to make payments, but the presence of near-field communications in the S Galaxy II is certainly a good sign. T-Mobile is keeping a tight lid on his version for the moment, preventing us from obtaining an in-depth look, but FCC filings confirm that it will contain and NFC.

The third handset announced last night the Epic Touch 4G does not contain any of the NFC. After further analysis, we discovered something else perhaps more worrying is using the WiMAX module itself (cmc732) as the Samsung 4G Nexus S , a handset that was dealing with problems performance when it was first published (these concerns were eventually resolved in a later update ). In this case, it is unclear whether this means that we will relive the painful experience again, or if it will come with the firmware improved to ensure it does not take the same path as his brother 4G . We begin to understand the mysteries, people, and we will continue to fill you with us to learn more. If you are considering one of these three beautiful models , these findings will influence your decision in a particular direction?

CNBC: Facebook to launch music service Sept. 22


The title is all we know for now, but CNBC is now confidently reports that Facebook is preparing to launch a music service in some way on September 22, which aligns perfectly with the conference of the F8 developer company. This service may also include a panel of Spotify ? Perhaps some Vibes ? We will be there to find out.

Skype Me out Freetalk Connect telephone adapter at home, no VoIP for old fashioned combined

If you’re still sporting a landline as your primary connection to the outside world, Skype now offers a more updated way to use this handset dusty. The VoIP platform has just introduced two new products that will provide specific Skype Internet calling your home phone . Billed as a hassle-free, plug-and-play solution of Freetalk Connect Me Home Phone Adapter connects to your landline and broadband lets you make free calls to other Skype users as well as old landlines plain and mobile phones around the world (for a price). If you love your home phone with some additional corporate branding , maintenance is also hooked up with GE to offer a Skype-approved wireless, simply called The GE Digital Expandable Cordless Phone with Skype, which offers free calls to Skype users as well as low cost Skype calls to your poor little contact. The phone adapter comes with home plans ranging from $ 39.99 to $ 59.99, while the Skype phone can be yours for between $ 69.99 and $ 89.99. Both are now available on the source link below, and awaits full PR after the break.

Chinese want to capture an asteroid

geekmansworld writes The Chinese want to capture an asteroid in Earth orbit and mine From the article:. On the surface, causing a near-Earth asteroid appears to be one of those what might go wrong scenarios we usually try and avoid, and for good reasons. Asteroid impacts are large hard times, the China, however, seem fairly optimistic that they could change the orbit of a near-Earth asteroid with just enough (a shift of only about 1300 feet per second or so) to bring it to temporarily enter Earth’s orbit around twice the distance than the Moon.

Gmail, Google Calendar and Docs finally regain access offline

Since the death of Gears , we were not without impatience, awaiting the return of the offline access to our Google Apps. Although the day has finally arrived – if you are a fan of Chrome. The beautiful world of Mountain View has unveiled a new application for their browser (which means it also works on Chome OS) called out Google Mail that will keep you connected to your all-important messages even when you can not get a connection. Notice the soft looks a heck of a lot like the web app for tablets, and that’s because it is essentially what it is. There are some differences – the keyboard shortcuts work – but at its heart is the same HTML5 browser users of mobile applications have been enjoying for some time. To install the offline version, you will have to uninstall the standard Gmail App Chrome, which is a bit strange, but nothing prevents you to type in the address bar Docs and Calendar are also going offline. From today’s feature will be deployed to users over the next week. To activate it just look in the settings of an offline check box. Currently Docs is required only when disconnected, but Google promises to off-line editing is coming soon. Hit the link to install the cover over Gmail Offline now.

Samsung Series 7 PC Slate practice


And you thought Samsung was showing off his complete series 7 online PC. Join the bench play and its smaller brothers laptop is a brand new 7 Series Slate running Windows 7. It sports a 340 nit, 1366 x 768 panel, 11.6-inch capacitive i5 Intel Core 1.6 GHz CPU with 2467M integrated graphics and 4GB of RAM. On the front there is a 2 megapixel camera and a light sensor, and around the back is a 3-megapixel shooter. Connectivity comes courtesy of 802.11 b / g / n WiFi, the more USB 2.0, HDMI micro, and a SIM slot for surfing the waves of the 3G (no word on which carrier will send these waves of data, however). Each slate also comes with a capacitive stylus, but will also Swype for longer than a layer of custom software to make Windows. A little more finger-friendly

There are four versions that differ in storage size and flavor of Windows, but all are 0.5 cm thick, weighs 2.03 pounds and are wrapped in brushed aluminum. There are 64 GB SSD variants packing Home Premium for $ 1099 or $ 1199 for Pro, while the 128 GB models come with Home Premium, a dock and a keyboard for $ 1349 or without Pro devices at the same price . They are all set for release late September, so it will not be long before you can take one. Looking to take the plunge into the waters Windows tablet? Read on past the break for our impressions on the slate of new Sammy.

Sony VAIO S Series Review (15 inches)


Sad to say, but most of you will go back to school have probably already gone by now – but if you are in good class right now, you should probably pay attention. If you managed to get back on campus without making a new laptop along, you might just want to keep reading – Sony has released an addition of 15.5 inches for its VAIO series S, which not only adds a few crucial the additional display area, but bumps things up to 1080p.

Yes, it’s a laptop that can not only be configured with a Blu-ray, but has enough pixels to do justice resulting image, which means he could do a passable player for evening cinema. But, he chops to do justice to your workload? Is it worth the minimum price of $ 1000 asking, at least a $ 100 premium over Sony 13-inch models? Join us to find out.

Justice Dept. files a complaint against antitrust AT and T and T-Mobile Merger

Hitting the front page for the first time, AngryDeuce writing with a piece of good news hot off the news distribution. Extract from the article: The Department of Justice is blocking AT and T $ 39 billion deal to buy T-Mobile USA, saying the acquisition of the No. 4 wireless carrier in the country # 2 by AT and T would reduce competition and raise prices The deal has faced. fierce opposition from consumer groups and Sprint is No. 3 because it was announced in March. The DOJ has issued a full statement on their decision to file the antitrust suit, AT and T has prepared a response. That’s the promise ridiculous AT and T 5000 to get unskilled jobs call center back United States if the merger was approved. Competition is still alive!

Chinese suppliers of Apple accused of causing significant environmental damage

itwbennett writing groups of environmental monitoring in China on Wednesday released a report detailing a survey five months of electronic suppliers they believe are used by Apple. According to the report, and accessory manufacturer Kaedar Electronics manufacturer of printed circuit board Unimicron were discharged waste water and harmful gases from their plants in the Chinese city of Kunshan. The report says that over a period of 10 years, many people have fallen ill with a significant increase in cancer rates in the village. Since 2007, more than nine people suffered or died from cancer in the village, which has a population of less than 60. Apple declined to say whether the companies cited were in fact its suppliers, but company spokeswoman Carolyn Wu, in response to the report, said: Apple ‘s commitment to drive the highest standards of social responsibility in our supply base.

Sony unveils new drive Wi-Fi is the world’s lightest 6-inch e-reader with multitouch screen

Sony has just shown his drive store for Android tablet tablet S and P , but he has not forgotten his options more favorably. Announced at the IFA at the moment, the reader self-explanatory Wi-Fi (PRS-T1) claims to be the world’s lightest 6-inch e-reader with an improvement touch – the improved bits referring to its Infrared Touch Clear technology that supports multi-touch pinch to zoom-in, but it also comes with a stylus. At 168 grams (5.93 ounces) of light and 8.9mm thin, device packs x 600 800, 16 gray pearl E-Ink display V220 with 1.3 GB of internal storage used more microSD expansion up to 32GB.

The built-in WiFi 802.11b/g/n wireless connectivity also allows users to borrow e-books in public libraries – a first for e-readers, apparently – in the UK, USA and Canada. As for battery life, a single battery charge will keep rats digital library spent three weeks at most with WiFi enabled, or up to a month without WiFi (based on playing time half-hour a day). Expect to ePub Wi-Fi enabled player to hit the United States and Europe in October for about $ 149, and it will come in a choice of color is red, white or black. Press release after the break.

Sony announces VAIO L Series all-in-one PC


Sony did not exactly dwell on him during his keynote IFA, but the company also expanded its range of desktop PC today with its latest VAIO L series all-in-one. It packs a 24-inch multitouch screen with a touch bezel, with your choice of the second generation of Intel Core (yet to be determined), NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M graphics, 8GB of RAM, 1 TB hard drive, and a Blu-ray / DVD combo. And, judging by the number of times its mentioned in the press release after the break, it also appears to be 3D capable. Still no word on price, but it looks like it will at least be available in Europe from October.

Panda Poo key performance cheaper biofuels

An anonymous reader writes A new study released at the point of shit American Chemical Society panda as a source of a remarkably efficient enzyme-producing bacteria that are capable of breaking down plant material for biofuel production cheaper and more effective . Inspired by the giant panda voracious appetite for bamboo, scientists have begun to examine the feces of giant pandas in the Memphis Zoo. A year sample indicated that pandas have a unique ability to convert lignocellulose from plant matter into energy. In fact, intestinal bacteria of a giant panda can convert 95 percent of plant biomass into simple sugars.

Sixteen years later: still need a GNU extension language

Costs of the GNU hackers Meeting 2011, Andy Wingo wrote a long piece on the status of Guile Scheme, the sadly under-used official languages ​​of user extension of GNU. Wingo said that Guile is the best choice for the extension of GNU given the system’s ability to adapt to changes over time. Presented to the use of Javascript example, instead of the scheme’s popularity: We should also consider the costs of language use hastily conceived. JavaScript has some crazy stuff wrong, as with var lifting, poor numerical model, the dynamic range, the lack of modularity binding on research … Finally, we question life. If GNU had chosen Tcl because it was popular, we would have a mass of dead code (note that Guile does partially support JavaScript syntax). With the proliferation of Firefox extensions, Greasemonkey, etc., it is clear that there are many power users who want to change the software they use, without spending years to become skilled programmers. Maybe after Emacs has been ported to the philosophy of Guile user scalability will be extended to other parts of the GNU system.

Engadget is back to school guide 2011: Games


Welcome Back to School guide to Engadget ! We know that this time of year can be quite annoying and stressful for everyone, so we’re here to help with the process of tearing gadget to buy for children of school age crowd. Today we get our game on – and you can head to the back to school the platform to see the rest of the documentation of the product as they are added throughout the month. Be sure to keep checking back – at the end of the month we will be giving away a ton of gear featured in our guides – and hit up the hub page here !

Let’s be honest, balancing coursework with recreation is as important as maintaining a balanced diet – maybe even more. After you spend countless hours hitting the books, cramming for tests, and writing, you just need something to turn your brain to mush. Do not worry, we have just the thing: video games. It does not matter how much you have midterms, we are sure we can find something

to help you relax. Of course, it will not be easy, you’ll have to wait for the next semester (at least) to get your hands on the PlayStation Vita, but that does not mean you have no options now. Jump past the break – we can probably help you find something to help you through mid-terms with your sanity intact. You do not want to shell out cash to have fun this semester? Enter the prints back to school! Just leave a comment below for a chance to win, and drop by our gift for more details.

Sony Ericsson announces Xperia Arc S at IFA, coming in October

Sony took the stage at IFA 2011 to unveil its latest phone, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S. There seems to be a refresh of the original that was launched earlier this year. The ultra-thin camera just got a few bumps in features, including a 1.4GHz processor and a sensor Exmor R that includes a panorama 3D scanning mode, which offers the opportunity to 2D (read: non-stereoscopic) and converted into 3D images. The new device will offer a similar reality show we saw in the original Arc , and will be available in October worldwide. We will continue to inform you that additional details come in.

Records of the U.S. government to block the proposed AT and T / T-Mobile merger

You heard right. Bloomberg reports that the government of the United States (!) Has filed court documents in Washington, DC, to block the much ballyhooed merger between AT and T and T-Mobile USA . Surprisingly, T-Mobile and AT and T promised this morning that a total of 5,000 jobs would be hand-delivered to the U.S. if the two telecom operators were permitted to homelessness, but it will take a heck of a lot more compelling today. For what it’s worth, this does not mean that the case is or is not – it’s just another step in the process – but it certainly does not bode well for the developers. Nor share price AT and T.

According to the report, the Department of Justice considers that the case would substantially lessen competition in the wireless space. In fact, he boldly stated: the elimination of AT and T T-Mobile as an independent, low-cost competitor will eliminate a major force in the competitive market. If things end up s’ collapse, it is important to remember that AT and T would be forced to pay Deutsche Telekom as $ 3 billion break fee , which should be the misfortunes of Tiger Woods look like a negotiation altogether.

Great improvement in the photosensitivity Directed graphene

alphadogg sends in an article entitled NetworkWorld about promising new research with graphene. Extract from the article: Two Nobel scientists outside the United Kingdom have developed a new way of using graphene – the thinnest material in the world – that could make the pipes of the Internet feel much larger Manchester University professors Andre Geim and Kostya. Novoselov … writing in the journal Nature Communications a method of combining carbon-based materials with metallic nanostructures for use as photodetectors that could significantly increase the amount of light optical communications devices could handle. This advance in harvesting and conversion of light into electrical energy graphene could lead to rates of communication tens or even hundreds of times faster than today, the researchers say.

Sprint mogul early termination fee of $ 350, wants to play with the big boys

Never count out the little guy. It seems Sprint rise of his game in preparation for the fight brings to three possible routes lurking just out of sight. In an email toPhoneScoop, the company Hesse-conduct revealed a change to come to his ETF for customers with smartphones, tabs, laptops and netbooks. Beginning September 9th, Sprint will be charging a termination fee of $ 350 – the same as Verizon and AT and T – which will be prorated depended on the number of months remaining on the contract of the subscriber. The charge is a serious step-up expenses of $ 200 before, which clearly indicates that the market demands to be seen as a competitor.

Panasonic showcases two prototype 3D camera lenses, announces 3D camcorder HDC-Z10000

We’re here in Berlin, covering the IFA 2011 , Panasonic and things started by showing a camera concept, with its first dual-lens capable of shooting stills and video in 3D. Unfortunately, the press release of the company is light on technical information, but it shows the system is built on two glasses of 4x with thin, folded optical. I hope we see this thing in person, while we are in town and learn a little more. In similar news, the company also announced the HDC-Z10000 (pictured), his first camcorder 2D / 3D with an integrated dual-lens. The camcorder records 1080p / 1080i AVCHD video 3D is a dual CMOS sensors with a combined resolution of 13.1MP and eye-less than 3.5 inch LCD. It is also capable of 3D macros as close as 17.8 inches – a record for camcorders 3D dual purpose, according to Panasonic. As the company has been known to do, however, it is now out to reveal details on price or availability, so it looks like we will have to save for a rainy day. Full PR after the break.

Locate language in the brain

from: ~ r / Slashdot / slashdot / ~ 3/BKR5-8E0GC8/Localizing-Language-In-the-Brain:

RogerRoast writes A new study by scientists from MIT identifies areas of the brain used exclusively for the language (PDF), providing a partial answer to a long-standing debate in cognitive science. The study found that there are parts of our brain dedicated to language and only. linguistic After their subjects do the job the original language, which they call a functional localization, they each had only a subset of seven experiments: one on arithmetic exact, two on working memory, cognitive control of three, and one on music, since these are the features the most frequently cited by the machines of neurons with the language. The authors say the results do not mean that all cognitive functions has its own dedicated piece of the cortex, after all, we are able to learn new skills, there must be some parts of the brain that are both high level and functionally flexible.

Xbox 360 modders claim hacker CPU, partying like a N64 (video)

The security system built into the motherboard of the 360 has more layers than an onion, so previous hacks have generally focused on the optical drive instead. But a couple of circuit breakers and named gligli Tiros claim to have finally released from the CPU of the console, allowing all 360 variants to start homebrew software, while making them invulnerable to the patches sent by Microsoft. Video after the break is intended to show the fruits of their work, including an N64 emulator running on a version of Linux. It does not really prove anything, except maybe the length of these guys went to, they use different tools to slow CPU hardware of the console and then confuse it with pulses called glitch in an effort to make him forget his normal start-up checks. Certainly not something for the average F-Zero Racer X, especially when the speed boost around protection against copying, as may be shady in the eyes of the law. (One more thing: do not be put off by the soundtrack of the video – starts weird, but better, baby.)

Windows Mobile 7 Mango will play better with the Mac, update your application today Connector

Windows Phone 7.5 will more Mac-friendly when it comes to pajamas. Microsoft Connector app just got updated to version 2.0 and can support the market and transfer ringtone for Mango equipped handsets. It contains also some other improvements that are already working with WP 7.0, including drag and drop file import from the device Browse window, better backup and recovery, and support for synchronization and import software Apple Aperture. Connector 2.0 is ready and waiting on the App Store and Mango should push his head around the mountain all day.

Garmin StreetPilot iPhone application launches onDemand offers transportation schedules

Garmin is best known for its car navigation systems , but today, dug deeper into the realm of personal navigation with a brand new iPhone for the lost forever. For a dollar, you will have the standard walk, driving directions and public transport, but go premium for $ 2.99 per month or $ 29.99 for the year, and you will cop more add-ons designed for turn your iPhone into a full PND. As the mapping system or standard iPhone HopStop, the subscription version of this software allows you to integrate public transport in your journey – but the added feature here is the ability to view the timetables of public transport, as you can in the Google Maps App for Android. He also talked about turn-by-turn directions, traffic routing Garmin and Google search, making it a convenient alternative to a navigation system awkward. Check the full PR after the break.

Toshiba Regza HDTV nine WL800A connects to your smartphone via MHL

The MHL Consortium wants to ban the HDMI from our phones for its connection Mobile High Definition Link, and technology has found its way into handsets as GSII and 3D EVO . But so far there was no TV to connect. Toshiba Regza line late in the WL800A is all alone in its 2011 lineup to pack the 5-pin port that takes 1080p from your mobile device and puts it on a 46 inch or 55-inch edge-lit LED panel. The best part is, the connection MHL pushes the power in your phone at the same time, the video streaming – if you do not have to worry about your phone dying on you in the middle of your marathon mobile cinema. Currently on sale in the Land of Oz for $ 2,329 (46 inches) and $ 3,179 (55 inches) AUD, the WL800 will not come to America. However, now that the GSII has landed stateside hope some TVs equipped MHL follow.

Swarmanoid ‘bots rule Air, Land, Library

An anonymous reader writes: The concept of distributed processing is not new, and its application to robotics leads naturally to the idea of ​​a swarm of robots. However, most swarms oriented robots are composed of many identical robots (such as Kilobots). In this case, there are three types of robots: a hand-bots that can climb library and pick up objects with hands, a club foot, which can drive around and bring the hand-bot, and an eye-bot , and perches that flies on the ceiling to provide a perspective to d’autres robots. Another point the reader on an unrelated video, but also impressive Kinect be used to develop a robotic assistant friendly.

IPad cart dock guard and football fans of their other half happy

British football fans agree on very little: how much everyone loves Jimmy Bullard, the need for Arsene Wenger to buy a good half-center and how painful it is to be dragged out shopping just before the coup off on Saturday. These are the people friendly and forward-thinking in heaven who have the answer, at least in the latter. The company has teamed up with supermarket Sainsbury (who has a track record of innovation ) to test a new cart with a solar iPad dock and speakers. Now you can watch the game, or something else, via the Sky Go application on your device and get the groceries done at the same time. Anxious to do so much absorbed in their footwork Juan Mata you will be a danger to others? Do not worry, the basket has proximity sensors attached to let you know when you’re about to sideswipe a retiree. It is being tested in Cromwell Road Sainsbury in west London – just to try it yourself is an iPad, Go Sky access and a desire to be on the cutting edge of sports and technology. If the thought of yelling Taxi for Bent! Went down calls for fruit, you can take another picture and press release after the break.

ComScore Top Dog calls Android, Apple pulls further away from RIM

According to ComScore, about 82.2 million people in the United States with a smartphone (up to ten percent from last quarter ), Android came first as the biggest platform yet, capturing a huge 41.8 percent market as a boss. In a second not-so-close, Apple has managed to hang 27 percent, followed by RIM up third place with 21.7 percent – down 4 percentage points from the previous quarter. Microsoft is pulling back, with 5.7 percent, and finally with a dark Symbian 1.9 percent – both down compared to the previous three months. As U.S. manufacturers will, Samsung still leads with 25.5 percent of the market, while LG has obtained 20.9 per cent and, finally, Motorola with 14.1 percent, down 1 , 5 percentage points ahead. Apple was able to hang a certain date in the space with an OEM from 9.5 percent, while RIM BlackBerry-maker captured only 7.6 percent. Since wages battle androids like the iPhone and BlackBerry (Oh My) are always on top – at least for this quarter. Check the PR after the break for the complete dashboard.

Juno look back, Photographs Earth-Moon system

astroengine wrote Looking back as he zooms in interplanetary space, less than a month in its 445 million mile, five-year voyage gas giant Jupiter, NASA’s Juno probe captured a picture of the Earth and Moon . Juno was 6 million miles away at the time. This is a remarkable show of people get to see too rarely, said Scott Bolton, Juno principal investigator from the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio. This view of our planet shows how Earth looks from the outside, showing a particular perspective of our role and place in the universe. We see a humble yet beautiful view of ourselves.

The proposed Crypto Revives Ethics cypherpunk

Trailrunner7 wrote When a small group of activists announced the start of the Crypto project earlier this year, many advocates for, ahem, mature, security and privacy in mind he has the memories of the original movement cypherpunk began in the 1990s and founder of the group efforts to encourage the use of strong cryptography and anonymity online, as well as its successes and failures. The two groups are not allied with something other than ideology but the project leaders Crypto mobilize to follow in the footsteps of cypherpunks, build on their achievements and make security and privacy tools freely available to the masses. The group is working on a number of projects this time, including the creation of an anonymous remailer, by establishing a convergence of notary and setting up of a grid-Tahoe LAS. Threatpost has an interview with Sir Valor, one of the leaders of the project, which speaks of the need for better confidentiality and anonymity online and why cypherpunks are still important today.

Samsung launches YP-R2, YP-Z3, HD MP3 players compatible


Samsung has had its eyes on an HD PMP with MP3 support for some time – first announced (and later kill) IceTouch in 2010, and now the launch of the YP-YP-R2 and Z3 in the markets including Russia and Korea. Affirming that the loss / HD lossless audio MP3 is five times better than the standard variety , the company will test with the greatest access to Melon, Korea 2.2 million store music song. Until now, Samsung has only confirmed the R2 has a 3 inch screen WQVGA touch, is 0.3 inches thick and weighs about 52 grams, while the Z3, the other one has a screen, and measures 8 inches to 36 grams. The music player also supports photo and text display, FM radio and 5.1-channel surround sound. The R2 is available in black and silver and costs of 149 000 KRW ($ 140) for 4GB and 169 000 KRW ($ 160) for 8GB. The Z3 is available in white, pink and blue and costs 89 000 KRW ($ 83) for the 4 GB and 119 000 KRW to 8 GB ($ 110). There is no word yet if these devices will never see U.S. release, but check the source for more photos.

Alloy could produce hydrogen fuel using sunlight

Intellitech writes Using the state of the art theoretical calculations, a University of Kentucky, the team from the University of Louisville showed that the alloy formed by a substitution of 2 percent antimony (Sb ) in the gallium nitride (GaN) has good electrical properties allow the energy of sunlight to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen, a process known as photoelectrochemical water splitting (PEC). When the alloy is immersed in water and exposed to sunlight, the chemical bond between hydrogen and oxygen molecules in water is broken (abstract). Because pure hydrogen gas is not in abundance without the Earth, it must be made in the release of other compounds. Thus, hydrogen is not considered an energy source, but rather an energy carrier. Currently, it takes a lot of electricity to produce hydrogen by water dissociation. As a result, most of the hydrogen produced today is derived from non-renewable sources such as coal and natural gas. The team said the alloy Sb-GaN has the potential to transform solar energy into an economic system without carbon source for hydrogen.

Akamai employee tried to sell secrets to Israel

CWmike writes A 43-year-old former employee of Akamai pleaded guilty to espionage charges after offering to hand over confidential information on the company web acceleration for an agent posing as an Israeli official consular Boston. Starting in September 2007, Elliot Doxer played a complex 18-month long game of swashbuckling with James Cromer, a man he thought was an agent of Israeli intelligence. He provided pages and pages of data Cromer confidential, providing a list of Akamai customers and contracts, information. regarding practices of corporate security, and even a list of employees 1300 Akamai, including mobile numbers, departments and e-mail Doxer information delivered to a box Drop Dead 62 times its motivation. In order to help Israel and to obtain information about his son and ex-wife, who lived outside the U.S. prosecutors said in court filings. Doxer faces 15 years in prison on charges.

Nissan Leaf mod offers state of the battery more precise, less streamlined within


Car mods take many forms – including, even, a piece of cardboard with some switches and LED display. The car is modded in this case is the Nissan Leaf , and the mod in question (still in its temporary form here, fortunately) is simple but important. This is a homebrew device that connects to the port of the sheet of diagnostic OBD-II and shows the exact state of battery charge, as opposed to a little less specific bars that are displayed on the table leading edge. Absolutely necessary? Not exactly, but the mod seems to be catching on with a growing contingent of DIY spirit of the forum members Leaf. Follow the source link below for a few more and some more details to build your own.

Engadget HD Podcast 263 – 08.30.2011


We had a lot to talk about on the podcast this week Engadget HD but first we had a few affairs to attend to our giveaway BTS (you came right?) And Fantasy Football trash talk. After that, a combination of DirecTV and new leaks from Google and Apple had us in the mood to talk about the state of the television industry and everything that stands in the way of innovation. Fortunately, there is someone working on new technologies, and the ATSC is working on standards for the dissemination of 3D and other new features to be delivered via the antenna. After that, we turned to the Xbox 360, which is of some 3D games from Microsoft, including Halo: CE birthday, and a new brand ESPN3 app. To wrap things we had to get in some new HD display, with a new projector from Sony web application that allows you to find exactly what size of your TV room can handle before you dig in shows HDTV This week, Blu-ray and video games.

James Gosling Leaves Google

from: ~ r / Slashdot / slashdot / ~ 3/oDlim9So30g/James-Gosling-Leaves-Google:

scottbomb writes Well, it did not take long: After only a few months at Google, Java founder James Gosling has left the giant search engine to access a small company specializing in ocean-based start-up robotics. In a brief blog about his new company, Gosling said: They have a growing fleet of autonomous vehicles that stray from the ocean to collect data from a variety of onboard sensors and uploading it to the cloud. Robots have a lot of satellite uplink / communication speed GSM / WiMax and redundant GPS units. They have a lot of deployments. For example, there is a set of robots patrolling the sea around the well in the Gulf Macondo Mexico in the water chemistry control. The harvest energy from the craft waves for propulsion and can remain at sea for a very long time. The longer a unit has been out is 2 , 5 (ish) years. They can cross oceans …. slowly. They travel at 1-2 knots, which is a high speed data collection.

Fuel to newspapers and bacteria

Its debut on the first page, written Lifyre Scientists at Tulane found a naturally occurring bacteria (called TU-103) that produces butanol. While the butanol-producing bacteria are not new, there are some important points about This particular bacterium. It is the first naturally occurring bacteria that directly converts cellulose, butanol, without the need for cellulose processing into sugar first, and it may do so in the presence of oxygen, which kills other bacteria that produce butanol. Streamlining the process could significantly reduce the production cost of butanol. This bacterium could allow virtually any plant product, such as newspaper clippings or grass to be used to produce fuel for vehicles conventional.

Galaxy S II arises finally on American shores for Sprint, T-Mobile and AT and T

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but you good people who live in the good old US-of-A were finally blessed with IIS Galaxy S to call your own. Remarkably absent from the eastern part of Verizon, but Sprint, T-Mobile and AT and T are currently in action in the guise Super AMOLED touch screen on the Sprint 4G Epic and just plain old S Galaxy II AT and T. As we heard before the Epic Touch 4G is wearing a slightly larger 4.52-inch screen along with the variant T-Mobile (which has yet to score a name or release date) while AT and T is bonded to the panel by 4.3 inches found on the international model. Sprint customers will be the first to be vaccinated to the owner of a Sept. 16 for $ 200, with other carriers to follow at a later date. Otherwise, there are very few surprises here, with a 1.2GHz Exynos Gingerbread pushing on each screen and TouchWiz beautiful. All are acute and 4G phones with WiMax on board the model Sprint and HSPA + for T-Mo and AT and T. Ma Bell is specifically champion is the variant that the thinnest smartphone 4G, which might have something to do with the small 1650 mAh inside (4G Epic Touch is a sport pack 1800 mAh).

Novell wins against SCO Again

from: ~ r / Slashdot / slashdot / ~ 3/ZQakw0IUrNg/Novell-Wins-Against-SCO-Again:

P3rf3ss3r duh wrote The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals has just affirmed the decision of the District Court of SCO against Novell (PDF) in its entirety. The decision is quite a good read and explains why the court rejected in its entirety, the SCO attempts to re-argue the case before the Court of Appeal. Is this the last gasp for SCO or will they try to appeal to the Supreme Court? Paris lines open 11 … Realistically it’s the end of the line of the case.

Motorola has announced Pro + Gingerbread, a few other improvements

As it turns out, more is to become the new suite of Moto. Shortly after the announcement of the + Challenge , a phone that offers a moderate bump specifications of its predecessor, Hellomoto is back at it again with the Pro +. The obvious follow-up of the Motorola Pro (or Pro Droid , as it is called in the U.S.) has not brought much improvement to the table. It is decorated with the same processor 1GHz, 3.1-inch VGA (640 x 480) display, 512MB of RAM and five megapixels, the greatest differences in the new model are the inclusion of Android 2.3, 4 GB of internal memory, an improved battery (1600 mAh) and a rounded design – unlike the original search square. It is due in Asia and in Europe beginning in October, so keep an eye on … if this more is enough to excite you. Head below for the full press release.

Lenovo ThinkPad tablet tab Galaxy vs Samsung 10.1 … Fight!


We have seen before, but not against one of its main rivals: the Galaxy Tab 10.1 . Now they are there, sharing a small table space – but did not get along too well. First tab 10.1 is thin and light on his feet. In addition, the ThinkPad tablet is great and would love to be in charge of your lifestyle company. Due to limited customizations Honeycomb, the Lenovo deal with this largely because the angle of a certain company and the stylus-friendly software, a large part of the device comes with pre-installed. Join us after the break for a quick demonstration, plus a look back at our first hands on the thing.

BlackWidow Razer keyboard keys stealth keep the mechanical noise is a gap

You know what’s great? Mechanical keyboards – what with their clicks satisfactory. You know what that is less great? Having to listen to unpleasant noise all day. Razer claims you can have your cake (in this case, the tactile feedback) and eat it too (blessed silence!) with stealth BlackWidow editions. They are, more or less the same cards that start in August , but with quieter switches and a matte finish. Both models are available now, with the same programmable buttons and macro recording on the fly, while the Ultimate version adds extreme anti-ghosting to his already impressive sound Pwnage. The standard model will run you a tidy sum of 80, while the final weigh a heavy $ 140. Check out the gallery below, and the PR and video after the break.

Shaming laptop thieves publicly catch the audience in the Crossfire

nonprofiteer written by exposing embarrassing thieves using the laptop recovery software is to please the tech stories, but what about a case of a person literally being exposed after the cops and a software company got their hands on nude photos she shared with her boyfriend long distance, not realizing the machine was stolen? (She bought it for $ 60 so she should have known, but still). The case goes to court in Ohio in September. The plaintiffs argue that the software company has the right to obtain the location of the computer in order to recover, but that should not have intercepted the nude photos and shared them with the cops. It looks like a legitimate complaint and that the complainants are especially nice not realizing the camera was stolen.

Looking back on the career of Steve Jobs

Zothecula written with a large enough piece about Steve Jobs Gizmag efforts of various cases. From the article: Hated by many, hated by some but respected by most, the indisputable fact remains that Steve Jobs is the head of the company the most successful of his generation, and quite possibly of all time, The numbers are impressive in themselves, but most. remarkable aspect of its success is how it was achieved. Although Apple is the end of his term as CEO is the end of an era and an opportunity to try to understand exactly what it is he did and what lessons there are all of us trying to make a dent in the universe.

Conquer Samsung 4G Review


It’s strange how a simple number and one letter can cause prices to skyrocket when added at the end of a phone name. But that’s exactly what the term 4G does – ultimately making a great phone or tablet compatible with next-generation carrier network seems to add value (and cost) in ways unimaginable. There is a growing concern in the mobile industry, the coverage of Sprint 4G WiMAX, once a novelty in the United States, is now just one of the boys. It faces direct competition against the two (more) brothers LTE Verizon and AT and T, and the Network is now looking for other ways to use its broadband offerings. In doing so, the carrier wants to keep the high value, without escalating the cost.

Enter the Samsung 4G Conquer, the latest addition to ultra-fast Sprint lineup. Rather than go head-to-head with giants such as Photon 4G and EVO 3D , the company’s strategy is to offer a WiMAX handset is light on the wallet. This is not the cheapest of the bunch these days – the Samsung 4G S Nexus takes the cake here – but that’s another option to throw in a growing range of that network. So is the combined mid-range have a shot to live up to its namesake? Read on to find out.

Samsung S Galaxy II LTE Rogers heads for early fall 4G


Our northern neighbors just got a call from double courtesy delivered impressive Rogers . The operator announced today that its highly sought-after variant of Samsung S Galaxy II will be launched with the baked in functionality LTE 4G network in its infancy. Most of the handset specifications remain the same, except for a new enhanced up 1.5GHz dual-core processor, the NFC and Hercules-sized 4.5-inch AMOLED Super show. If you are proud to call Canada and download speeds of up to 100Mbps get your blood pumping, then expect to snag Sammy stupid phone when it goes on sale before the end of the fall.

OpenDNS and Google Work on Global Internet Speedup

Many users wrote with news of OpenDNS and Google work together on the Global Initiative Speedup Internet. They reworked their DNS servers so that they pass the first three octets of your IP address for the target Web service. The service then uses your location data to ensure that the resource you requested is issued by a local cache. From the article: In the case of Google and other leading CDNs, there may be dozens of these local caches around the world, and using a local cache can improve the latency and throughput by a margin great if you have a 10 or 20Mbps. connection, yet a download is crawling at just a few hundred kilobytes, it is usually because you are downloading from an international source (software downloads or drivers from a Taiwanese site is a good example). Using a local cache reduces the pressure on international routes, but it also makes better use of national systems which are both low latency and high capacity.

Sony MDR-DS7500 headphones promise 3D solid, will play well with your 3D glasses

Are you adjust for non-3D sound to go with all your movies in 3D? You should be ashamed of yourself. Fortunately, Sony is looking for you. MDR-DS7500 new society promised 3D surround sound headphones, thanks in part to the inclusion of Dolby Pro Logic IIz. The earphones have a number of different sound settings, audio serving different needs, including the Cinema mode, game mode, and the voice mode. Also, that extra padding ensures that they will play nicely with your 3D glasses. The helmet will hit Japan on October 10, running 49.350 yen ($ 643) for the whole package and 24.675 yen ($ 321) for additional headphones. Extra dimensions are not cheap, after all.

Computer Nsquared transparent, the surface Kinect + + Phone + slate = amazing interface (video)


Nsquared of Sydney is calling it transparent Computer – software that unifies Windows Mobile 7, Surface , Windows 7 Slate and Kinect . Start designing a new home on your phone and place it on the surface to be shared between all devices, Slate scoop up to make some changes before you walk through a 3D model of the building, sailing with gestural interface is Kinect. AirPlay and Software like touch to share already give you a taste for this kind of technology, but the experience that Dr. Neil Roodyn demonstrates in the video below is much more immersive – not to mention unspeakably cool.

Tailgater DISH Network brings you the portable satellite TV, will not cool your beer (video)

When it comes to beer and cold burgers grill, you’re on your own. If you are looking for satellite TV in the back of your truck before the game (pictured), on the other hand, Tailgater Dish Network can certainly help. First, referring to last May , the £ 10 box satellite automatically locates the positions, offering HD content on the go for owners of VIP 211K HD Receiver Dish. The box runs $ 350 and is apparently quite easy to implement, making it a very attractive option for those who absolutely need to watch a sporting event in the parking lot while waiting to enter a sporting event. Infomercially video after the break.

Scientists Sequence Black Death bacteria

First accepted Submitter alPillan Quince wrote The bacteria behind the Black Death was a very unusual story. His ancestor was a soil bacterium unpretentious and current strains of Yersinia pestis infects even thousands of people every year, but no longer causes result of horrible symptoms associated with medieval plagues. The radical differences, in fact, had led some to suggest that we were wrong to blame the bacteria. Now, the researchers obtained DNA from some of the victims of the plague in London , and confirmed that Y. pestis seems to be to blame. But the sequences also suggest that strains of bacteria that we see today may differ from those that are raging across Europe.

Quantum Phantom program turns your smartphone into a wireless mouse (video)

The last time we saw Ben Wu, he was busy hammering Quantum Phantom – a prototype program that allows users to manipulate their desktop with a simple webcam. Now the engineer has expanded the concept to smartphones, as well, with a system that effectively turns any handset device with a wireless mouse. To achieve this, Wu plugged his phone Android on their PC via WiFi and Webcam IP application used to create a streaming video server. The results of the admission of Mr. Wu, are not exactly elegant (due to a configuration process heavy and low-resolution camera), but he managed to use his creation to sketch a face on the screen smiley . Look for yourself in the video demonstration after the break.

Barobo iMobot bear learns of your orders, will definitely make Varsity (video)

Barobo iMobot of modular robotic system has been launched earlier this year, and the people behind it just started shipping the first kits last month. It turns out they were on hand here in Aarhus NEXT with a demo in good faith, and we could not resist a quick demonstration. The kit is real peddled mainly to universities – we are told that $ 2,000 each robot can be programmed to do anything, and if you fill up a couple, you can produce full of humanoids, rescue camera snake-toting or something else that will definitely conquer the world in just a few centuries. Each room is equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth robotics, and apart from the mount points used to connect family members, there are a couple of ports that allow sensors and telemetry modules to be stacked near the well .

The real show, however, happened when long-lost cousin Elmo made an appearance. We are told that the creature is strictly a prototype using miniaturized versions of robotic parts that are on sale now. Those minis are not an issue in itself, but cut the check right could you land with more than a smile. As you will see in the video after the break, the software written for the Bears allowed him to learn movements have been dictated by the required human, and once the last joy was burned as a cotton-filled brain, a Press play simple things so fantastic. Take a look. You will not be disappointed.

8 Windows natively support mounting VHD and ISO

MrSeb writing with a nail in the coffin masterful optical disk, Microsoft announced that its new operating system will natively mount ISO disk images. On the side a little more enterprisesque of the equation, VHD files will also be supported by Windows 8. The two new features will be seamlessly integrated into Windows Explorer 8 menus tape, and mounting ISO or VHD is as simple as double-clicking the file This is obviously an important addition to being available on Windows 8 tablets and -. in a year or two, he wouldn ‘t be surprising if all software is available as a standard ISO on a USB key that can be read by PCs and tablet together.

Responds to Diginotar Rogue certificate problem

An anonymous reader writes Vasco, the owner of CA DigiNotar involved in MITM attacks on users of Google Iran responded to their issues a certificate issued fraudulent press release reads:. On July 19, 2011, DigiNotar detected intrusion into its certification authority (CA) infrastructure, which resulted in the fraudulent issuing of public key certificate requests for a number of areas, including Once it has detected the intrusion, DigiNotar acted in accordance with all rules and procedures. At that time, an external security audit has concluded that all certificates issued illegally were dismissed. More recently, it was discovered that at least one false certificate was not revoked at the time. After being notified by the Dutch government organization Govcert, DigiNotar took immediate action and dismissed the fraudulent certificate. It is not clear if the certificate is used in Iran, or if d Other certificates are still at large. I guess the removal of the root certificate from browsers is the correct answer.

Leakage of honor Huawei in nature, is preparing for the ascent to the throne lighthouse?

Huawei handsets can not get the high-profile, equipment stateside attention to other subject, but that’s no reason for us to turn a blind eye to the efforts of the company. Spotted in the wild with a spec list accompanying the honor (or U8860) for packages with a 1.4GHz processor allegedly FWVGA 4-inch LCD screen, 5 megapixel rear-facing camera capable of 720p video, a thickness of 9.9 mm and an unknown number of Android version 2.3. Judging from Europe and Asia UMTS phones only 900MHz / 2100MHz bands, it is very likely that we will not have the honor

of seeing rumors the company’s flagship device by North American shores. We will keep an eye and let you know if we catch him slipping through the FCC arms .