Verizon launches September 8 Bionic Droid giving some away with a treasure hunt AR

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It was a long and winding road for Bionic Droid. Our first taste of its dual-core potential CES , the leakage flux specifications , pictures and release dates of the phone in the months that followed. Well, the wait officially ends on September 8, as Verizon has just confirmed the release date with a new version of the battle robot ad teaser we saw a few weeks ago. Big Red has also launched a website with information about t Droid Droids ASBL arenas and new treasure hunt augmented reality – where counselors can earn a clever Bionic Digital, HDTV, laptop, tablet or quadrocopter. For more information, click the link below the second source and head on past the break to see the vid for yourself. Feel free to enjoy the work of the blade of a raven-haired warrior cyborgs slicing while you’re there.