Sony VAIO S Series Review (15 inches)


Sad to say, but most of you will go back to school have probably already gone by now – but if you are in good class right now, you should probably pay attention. If you managed to get back on campus without making a new laptop along, you might just want to keep reading – Sony has released an addition of 15.5 inches for its VAIO series S, which not only adds a few crucial the additional display area, but bumps things up to 1080p.

Yes, it’s a laptop that can not only be configured with a Blu-ray, but has enough pixels to do justice resulting image, which means he could do a passable player for evening cinema. But, he chops to do justice to your workload? Is it worth the minimum price of $ 1000 asking, at least a $ 100 premium over Sony 13-inch models? Join us to find out.