Records of the U.S. government to block the proposed AT and T / T-Mobile merger

You heard right. Bloomberg reports that the government of the United States (!) Has filed court documents in Washington, DC, to block the much ballyhooed merger between AT and T and T-Mobile USA . Surprisingly, T-Mobile and AT and T promised this morning that a total of 5,000 jobs would be hand-delivered to the U.S. if the two telecom operators were permitted to homelessness, but it will take a heck of a lot more compelling today. For what it’s worth, this does not mean that the case is or is not – it’s just another step in the process – but it certainly does not bode well for the developers. Nor share price AT and T.

According to the report, the Department of Justice considers that the case would substantially lessen competition in the wireless space. In fact, he boldly stated: the elimination of AT and T T-Mobile as an independent, low-cost competitor will eliminate a major force in the competitive market. If things end up s’ collapse, it is important to remember that AT and T would be forced to pay Deutsche Telekom as $ 3 billion break fee , which should be the misfortunes of Tiger Woods look like a negotiation altogether.