Xbox 360 modders claim hacker CPU, partying like a N64 (video)

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The security system built into the motherboard of the 360 has more layers than an onion, so previous hacks have generally focused on the optical drive instead. But a couple of circuit breakers and named gligli Tiros claim to have finally released from the CPU of the console, allowing all 360 variants to start homebrew software, while making them invulnerable to the patches sent by Microsoft. Video after the break is intended to show the fruits of their work, including an N64 emulator running on a version of Linux. It does not really prove anything, except maybe the length of these guys went to, they use different tools to slow CPU hardware of the console and then confuse it with pulses called glitch in an effort to make him forget his normal start-up checks. Certainly not something for the average F-Zero Racer X, especially when the speed boost around protection against copying, as may be shady in the eyes of the law. (One more thing: do not be put off by the soundtrack of the video – starts weird, but better, baby.)