Engadget HD Podcast 263 – 08.30.2011

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from: http://www.engadget.com/2011/08/30/engadget-hd-podcast-263-08-30-2011/:

We had a lot to talk about on the podcast this week Engadget HD but first we had a few affairs to attend to our giveaway BTS (you came right?) And Fantasy Football trash talk. After that, a combination of DirecTV and new leaks from Google and Apple had us in the mood to talk about the state of the television industry and everything that stands in the way of innovation. Fortunately, there is someone working on new technologies, and the ATSC is working on standards for the dissemination of 3D and other new features to be delivered via the antenna. After that, we turned to the Xbox 360, which is of some 3D games from Microsoft, including Halo: CE birthday, and a new brand ESPN3 app. To wrap things we had to get in some new HD display, with a new projector from Sony web application that allows you to find exactly what size of your TV room can handle before you dig in shows HDTV This week, Blu-ray and video games.