Conquer Samsung 4G Review


It’s strange how a simple number and one letter can cause prices to skyrocket when added at the end of a phone name. But that’s exactly what the term 4G does – ultimately making a great phone or tablet compatible with next-generation carrier network seems to add value (and cost) in ways unimaginable. There is a growing concern in the mobile industry, the coverage of Sprint 4G WiMAX, once a novelty in the United States, is now just one of the boys. It faces direct competition against the two (more) brothers LTE Verizon and AT and T, and the Network is now looking for other ways to use its broadband offerings. In doing so, the carrier wants to keep the high value, without escalating the cost.

Enter the Samsung 4G Conquer, the latest addition to ultra-fast Sprint lineup. Rather than go head-to-head with giants such as Photon 4G and EVO 3D , the company’s strategy is to offer a WiMAX handset is light on the wallet. This is not the cheapest of the bunch these days – the Samsung 4G S Nexus takes the cake here – but that’s another option to throw in a growing range of that network. So is the combined mid-range have a shot to live up to its namesake? Read on to find out.

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