OpenDNS and Google Work on Global Internet Speedup

информационный портал пенза новости

Many users wrote with news of OpenDNS and Google work together on the Global Initiative Speedup Internet. They reworked their DNS servers so that they pass the first three octets of your IP address for the target Web service. The service then uses your location data to ensure that the resource you requested is issued by a local cache. From the article: In the case of Google and other leading CDNs, there may be dozens of these local caches around the world, and using a local cache can improve the latency and throughput by a margin great if you have a 10 or 20Mbps. connection, yet a download is crawling at just a few hundred kilobytes, it is usually because you are downloading from an international source (software downloads or drivers from a Taiwanese site is a good example). Using a local cache reduces the pressure on international routes, but it also makes better use of national systems which are both low latency and high capacity.