Sony reveals pricing and sizes is Google TV?

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There seems to be someone within the company, or are dissatisfied with their pay and wants to ruin the surprise that the company has prepared for Tuesday, October 12, or really want passed. Why? Because not only the disclosure (which is not yet known if it’s real) on the possible sizes ranging Google TV, but the names have emerged, which is called the models in question.

Their names are: NSX-24GT1 24 inches, 31 inches NSX-32GT1, NSX, NSX-40GT1 46GT1 40 inches, (yes, you guessed it) by 46 inches. However, they also risk that their prices would total between 1300, 1400 and 1900 dollars.

The curious thing: if this is true, the cheapest model of Google TV would be even more expensive ($ 300) that the 32-inch model more expensive than Sony has people in their catalog.