Samsung S Galaxy II now available for $ 100 in America … GCI Alaska

Let people regional spoil the thunder of the Big Four. While we were led to believe that Sprint 4G Epic Touch would be the first subsidized Galaxy S II officially land in the U.S. of A, it appears that GCI Alaska beat ‘em all to the punch – and regions more than one. A tipster living in the Last Frontier just took place today, and best of all, running a solid Benjamin least it will be those of other operators. It is compatible with the company 4G (read: HSPA +) network, and for those unfamiliar with his wallet, but also offer the iPhone 4 to the local population. Unadulterated wild? Yep. Northern Lights? Certainly . Start / good access to the hottest of the year Android smartphone? Of course. So who is up for some northern exposure?

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