Corsair Flash Voyager GT Survivor Boost USB 3.0

Call us jaded, but most USB flash drives just do not get the juices flowing as a new tablet or Smartphone . However, they have become an essential part of many workflow, and a device where speed is key, Boost USB 3.0 is certainly welcome. Corsair and did just that with its Flash Voyager GT Flash Voyager , and “adventure to the test” Flash Survivor line. The input level of the ship in Voyagers 8GB ($ 17) and 16GB ($ 24) capacities, while the top model offers 32 GB and 64 GB of storage for $ 59 and $ 129 respectively. 8 GB ($ 28) and 16GB ($ 35) drives robust Survivor Series are constructed of quality aluminum and are impervious to water throughout the 200 meters – the algae-covered survivor that you are getting 650 feet at the bottom of the ocean floor? Yeah, it probably still works. The new drives are now shipping, and you can find the full scoop Corsair, just after the break.