Xone Vodafone R and D center opens in Silicon Valley, wants to help startups grow

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Verizon to do , so why not Vodafone too? It’s true, guys, the Big Red from overseas Telco decided to get into the swing of things in Silicon Valley with its new R and D center Xone Vodafone in Redwood City, California. Unlike the Application Centre VZW innovation a few miles north of San Francisco, the Xone is focused on identifying high-potential startups and put their ideas on the fast track to the proof of concept testing. To do this, the center provides technical expertise, business advice and access to his laboratory to ensure that products are consistent with overall Vodafone 2G, HSPA and LTE networks. The center of R and D is also aligned with Verizon facility in Massachusetts , the budding entrepreneurs to gain access to the infrastructure LTE stateside, too. We have a chance to check out the new business incubator ourselves, then read on for more.