Movea MoveTV platform provides options for motion control for TVs and set-top

If you lived under a rock: the motion controls are all the rage these days. And it’s not just console manufacturers who want in on the action. ASUS , Philips and Hillcrest Labs have all launched their own takes technology. Movea is a company that is well versed in the field, and now plans to start to offer its products directly to TV and STB manufacturers. The platform not only offers MoveTV remote technology to OEMs, but open tools for enterprise developers building games and applications. Movea even announced its first partners: C and M Media, a major cable provider in Korea, and the solution remotely . Remote Solution will be allowed SmartMotion Movea and integration in the MoveTV decoders provided to C and M. Soon enough using gestures to change channels and play arm-debated interpretations of angry birds on your cable box may be the standard. Watch the video, PR and a peak of more after the break.