Samsung High Fidelity app GPS position gives a boost Russian Mango

пенза пост

Using GPS on your phone to guide you through the city streets can sometimes be a painful experience, especially in hot spots of the signal (or when there is a breeze). Fortunately, there is a fantasy novel solution – for some of you at least. Position fidelity is an application specifically for Samsung Mango phones that supercharges the GPS module with two updates to help position. The first uses the onboard accelerometer and compass to help guide the device Windows 7 itself on congested city streets. The second is that it will now access GLONASS – the Russian equivalent of GPS – find your position a few feet. Once installed, the app is only visible in the settings menu, where you need to activate it. We can also expect to see more GLONASS in the future, since the Russian import taxes imposing about 25 percent on any device that is incompatible with the standard Soviet and manufacturers do not want to take a blow of this magnitude on a characteristic that they can use. WP7.5 Samsung owners who want any excuse to celebrate the triumph of Gagarin, Sputnik and Laika can find the software available on the source link below.