The proposed Crypto Revives Ethics cypherpunk

строительство и ремонт

Trailrunner7 wrote When a small group of activists announced the start of the Crypto project earlier this year, many advocates for, ahem, mature, security and privacy in mind he has the memories of the original movement cypherpunk began in the 1990s and founder of the group efforts to encourage the use of strong cryptography and anonymity online, as well as its successes and failures. The two groups are not allied with something other than ideology but the project leaders Crypto mobilize to follow in the footsteps of cypherpunks, build on their achievements and make security and privacy tools freely available to the masses. The group is working on a number of projects this time, including the creation of an anonymous remailer, by establishing a convergence of notary and setting up of a grid-Tahoe LAS. Threatpost has an interview with Sir Valor, one of the leaders of the project, which speaks of the need for better confidentiality and anonymity online and why cypherpunks are still important today.