Nintendo Faces Patent Suit on the Wii

скю стайл пенза пост

An anonymous reader writes A company called Thinkoptics filed a lawsuit against Nintendo for infringement of the motion controller used with the Wii. Apparently, they do a similar product called the Remote Wavit, and they have obtained patents describing its operation. And they chose the parameter most likely to give a victory. The U.S. Court for the Eastern District of Texas Now, this does not mean that Wavit Thinkoptics-maker will get a victory, but the circuit court in particular, tends to favor the patent relates to everything else. The patent in question, U.S. Patent Number 7,796,116, is titled electronic equipment for the vision of pocket absolute basis of the scoring system. Thinkoptics main argument in this case is that Nintendo had prior knowledge that the Wii would be reached based on the Trademark Office rejected claims in some Nintendo-filed patents.