Blu e-cigarettes alert you when another smoking nearby, hoping to add social networking

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We have seen before , cigarettes electric Blu Cig is designed to provide users with a  healthy way to get their daily dose of nicotine without the use of conventional cancer stick. These fumes can now be found in a sophisticated intelligent pack that alerts you to other users in the 50-foot, perhaps talk to some illuminating small wrinkles, but the ashes of induction. This week the smoke got an upgrade with a strong battery and a cartomizer practice that allows you to adjust the level of nicotine and flavor depends on how hard you’re fiending. Do not worry miss, as the Smart Pack will automatically rearrange your smoke when supply dips – how kind. In the future, the company hopes to integrate social networking features to like-minded e-smokers can build relationships of their habits. But honestly, what is more addictive – nicotine or Facebook? Check the PR after the break.