The State of Open Source Software

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snydeq writes InfoWorld Peter Wayner provides an in-depth look on the status of open source software and an overview of the best open source software of the year. ‘It is easy to find hundreds of other positive signs of open source domination . If the mere existence of a tar file full of code from the lower regions of a device that beeps buried deep in someone’s pocket is all you need to feel warm and fuzzy of open source, one might conclude that the open source development is the most dominant platform in the increasingly dominant in the future, Wayner writes. But anyone who digs a little further it is not so simple. Although the label open source is becoming more pervasive, the company is still a long way from the vision of Richard Stallman of a world where anyone could reprogram anything at any time. patents, copyrights, and the plot of corporate issues are more important than ever for the community, and more to find the words open source are no guarantee of freedom to tinker and improve. Some cynics even suggest that the bright, open future back as Linux and other open source tools grow more dominant. Included in the writeup are the best open source applications, the best open source desktop and mobile offerings, the best open source development tools, and best open source software for data centers and clouds.

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