Can Deliver new rims Rover germs Mars?

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astroengine writes While the idea of infect the red planet with our germs is not new, a microbiologist believes the next Mars rover may be more likely to become a lifeboat microbe. Andrew C. Schuerger of the University of Florida and Life Sciences Lab at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, believes the problem may lie in the way NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) will land on Mars -. first previous Mars rovers wheels sat on top of a lander platform for at least two Martian days (sols) before venturing into the regolith;. any surviving bacteria attached to their wheels have been killed by the harsh UV light that bathes in March as the wheels of the MSL will immediately contact the regolith straight after entry, there may be an increased chance of contaminating Mars with the terrestrial bacteria. But again, as Schuerger admits, the risks are minimal.