Single-Chip DIMM to replace large sticks of RAM

MrSeb wrote Invensas, a subsidiary of microelectronic chips Tessera company, has discovered a way to stack multiple DRAM chips on top of each other. This process, called multi-die face-down packing, or for short xfd , massively increases the memory density, reduced power consumption, and should pave the way for memory chips faster and more efficient. Multi-die face-down packing is exactly what it sounds like, a stacked memory dies each other like tiles. Much like a normal desktop and a laptop DIMM SO-DIMM, each of the stacked die is connected to another series -. but in this case, connections are much shorter, as they can just throw a few micrometers below the chip is where all the improvements in power and speed come from: short interconnections means less power is needed (and therefore less heat is dissipated ) and the signals propagate faster.