Cable Displays leak heavy U.S. influence on the policy of Swedish copyright

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By starting on Slashdot, Seez writing with a piece of Rick Falkvinge a recent diplomatic cable release. From the article: Among the treasures of cables Wikileaks recently published, we find one whose importance has circumvented the Swedish media. In short, every proposed law, all orders and all government reports hostile to the net, the youth and civil liberties here in Sweden in recent years have been commissioned by the U.S. government and industry interests. This is from a founder of the Pirate Party and so perhaps a bit exaggerated, but is certainly evidence in the cable that the U.S. has had some influence Swedish copyright. The U.S. government seems particularly upset that the Swedish public does not seem to think anything wrong with copying of protected works, and (not unexpectedly) was quite concerned that members of the Pirate Party might actually be elected.