Silverback Starke city bikes charging your gadgets, your thighs firm

Cyclists have a lot to be proud of – what with their great gams, above average lung capacity and choice of engine environment. But Tech is not exactly an area that falls outside of the province for it, unless they are a sports bikes Starke Silverback. The line of city bikes offers up to four models for lovers of two wheels, but the Starke 1 and 2 which have drawn our attention to gadget-obsessed. Included in the head tube of the frame or bike is powered by a USB hub dynamo that will play nicely with any of your devices at low voltage. If you are looking for an electric motor assisted cruise , you will have to choose one Starke, but otherwise two speeders nine shares as part of the same nickel alloy and weigh about 30 pounds. Sound like your type of driving the 21st century? Then press the source link below for your personal tour of high tech bikes.