Stratosphere Samsung made ​​his obligatory visit to the FCC, Verizon confirms LTE membership in the club

We know the picture above is just as detailed as those we have looked this morning, but it has its measure of the importance however. This is a sketch of the Samsung SCH-i405 – a phone known to us that the stratosphere – as it appears in documents filed FCC approved today. The documents’ references to LTE band 13 (as well as CDMA / EVDO) seems to confirm the rumors suggesting that the above apparatus will be coming to Verizon’s 4G network, probably sooner rather than later. If you have been looking forward to a slider QWERTY Epic 4G-esque on the largest carrier in the U.S., it will be your golden opportunity. Of course, this can be a drop in the bucket compared to an impending flood of even more tempting combination .