Carol Bartz Is Out As CEO of Yahoo

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itwbennett sends word that Carol Bartz is no longer the CEO of Yahoo. Company CFO Tim Morse will take the responsibilities of the position temporarily. In an email to Yahoo staff, Bartz said she was fired over the phone by the Chairman of the Board of Directors. AllThingsD blog sums up the situation: [When Bartz replaced Jerry Yang], it presented an image take no prisoners and has been touted as someone with a reputation as a professional manager who could clean the place is not, as. it turned out. As Carol Bartz has streamlined some areas and made some solid hires management, performance has been significantly dented and mostly downhill. The share price has settled in at about $ 12.50 (about what it was when Bartz took over), Yahoo recent financial results have been weak, the key advertising business is in trouble, its rate attrition among engineers and others is surprisingly high and the cycle of product innovation seems clogged.