Groupon Puts IPO on hold

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Accepted its bid first, news tips quantr plans IPO Groupon, which triggered skepticism about its high valuation and promoted the claims of a new dot-com bubble, were put on hold amid regulatory concerns and concerns about the market volatility. According to the WSJ, When the company filed to go public in early June, he drew criticism for its high marketing costs and unprofitable operations. The company was also asked by the Securities and Exchange Commission to remove an unusual accounting metric, known as consolidated adjusted. Segment operating income, which painted a more robust performance last week, the SEC also contacted a lawyer Groupon on another matter, said a person familiar with the situation: a leak of an internal memo Groupon chief executive Andrew Mason to its staff, in which he praised the company and criticized its detractors. making public statements about the financial situation of a company during an IPO is prohibited by SEC rules.

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