Ask Slashdot: Classroom eco-projects tailored to Alaska?

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Submitter Shortyadamk first accepted in writing I just started a new job where I have to visit many high school science classes and students involved in projects of 1-3 days on sustainable energy science and the environment (in order to promote regional universities. programs) I looked at a number of projects supervised available online and many of them are solar projects, my biggest problem with this is that we are in a region rural Alaska and most of the time I visit classes will be the winter (when we have very little light – and even if we did it would be too cold to play in). I’m curious whether anyone has any ideas or suggestions for demonstrations and projects that can be done in class and do not require sunlight catch another is that the project should be small enough to fit in a plastic case or tote;. we do not all roads connecting the villages, I have to fly the project from one school to home.