Samsung Galaxy tops Note benchmarks, price sheets (video)

скю львов пенза пост


We felt that the Samsung Note Galaxy would be a success on the stage of reference, but now, not surprisingly rapid results are documented. TechBlog Greek site located Quadrant Standard on one of the phone / tablet hybrid demonstration units to IFA 2011 and produced a score of 3624 reference, exactly where we’d expect a brand Sammy 1.4GHz dual-core CPU to finish, by comparison, our review of the 1.2GHz Samsung Galaxy II S produces a result in 3396. Here is the disappointment note Galaxy is expected to top the charts in terms of pricing, so it’s been reported that we should see the device appear in Scandinavia later this year as much as € 715 (1000 $ U.S.). Hope these benchmarks are worth the cost because there is something that can not be denied – it makes the HTC Jetstream feel like a bargain.