Wicked Lasers S3 Krypton laser is bright enough to blind the astronauts (video)

If you ever plan to drive a PowerPoint presentation projected on giant whiteboard in orbit around the Earth (we’ll leave the logistics of that one to you) there are only a laser pointer that will do the job – Wicked Lasers S3 Krypton . The Guinness record pending pointer produces about 86 million lux and can be seen from 85 miles away, far beyond the edge of our atmosphere. Of course, about 8000 times the luminosity of the Sun, precautions serious security are necessary during operation of S3. Sunglasses are a must (and comes with the handheld laser), while sensors and a microprocessor adjust the current to keep the aluminum tube from overheating in your hands. The top model is now available for $ 1,000, but if the astronauts blinding is not on your agenda, low-power versions can be had from $ 300. Check out the video after the break.