Microsoft training may have helped the Tunisian regime to spy on citizens

скю стайл пенза пост

An anonymous reader writes A paper published in the recent leak Cablegate reveals that Microsoft has provided training to the Tunisian Ministry of Justice and the Interior, in exchange for exemption from the country’s political open source software. These departments would soon be training in the use phishing the credentials for social networking bloggers, journalists, political activists and protesters. Assistance from Microsoft led to the sale of 12,000 software licenses to the Tunisian government. The cable itself details the efforts Microsoft put into negotiating an agreement. Their intention was clear just expand into a new market, but the author has been skeptical of the cable on the Tunisian government’s adherence to its stated objectives. Quoting: In theory, the increased capacity GOT enforcement through training in IT is positive, but given the heavy-handed interference in matters GOT Internet shifts if there is capacity to expand GOT control its own citizens.