Baidu Announces Android OS alternative, which confirms its mobile aspirations

At present, Baidu an office network browser / search engine based in China that is supposed to imitate the Chrome (if that is wrapped around IE code). The company, however, has its sights set on conquering the mobile front as well, the introduction of OS Yi Baidu its annual meeting. The new platform is essentially a forked version of Android, which provide many of the same features and services we’re used to seeing from Google, Baidu, however, is to add a pinch of flavor by throwing in its own application package – – such as maps native player, music, web apps, and even a program similar to Google Places – and the integration of high clouds for backups, storage and sharing. The new OS will likely face intense competition from Nokia , Alibaba , Xiaomi and Windows Phone Tango (among others), so the Chinese mobile space can get quite interesting in the years to come.

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