LG Televisions double play let the players share a single screen, different perspective

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Challenging Sony PlayStation 3D display, LG LW980T new Dual Play TV allows you Xbox users to see two different views on the same screen – ditching the view standard split games. Spotted this week at IFA, the technology requires a snazzy pair of all-right / left all the specs and a passive 3D Xbox compatible game to get two different perspectives on a 2D TV. Compared to Sony’s $ 499, 24-inch active shutter with the tubes of the liabilities of 47 inches and 55 inches are much larger and more expensive, rumored to retail for £ 1,799 (or $ 2,915) and £ 2499 (or $ 4,050), respectively. Sources said this feature will join LG range of 3D cinema displays in the course of September – games offering SmartTV LG and support of 3D film. Hey gamers, since we are not split over, is it safe to say that we can stay in a relationship on Facebook?