Mophie cut prices on the Boost Juice Pack Powerstation and raises the capacity of the battery

Most companies by IFA figured if they were going to transport all the way to Berlin, they might as well expose their products on stage – you know, with some prepared remarks, a press release and perhaps disco music to get people pumped (ok, we have not been submitted at the time). But not Mophie. The company has a habit of releasing products peacefully demonstrating its products without notice in order. That’s how we came across new versions of its juice pack chargers Mobile, Boost, Powerstation and Reserve. Of the three, the latter obtained the greatest makeover, with a more compact form and a pop-out USB connector that is attached to a plastic cable. As a result of this scheme, however, it now has a capacity of 700mAh battery, not 1000 mAh, but its price is about to go up $ 35 to $ 30. The good news is that Mophie has lowered its prices for the other two, while increasing the battery capacity. The Powerstation now has a 4000 mAh battery and costs $ 80 (down $ 100) while Boost is designed for 2000 mAh and costs $ 49.95 (down $ 10). In case you are interested in this sort of thing, we have hands on photos below, and Mophie said the lot will be struck by the Apple Store in about two weeks.