Zero1 Remote Control for IOS VooMote Zapper hands on (video)

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Are you one of those guys from the old school who still watch TV on a TV real? Then you probably also own or fifteen of these devices wireless channel changer – you know, the kind that use AA batteries and magic of light beams at the control station and volume settings. Well, set the distance, lean back in the velvet sofa covered in plastic oversized, and be prepared to throw your last pair of alkaline batteries. Zero1 the new Zapper VooMote remote module has traveled to the IFA , allowing you to use any device IOS as a universal remote. Of course, the concept is not new – there have been other IOS integrated remote – but the Zapper is small, relatively inexpensive, and interfaces well with your iPhone, iPhone or iPod touch. Your programmed selections are stored on the Zapper itself, so you can easily use it with multiple devices IOS.

The $ 70 device can be paired with instances of the same color ($ 20 and up), and also includes fairly complete functionality of TV Guide, allowing you to see local programming, watch previews of unknown content and of send an infrared signal to your TV to launch a program – during his scheduled broadcast time, of course. We took a look at the combo app / Itsy Bitsy material, and it seemed to work well, with an easy installation process (codes for almost all devices come preloaded) and fast response time. Reps VooMote said the device has a range of 25 feet, which is more than many of our tiny apartment configs, but not enough in some media rooms stepped. At the end of the day, it’s really just a (very) smart touch screen universal remote solution, so we’ll leave it at that. Jump past the break to see the Zapper in action.