Dolly house Pico replaces roller skate tripods for smaller productions cameras (video)

Instead of perching precariously on your digital SLR a skateboard in the name of the movie, it might be time to invest in something a bit more stable – like Dolly Pico extremely affordable. Machined aluminum, 3.5-inch, pound three-wheel Dolly similar to those found on roller blades , plus up to three screws to attach the friction arm 11-inch option. The machine can slide straight or in circles while taking up minimal space – which videographers using cameras like the A77 and the E-P3 (or even the iPhone) can surely appreciate. Unlike its conceptual twin , which now costs $ 150 and is not expected to ship until October, Dolly Pico can be had for $ 65 (or $ 90 if you want the arm of friction included) and is expected to ship by September 12. Check the assistant film in action after the break.