Amazon, 7-Eleven team to be delivered at your convenience store

Let us set the scene: It’s late Friday night. You just finished working and decide to hit the local 7-Eleven on your way to a Slim Jim Brew, mountain and … your Amazon package? Why, yes, seems as absurd as it may well be a PO Box as-locker in the future of your loved Kwik-E Mart. Whispering Winds hearsay, stolen by the ears over and delivered to The Daily that little nugget of opportunity Bezos supported. The source, a chain of Seattle has one of the prototypes in his possession, with a potentially headed for national rollout next summer. So how does it work? Apparently, you will be offered a choice of 7-Eleven delivery points during the online payment process, after which a bar code can be sent by the digitized record to reveal a pin that gives you access to your Amazon secret. Well, it’s probably an easier idea, but how about throwing them also in some of these tablets based on Android ? Now that the point of sale.

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