The British government struggles with digital rights

With its bid accepted first Ajehals sends this excerpt from a post by the Pirate Party UK … each turn, the coalition has been exposed as having no coherent policy of digital rights Nothing illustrates this better than its zig-zag. courses on Internet filtering and blocking of websites. … As if any further confirmation was necessary for the government’s policy on digital rights and freedom of expression is entirely made on the fly, along came the riots and a traditional reflex of using social media. … one of the few concrete pieces of the declaration of David Cameron in the House of Commons was recalled to full-on attack on social media. It was carefully worded, but the thrust was that the Prime Minister thought further action is needed to combat the evil done by the updated status. At this point, things took a turn for the authoritarian, with MP Louise Mensch said he was acceptable to close Twitter and Facebook for an hour or two. … Worse, it was recently revealed that the government is asked to call OFCOM digital economy law more he also wants to exclude a public -.. Once again try to make deals away from the public eye, I suspect this is really afraid of technology can give us the power to take account of our representatives so that readers warning on the Internet in corridors of power.

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