Final Cut Studio available again through Apple Telesales, video editors around the world breathed sighs of relief

If you are one of the many users of Final Cut Pro unhappy with Apple’s latest version – and you have not been drawn into the open arms Adobe – Today brings good news. According to MacRumors, Cupertino will continue to offer the previous version dropped through telephone sales. 800-MY-APPLE call and asking for Final Cut Studio (part number MB642Z / A) net you Final Cut Pro 7, 4 Motion, Soundtrack Pro 3, DVD Studio Pro 4, Color Compressor 1.5 and 3.5 for $ 999, or $ 899 for eligible education customers. It is far from the $ 299.99 for Final Cut Pro X, but if you’re interested in, say, the opening of existing projects or the output to tape, you might reluctantly pony up extra dough.