Business Unit Global webOS split described in the documents released HP

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It was just over two weeks since HP announced plans to cease production of its aircraft webOS, and speculation on the future of the platform is still strong. Just this week, Gee Sung Choi Samsung CEO put to rest rumors of an agreement webOS, and now two leaked letters from the inside show HP plans to divide the unit into two global business webOS. According to letters apparently Todd Bradley and Shane Robison, the software will webOS find a new home in the office of the costume of the Strategy and Technology, while the division’s equipment will remain with the Personal Systems Group. One of these letters from Tom Bradley said the split:

The charter of the pan-HP OS and T offers a broad overview of how we can optimize our technologies. In fact, it proved to be a successful technology incubator, is home to a team of senior technology exclusively devoted to the exploration of long-term strategies for our technologies.

The second letter, Shane Robison, adds that the software webOS is always a great asset. None of this should be a surprise, as our interview with Stephen DeWitt reiterated the commitment of society to the platform webOS, while HP recent announcements show the intentions Hocking PSG equipment to spin off its PC business. Now the question is, who the bones to get there? For the full-length leakage hit the source link below.