Google To Stop 10 Products

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Google announced yesterday that it is closing a number of its current products and merging others in similar services. Many of them continue to be available in the near future to facilitate the transition. The list of services affected include Aardvark, Desktop, Fast Flip, the Google Maps API for Flash, Google Pack, Google Web Security, Image Labeler, Laptop, Sidewiki and Subscribed Links. Alan Eustace Google wrote. This will make things much simpler for our users, improve the overall experience of Google. It also means that we can devote more resources to produce high impact, those that improve the lives of billions of people. All Googlers working on these projects will be moved to higher-impact products. As for our users, we will communicate directly with them as we make these changes, giving enough time to make the transition and enabling them to make their data with them. The link contains a brief description of how each service is phased out.